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RFA comforting MC when MC feels neglected

(A/N: This is meant to be headcanons but like, it’s really long. So, it’s more like mini-fics, lol. ^^ Nevertheless, happy reading and enjoy!) 


Yoosung was the type of person who always kept himself busy. When there was nothing, he preoccupied his time by gaming. But now, he spent his time studying and working hard at University to do his best; if not for himself, then you. While you felt proud of him growing up so much in such a little time, especially in order to impress you, you felt lonely. Lately, he had been so busy that he barely talked to you.

And you understood that he didn’t have a choice, you really did. You thought that you should be supportive with his career and not bother him with your emotions. Hence, you kept your unnecessary emotions bottled up.

Until one day, the bottle broke.

And when it did, all the emotions poured out of you like a coke with mentos inside it. You were glad that when this had occurred, you were alone.

Or so, you thought. It had happened that on that day, Yoosung had decided to arrive home early. So, when he came home to find you crying he panicked.

He instantly dropped everything and wrapped his arms around you. He pulled you into a tight hug, and squeezed you tenderly and lovingly.

Despite your protests, he had forced you to tell him what was wrong. And although you felt silly for troubling him with your ‘childish’ issues, the boy shook his head and said just the right words.

“You aren’t a bother, your emotions aren’t a bother no matter how small your issues seem to you. They are never small for me. It’s normal, your emotions are normal so let’s handle this normally by helping you through them.” He had said, before he brought you your favourite food, put your favourite show on, and watched it together with you.

The entire time Yoosung did not release you from his embrace to assure you that he would always be there.


It was a given fact that Zen was a workaholic. After he began dating you, he had decreased his hours of work to make sure that he gave you the time and attention that you deserved. However, recently, he had been offered a new enticing lead role in a musical which he really wanted. The only issue was that the practices for this new role became an enormous commitment. It was not just that. After the release of the musical, it had become a major hit which meant that his work with this project wasn’t finished as he had to attend many fan meet ups and such.

To say that you missed him was an utter understatement. You began to feel insecure as if he did not want to be with you anymore. So, to avoid being in contact with you and not wanting to address the elephant of this situation, you believed that this was why Zen was overworking.

However, your trust in Zen overwhelmed your insecurities. Additionally, you were very reflective of your situations. This helped you remember that Zen was an extremely loyal and honest person. If his intentions were to neglect you on purpose, he would not have pursued a relationship with you in the first place. He loved you too much to do something as petty as what your insecurities had caused you to thought.

However, despite his love, his current actions were still bound to bother you and needed to be dealt with. So, you decided that you would discuss this with him over a cup of tea or so. And when you did, he was incredibly understanding of your situation and told you that he will decrease his work hours.

In the meanwhile, he decided to do other things to make up for the loss time 

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Due to your partnership over the cafe with Jaehee, you two were together all time at work, and at home. You were busy just as much as her, and felt exhausted just as much as she did. However, the only difference was that Jaehee was use to the hectic work life due to working for Jumin prior to the cafe. She was use to the exhaustion: both physically and mentally and dealing it with on her own. However, you, on the other hand, you were not used to working and then living in a way where you did not talk about how you felt throughout the day in a proper face to face conversation with someone.  

These days, Jaehee and you only shared conversations that were about work. Nothing was about yourselves. You were not able to share your thoughts, your feelings, or even have a small conversation which made you feel connected to her as a person. This was beginning to strain you emotionally and the stress that came with it was executed in your behaviour and work practice.

It was on a certain day where it all went wrong. The atmosphere of the cafe was downright sour. Your genuineness of your  customer service felt forced. Everything ticked you off and the work was done poorly. This did not go unnoticed by Jaehee, who had decided to close the cafe early in order to make sure you were okay.

As soon as she even called your name, you broke down crying. This had instantly caused her to enter her mom friend mode. Then, quickly as she could, she made you a cup of your favourite beverage in order to help you calm down, before encouraging you to talk about your feelings. And when you did, she realized that she was treating you somewhat similarly to how Jumin treated her. She instantly apologized and promised to spend more quality time with you as friends and not just as co-workers.


Jumin loved you a lot. For this reason, he tried his best to spend as much time as he could with you. If not only for your sake, but also his. However, lately, he was being bombarded with work constantly. If it was not late nights in at work, it was overbearing meetings. If it was not overbearing meetings, then it would be business trips overseas where he had to stay a few nights. Jumin’s lack of presence caused by this hectic schedule was a normal occurrence. You should’ve been use to it by now.

And you were. You passed your time during his absence perfectly fine. After all, you were not alone. You had Elizabeth the 3rd. You should not be feeling like this.

But you were, and you could not figure out why. This ‘normal’ schedule, did not feel normal anymore. You were beginning to be overwhelmed by loneliness. Additionally, the sorrow and anxiety caused by this continued to increase day by day. You tried to push it away and ignore it, but that just worsened how you felt. When the other RFA members tried to comfort you, or offered  their company instead, you always declined. That’s because it was not their company that you desired, but Jumin’s.

You were not really sure what gave it away. Whether it was the extra longing looks you seemed to direct towards Jumin that made him knew, the RFA members notifying him of your condition, or something else entirely; you did not had to suffer from feeling lonely for too long.

As if he knew it himself, Jumin had automatically decreased the amounts of work that he took on, and started to spend more time with you. You were not complaining, but the sudden change made you curious.

When you asked him about it, he simply smiled at you and wrapped his arms around you. His embrace was nothing but filled with love and warmth. So much that it made you wondered.

Perhaps he was also feeling what you were. After all, soulmates often tend to think alike.


A lot of things required Saeyoung’s attention nowadays. Firstly, he was busy with his work. Secondly, he was trying to rebuild his relationship with Saeran which required a lot of effort and patience. And this took so much out of his time that he barely had any time left to spend it with you. The time he was left with, he spent it sleeping. This was because despite how much he wanted to spend it with you, the fatigue in his body would not let him. After all, as a human, there were only so many nights he could pull an all nighter on without becoming extremely exhausted.

You tried to be understanding of his situation. You tried to ignore your feelings, your needs and put Saeyoung’s needs before yours. But, after all, you were only a human as well. There was only so much time you could spend telling yourself that you didn’t mind it, but in fact you did.

You did not want to seem needy so you did not bother to express your feelings.

However, as if this was a game and Saeyoung had the option to hack into your mind, he eventually figured out that you were missing him. And so, he decided to do what he thought he did best: turn everything into a joke.

He dressed like a gold digger and ordered a Jumin cosplay online that he forced you to wear. As a third party, Saeran was forced to dress like Elly.

When this weird situation commenced, you were extremely confused at what was occurring. You thought it was a weird roleplay kink he wanted to discover. For this reason, it was incredibly uncomfortable to have Saeran standing in a corner and watching you with a stoic face.

Subsequently, Saeyoung began to be incredibly flirtatious towards you and clingy. He began to proclaim his love towards you the way gold diggers did with Jumin. The only difference was that his acting was incredible cringey, but his love was absolutely genuine.

The entire thing was a mess. However, when you busted out laughing with literal sparkles around you, Saeyoung could not be any happier.

Then, finally, he had wrapped himself around you real tightly, before pampering your face with sweet kisses and lecturing you about the importance of talking about your feelings. What a hypocrite lol.


YOONMIN AUDIO (Cuddling Back Home) - FAKE SUBS +18 

1. It takes a lot of time and effort to create.
2. The chances of people who aren’t supposed to listen to it(aka BTS), finding it are less. This video was made for the fans and the fans only.

Okay, so as I was editing this, BV episode 3 came out. You know the one with yoONMIN LAYING ON THE SAME BED TOGETHER LOOKING ALL CUDDLY AND STUFF!! (By the way, I’m typing from my grave.) Also I wanted to apologize for how short this came out. I am lacking content, as you probably noticed from the repetition and the bad quality of some parts. I am truly sorry.

This is a FanFiction Audio Book, if you want to give it a genre.

These are FAKE SUBTITLES. The audio is edited. If you speak the language it’s pretty obvious. I don’t mean to offend ANYONE, including Jimin, Yoongi, their families, BTS, BigHit Entertainment and ARMYs. If you are easily offended by Yoonmin (or any) shipping situation, then this video is not suitable for you. Also, PLEASE DO NOT STEAL. Thank you, enjoy! :)

If you wish to provide subtitles in your language you can message me at @niallerandliamo on tumblr and twitter. :)

y͢o͝u͡ hav͜e ̀y̶ǫu̶ŕsel͢ves̛ t͝o͞ ͟bl̶a͢me.
( jacksepticeye / antisepticeye )
y͢o͝u͡ hav͜e ̀y̶ǫu̶ŕsel͢ves̛ t͝o͞ ͟bl̶a͢me.

@fear-is-nameless​: ( script )

“Let me out!” *rattle of metal chains* “Can anyone hear me?! Help me- please!” *a pause, some tiring, pained breaths* “Dammit. Nothing’s working.” *quieter, more to himself* “… Is there any point?”

*Anti enters* Thát’̕s̨ th̛e s͡pir҉i͝t͝ ̢Ja͠c͢k.̸ ̶W͝hy͞ ̷do̧ you ̶k̡eep f̴igh̢t̷i̢ng whe̶n͟ ͏i͢t’s ob͢vi͝ou͘sly us̸e͘l͝e͢ss̢?

“If it means getting rid of you? Everything.”

*chuckle* Al͏w͏ays̵ t͏he͏ d͟ęfian͡t̸ ͡o̷n̢e͝, ̴are̶n̵’͜t̕ ̷y̡ou҉?͢ ̢S͜til̴l ca̵n’t ̕a͟cc͞e̛p͝t how̢ ͡th̴i̴n̸gs̛ a҉r͘e now̧…̀ I ͝ca̷n’t͞ ͡s̕ay the ͠sam͝e͠ a̧b̢out̡ y̧ou̷r͟ ͞lit̕tl̸e̶ ͜c̡omm͢un͠i̛ty.̢
“… What have you done? Leave them out of this!”

I’҉ve͘ ̶d̴on͡e n͢ơthin͜g, no͏t̨ ͜y̷e͝t. *pauses* Te̶l͡l m҉ȩ t͘h͟i͟s Jac͞k. ͏Why ͝h͡a̵v͝e̛n’͞t a̴n̢y͜ ̸of͘ y̸ou҉r ́‘f̸a̡n̴s’ ̢b͏een̴ ̸a͡ble to tell҉ us̡ a̵pa̵rt?̷ ̀T̴hát ͘n҉o ͝oǹe͡’s̴ ̀r҉ealiz͞e̢d̵ ̢y͘o͘u͞’r̴e g͞o̧né?

Ḿa͞y̷be̡ t̡h̷e̴y dón’t ̡c̸ar͘e ab͘ơu͞t ͏yo͠u͏ a̛s̛ much̴ ̴as you ̵thòu̷ght ͢t̛h҉ȩy ͡d̸id̨.̢ ̡

“What?!” *chains shake loudly* “No way- of course they do! You’re wrong!”

W͢rońg?̕ Iţ’̴s ͡b̛een M͠O͘NT͝H̢S J́ack. If th͘ey͡ ŗe͝a͡lĺy̢ ͞c͜a̛r͝e̸d͟,͞ s͜ur̡e̶l̨y̧ s͞om͘e͞o͜ńe wo҉ùl͝d ņo͡t͝i͡cę ̀thi̧ngs aròun҉d h̀er͡e we͘r̡e ́o͏f͏f̨ ́b̡y now. ̕*a new thought occurs to Anti*Or͞… ̀W̕ha̕t̸ ͞if̨ they̛ ̕do ͞k̨n̵ow̨ th̢e ̛d̛if͢f͞er͝e҉n͜ce, and͟ t͠h͝ey ̀li҉k͜e͘ ̡it͡ ̧b̶etter ̷t͡h͝is way?

*whispered* “No.” *then louder* “You’re just pretending, to be me… You’re only fooling them, t-that’s all.”

B̨u͞ţ ̡th͘ey’v̷e̕ ͞ALW͟A̸Y͝S҉ w̵a̢nt̡ed͏ ̢me ͜o̧ve͘r͘ ͘y̧oú!̧ ͏T͢h͞in̨k͘ a̵bout it̶…̶ Wit̕hout̀ ͘them, ͞I ͢wǫuļdn’͢t e̢v͞e͞n ͡e͏xis̸t̨.͡ ҉Witho͜ut͠ ͢the͠ir att̸ent͜ion͘ ͜I͝ wo͟ùl͜d͢ be power̶less to ͘do a͞nyt̀hing̵.̧ Eve͏rýt͠hi̛ng̛ àbou͠t ̴me͏ t̸h̢ús fa͡r,͏ t̢h̴eý’v̢ę t̢or҉n to҉ pi̶e̸ces͢ ͜lòo͝kįn̸g ̕f͢or th̷e ti͠nies̵t d̢et̨ail͘s͡ ór ̕a͠nswerś.͞ ̡It’s̀ t̀h͟e̕ir̴ ͠fa̡ult ͢t͡h͞i҉s h̀appe͜n͝ed.͘

A͠n̸d ̵how do͞ ̛they͘ ̨r̀epa̧y yǫu͘ ̷fo̴r͢ i͝t͡?̸ *chains shift, more subdued* Lo͡o͜k a͝t̸ ͟y̛o̧u̡r̢s̸ȩlf…̷ B̷ròk͟en͘ ͞b̀eyo͝nd repair.͝

“They wouldn’t abandon me…”

T͝hey ̨al͠r̛ea̸d͜y ̶ha҉ve.͜
If҉ i̕t’͟s me t̀hey w͡a̧nt͞, t̕hen̛ ̷I҉ s͢h̡a̴l̶l҉ ̴not͜ ͡disapp҉oin҉t t̨h͠em̨.̕ I҉’̸ll͠ ͘co̶n̨ti͟n̵ue to ̨be͞ ̸th͡e̶re͜ for̶ t͢h́e͢ ̡bo͏th ̢of us.͝ ̡A̸s̶ for̷ yo͜u?… ͏I͢t d̀ơesn’t mat͡t͘er w͜h̛at̴ ̸you̵ d͞o. S̡o͟on, ́év͠eryone ͞wil͝l ͡forge̸t͜ ̛y͞ou ̛ev͜en͟ ͟e̕x̵i̡st͞ed. *laughter*

( this script was pushed off for a while due to the lack of a good Jack VA, thus I took it upon myself to voice it entirely instead which I apologize immensely for the lack of quality / accent to give the full experience. )

uykulukralice  asked:

Plsss write about annabeth's birthday party or something like that pls pls pls pls

Happy 23rd Birthday, Annabeth Chase.

“I don’t want a big fuss.”

Percy’s smug little half-smile didn’t slip. “No fuss. Got it.”

“Percy,” Annabeth said sternly. “I mean it. I just want a relaxing day, with no surprises and no stress.”

That made him frown. “I am not going to let you stress on your birthday, Annabeth.”

She dropped her head forward onto his chest and he curled his arm a little tighter around her waist. She was lying half on top of him in his small single bed back at Sally and Paul’s apartment, where they were staying for the week. Her feet were hanging off the edge of the bed, but the hot summer sun was poring in through the window and hitting Percy’s hair just so - she didn’t want to move and ruin the view.

“Seriously. This is my first birthday where I haven’t been freaking out about the end of the world, or preparing for the next semester at college, and I just want to relax. Besides, twenty three is a nothing age. It’s not a milestone or anything. I don’t even need a party.”

“You will be relaxed,” Percy insisted. “I am not going to stress you out. Look at us right now, we’re pretty relaxed, aren’t we?” 

His hand started rubbing lazy circles across her bare back and she closed her eyes. “Mhmm.”

“See? Your birthday’s going to be great, Annabeth. I promise.”

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So since I’ve been thinking about Mob and Tsubomi, I sought it obligatory to think about some kind of fusion between the two, not because anyone asked about it or that it’s anything that hasn’t been done before, but because I needed something to do between the thing I’m working on right now. Forgive me this might be dumb, I don’t really know the rules of fusing.

I’ll call her Shigomi. Forming her isn’t very comfortable for either of them. It’s not like they have a bad connection with each other outside of Shigomi, in fact, they work very well together, but with both of them taking control of an entity, and especially since they’re still trying to get a feel for each other, their personalities clash terribly. It’s mostly the uncertainty and insecurity that’s at fault. It’s something that can and will get fixed with time though. The best way I think I can explain Shigomi is like two pieces of colored clay mashed together, instead of blended to make a knew, even color. 

Because of this lack of coordination, she has a lazy right eye, a tiny hint of a stutter, joints that lock up, and instances of her muttering to herself. However, not every trait about her is entirely damaged. When her legs are working properly, she can run pretty fast. She’s also able to assert herself most of the time, but sometimes takes the punch out of her words by adding an apology. She can also grasp onto the faintest bit of telepathy if she tries hard enough.

Edit: Tumblr just murdered the quality of this image and I’m so sorry


All companies that still had more than 1 trainee left at the intros before this elimination round. 

(p.s. My apologies for the terrible quality gifs right now, my pc has decided to fuck me over this week which is why there has been a lack of gifs in the first place. I will try to sort it out this weekend and might change these around for their HQ counterparts)

“Fall Apart” Rick Sanchez x Reader

 I apologize for lack of quality or spelling errors or being plain out terrible.Really cool ask btw! I wrote this kinda half asleep.

Anon request: Rick realizing he needs the reader more than anything in the universe?

warning: swearing

 He knew what he felt, he knew perfectly well what this feeling was whenever he thought of you, let alone be near you. He didn’t want to believe it. It didn’t make sense! He made a promise to himself that this “pull” he felt would never happen to him again. He remembered quite clearly the “pull” he felt to Diane when he first meet her, but overtime it started to slowly deteriorate. It slowly started to fade where even the slightest touch she gave him didn’t give him the same shiver or goosebumps he once would have. But, you? it only got stronger and stronger as the days would go by. Every smile you flashed at him, the laugh that would echo through his ship, the ways your eyes twinkled every time you looked at him?

The way your fingers would brush past his arm? It was maddening.

 He knew you liked him, it was obvious to him. Whenever he complimented you in the way only he could only compliment a person would make you a blushing mess. The way you would sneak glances at him every time you thought he wasn’t paying attention. The way you intentionally would try to be as close to him as you possibly could be. He will admit, at first he found it annoying. Amusing, but nonetheless something that was a waste of time.

 After all, love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.

 It would slowly fade anyways, so why even put in the effort in the first place? But he had every opportunity to tell you to fuck off, he had his chances to tell you that it was such a waste of time, but he didn’t. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t simply tell you flat out. He didn’t understand why he wouldn’t allow himself to say it. He wasn’t happy with being so unsure about something this small. He finally came to the conclusion that it was just some kind of joke to him. It must’ve been, right? Your attraction to him was something that was just a funny gag to him that would fuel his ever growing ego and boost his confidence. But, he never tried to offend you. He wouldn’t even like it himself whenever he thought such negative thoughts about you. He sure as hell didn’t like any negative comment that was ever thrown your way.

 Soon, he noticed himself starting to enjoy your company. He started to enjoy every adventure you would tag along with him and Morty. He noticed how your hair would shine and appeared so soft. He noticed how soft your skin felt when he would intentionally brush his fingertips against your hand. He noticed how plump your pink-tinted lips were. He began to notice how bright your eyes would shine whenever you were in the ship. How your eyes looked at the stunning nebulas and dazzling stars that would pass you guys. That’s the first time he finally realized what he felt. When he saw the galaxy reflect upon your eyes, did he finally understand what he felt towards you. He understood how he felt, at first he was in denial.

 Shit, it must’ve just been that he found you attractive right? Sure you were quite the sight to be seen, but nothing more he thought. He wasn’t feeling anything towards you! You were just someone he gotten used to being around so much. But once he saw those brilliant colors that shown on your wide eyes as your lips opened in awe. He knew, he damn well knew what it was.

 He was falling in love, and he was falling hard

 At first, it took awhile for him to really digest. So many thoughts flew in his head, I mean love? Really? He thought he forgot that emotion. Sure, he loved his daughter and he loved his grandchildren. There was no doubt that he felt that towards his family. But, really loving someone? That “soul-mate pull” bullshit, that he only thought he found once in Diane? He didn’t get why every one was so caught in that fantasy, his love for his “soulmate” slowly stopped and it wasn’t that great to even begin with. Now he finally understood what people were talking about, he finally understood what the hype was all about. As fast as he got this euphoric feeling in his chest and his eyes lit up.

His eyes got dull once more

 Sure he could tell you right there and then, how he felt. He knew you wouldn’t reject his feelings, hell you might be so happy you would kiss him there and then. The thought alone only made him want to smile, but he couldn’t. He can’t feel this way towards someone. He can’t do this shit, it wouldn’t be something he could ever fully express or be enveloped in. You wanna know why? Because he is caught into too much of this universe filled with people who would love to get the chance of taking down Rick mother-fucking Sanchez. Fuck, it was bad enough that Beth and her family was in the picture. He already had his hands full with his them. He really could confess his feelings to you, but somewhere deep inside him, deep in his brain he knew. That he couldn’t do that to your safety. He thought about your safety! Somewhere in him, that still felt human knew he couldn’t do that to you. That’s when he knew what he felt for you was really love.

 It’s the sad truth, but something he had to deal with it,no matter how queasy his stomach felt. Being with you, loving you and having you with him would be nothing but trouble for you. He knew it, as he sat there driving through the solar system back home from another one of his escapades with Morty and you. He glanced behind him as Morty was laying there sprawled against the torn seat silently snoring. He looked to his right, and there you were. Tired, tranquil, as well as relaxed as your long lashes were closed with your chest going into a calming pattern of up and down.He sat there thinking in his own thoughts. You were too important to him, too valuable.

 You made him feel human, not just someone who was going through dimensions in search of stories, adrenaline rushes and scientific tools. He loved you and cared about you too much. So he would never show that you meant anything to him. 

Being with him would certainly bring you to your demise.It would end your life and bring everything into chaos. Rick was not prepared for the heartbreak that chaos it would bring. He was not going to fall apart, He will not allow himself to do that. He is above that.

anonymous asked:

How would the skelebros feel about an over-apologetic S/O? Like, even when it's something small that's not even really their fault, they just feel the need to apologize for it?

UT!Sans: Doesn’t really bother him, but he wants to know why. Granted, its entirely possible that overly apologetic was just your default, but in his experience most people don’t get like that unless someone drilled it into their head that everything is their fault. In general instead of forgiveness he generally just shrugs it off, tries to make it clear to you that it wasn’t a big deal. But he has a lot of patience with it.

UT!Papyrus You’re over-apologetic? Well he’s over-forgiving. In that every time you say “sorry” he takes the time for a lengthy aside on how either whatever happened wasn’t your fault, that it was your fault but it wasn’t a big deal, or that he forgives. Every. Single. Time. It can be kind of annoying to other people, but its a sweet gesture.

UF!Sans: It honestly kind of annoys him. What the hell do you have to be sorry for? He gets more and more terse with each apology until finally he just tells you to get over it. If you’re doing this for attention, just knock it off already.

Wrong thing to say. The two of you have a fight about it (and even that’s not satisfying because you STILL keep apologizing) and he storms off. This is going to be a turning point in your relationship, one way or another. If there’s a reason, then you’ll need to explain it to him. You will need to compromise, work on apologizing less while he works on his own patience. Or, quite possibly, you will break up. Red doesn’t get many breaks in life. He wants this relationship to be one of them, but with you constantly cringing away from him and stumbling over yourself to say sorry he feels constantly off balance, because you worrying gets him worrying and so on.

UF!Papyrus: What Edge has always thought he wanted is someone almost entirely under his thumb, who’s completely ready to submit to his magnificent authority. But the truth is he will always be drawn to partners who don’t put up with his shit, who fight back. Someone over-apologetic likely wouldn’t be a good fit for him. You’ll spend a lot of time feeling even more guilty than you already do simply because Edge has a hard time letting anything be his fault, while he slowly becomes more and more controlling due to lack of opposition. If both of you try, you can potentially work past it, but if you’re not willing to put in the work this relationship will likely self-destruct early on.

US!Sans: It breaks his heart to see how worried you are, but he’s extremely patient with it. While he’s not wild about how its expressing itself, to him this is a quality that definitely results at least from a concern for others. You apologize because you care about the people around you, and you want to make sure you have a good relationship with them. That’s admirable, even if you’ve taken it too far. He always tries to address the apologies, emphasize that you don’t have to apologize, but that whatever you did, he either forgives you or he knows it wasn’t your fault.

US!Papyrus: He’s not over-apologetic but anxiety is definitely something he can relate to. Still, it takes him a while to stop brushing this off. Like yeah, probably not healthy but its not like you’re hurting anything by apologizing a lot…..still the concern starts to build until a few months in he pulls you aside and asks you why. Why do you feel this worried? Do you think he resents you? You have a long talk about it, and try to move forward from there.

SF!Sans: He has almost zero tolerance for apologies. “WARLORDS DON’T APOLOGIZE, DATEMATE, THEY TAKE WHAT THEY WANT!” He doesn’t really take this as an issue but want to work on your confidence. He starts creating exercises where you do things that aren’t technically wrong but that you’ve always felt the need to apologize for, do them in front of other people, and then if you apologize you lose. You are no longer allowed to apologize for taking the last cookie. YOU TAKE THAT COOKIE ADN YOU TAKE IT BOLDLY.

SF!Papyrus: He’s very understanding of it. He used to be the same way, but Fell universes aren’t the kind to put up with that. He just wants to make you feel as safe as you can, to understand that you don’t have to apologize for every thing, but he has a lot of patience for this. You don’t have to worry. Not with him around. 

I'm sorry

Firstly, I’d really like to apologize for the lack of art lately. At least, the lack of decent quality art. I don’t know if the crappy scribbles count towards anything. Also for the lack of fics and fic updates. I haven’t been able to write very well ever since things started going super fast down hill. (Dyslexia meet starvation.)

But, I really am sorry. I know that’s why you follow my blog, I know people are getting sick of my personal posts, I know people are switching fandoms or losing interest in stuff. I know, it’s a mess, and my blog is slagging behind being useless. Trust me, I understand being useless. 😞

I don’t know what to say, though. I’m stuck. Things will not get better in their own, and the professionals are slow to help, if they help at all.

If only one good thing came from the most recent stint at the stupid hospital, It’s that I now know why I get so messed up when drawing at the computer these past few months. I’m hoping, after the MRI (I’m going to panic myself to death in there. Glass plastic box of emotion), that they’ll actually do something about ASAP, because I really really really miss drawing and colors and stuff. I mean. If I can even afford the MRI. I don’t know. This is crazy and I feel like shit.

Anyway, my sincere and deepest apologies for… me, I guess. I really do hope that I can bring you guys art and writing and silly stuff as soon as possible. I hope, but I can’t promise.



@cheesyturtle made this comic and it gave me the giggles, and I couldn’t resist. Apologies for the utter lack of audio quality- this was all I could do with the equipment I don’t have. 8D

This is my contribution to the fandom I even turned off my fan to record and it’s stuffy af in here but YOLO or something???