apologies for the drought

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Do you think Iwata is a terrible CEO? So far, he has apologized 4 times about software drought and he has almost done nothing to fix it. Do you think he will change his way for the next console or should he be replaced?

Under Iwata’s guidance, we got the Wii, DS, Wii U and 3DS.

You can say that the Wii was a fad or whatever, but it’s also a fad that made Nintendo a practically-excessive amount of money. While Microsoft and Sony were over there sinking a billion dollars in to their consoles and not getting a dime back out of them for years and years and years, Nintendo was making a billion dollars by being smart with cost and smart with profit.

The problems Nintendo of today suffers are not the fault of Iwata. These are the same problems Nintendo has suffered since the N64, when Yamauchi was still in control.

Because Nintendo is smart on cost and profit, it doesn’t actually matter too much if third party developers jump ship. It would be nice to have them, but Nintendo got in to the console business for themselves. That’s how they’ve always treated it. You can either ride along at their pace, or you don’t. But they’re gonna keep going. They make hardware for their software, and software for their hardware.

And they’ve almost always made money. So while to people keeping track of the ballgame known as the “Videogame Industry” can go on and on about how Nintendo is a failure, what it really means is that they were just less successful. They made less money.

But they still made money. According to Reggie, they’re selling the Wii U at a loss (which means it costs more to make the hardware than how much it sells for), but only until the consumer buys a single game. So if you bought a Wii U and bought a new game with it, separately, then Nintendo is in the green. That probably isn’t the case with the PS4 or Xbox One.

On top of that, Nintendo is also still sitting on a ton of money.

Nintendo is not Microsoft. They are not Sony. People keep thinking that they are. That’s where these expectations come from.

Nintendo has been on their own path for a long time. They do things “the Nintendo way.” Which usually involves doing something weird, or stupid, or unconventional. And maybe it doesn’t work. But if it does? Then it’s theirs. Then it’s The Legend of Zelda. It’s Super Mario Kart. It’s Super Mario 64. It’s Pikmin. It’s Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. It’s Splatoon. It’s something you can’t really get anywhere else.

It’s easy to take that for granted because of how old some of those games are. We have clones of Zelda, and Mario Kart, and Super Mario 64. But that should tell you what obscenely good ideas those were.

Nintendo could be doing a lot better, absolutely, but they’re also learning a lot of hard lessons the slowest way possible. Its aggravating a lot of the time, but it also leads to beautiful, unique things (sometimes).

I think Iwata’s fine for now. Everyone has their negative qualities, but he’s keeping the Nintendo spirit alive.

Now, Nintendo of America on the other hand