apologies for the dumb joke

Everything good in the update

The ass-tapping bro bump of approval from Lardo

Jack ‘droopy heart eyed at my southern love’ Zimmermann

Having straight, white, cis, Shitty B. Knight completely acknowledge where he went wrong and instead of making dumb excuses completely apologizes 

Jack Laurent Zimmermann telling the funniest joke in the world like this is the best i love him so much

At least one of the frogs <3 <3 <3

Justin ‘we die like men’ Oluransi

The Relatable Content™

And last but not least, the actual use of clear communication used in a lgbt+ couple and not having to watch them go through constant discourse thank you Ngozi <3 <3 <3

In Conclusion, I


i see a lot of hate around @markiplier and felix, and i would like to point two things out.
First, i think we forget something:

they are human, they make mistakes. everybody does, and everybody learns from that.
People change, if you want that or not.
Felix already apologized. And it was a joke, a dumb one yeah, but a joke.
He didnt hurted anyone, he didnt said you should go out and start hatecrimes or any of that sort.
If you are so upset about his actions you should stop whining and help other people
Cause i am absolutely sure they have done more for charity and society this year, than you your entire life.
And whining wont help anybody.

now, second:

@markiplier didnt said it is okay what felix did, and it seems lot of people think thats what he did say.
But thats not the case.
He said to sum it up: that you should behave like a decent human being and treat people with respect. Including Felix.
And i think people took the meaning the wrong way.

Please think about that for a second.

thank you for reading