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Here we go again: SDCC 2015 vs SDCC 2016 vs SDCC 2017

The foxes as things i have done

Neil: started packing my bag to run away from home when i was like 6 because of a mild inconvenience. sprained my ankle when trying to step over a speed bump in flip flops but still went to a screening of seussical and only discovered that i had a sprained ankle about three hours later. still tried to “walk it off”

Andrew: had a cute neighbour boy so I made sure to wear full scary uniform and bring all my weapons outside when I was on my way to kung fu. never talked to him. BONUS: showed a friend my knives because i thought that they were cool and probably scared the shit out of them. BONUS 2: refused to get down from the roof of my house because i liked up there.

Renee: beat a person in kung fu when they were like twice my size and then apologized profusely. dyed my hair all different colours with temporary dye. offered to loan my friend my knives. taught every friend who came over to my dad’s house how to shoot an air gun.

Kevin: drank three green smoothies in an hour. also, bitched about losing a chess game for two days after.

Aaron: got mistaken for one of my friends. for eleven years.

Dan: attempted to give an empowering speech to a friend and scared the shit out of them. got sidelined at a practice because i’m a girl, proceeded to kick ass and get switched with a bigger guy.

Matt: spent 8 minutes straight hugging my friend when i was little because she was crying in the hallway. also, stayed up until almost one in the morning icing cake for friends. brought a bag of redvines to school “just because”.

Nicky: handcuffed myself with silver mardi gras beads by accident and then repeated “KINKY” and “THAT’S MY KINK” at the top of my voice right next to the principal’s office.

Seth: accidentally kicked a five year old in the balls.

Allison: left the house with a full face of makeup and killer heels and a miniskirt to visit my grandmothers.


i know this is about not using these effects, but it’s kind of sold me on star-wipes.

Hayley Atwell Gif Hunt

Under the cut there are ### gifs of Hayley Atwell, different sizes and qualities.  I apologize for any repeats.  Hayley Atwell is best known for her role as Peggy Carter in Captain America and Agent Carter.  None of these are mine and I will be updating as the show Agent Carter continues.  Please like if using!

Last Updated: February 12st 2015

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thatconvictcolony and I were chatting and look what we came up with! (I apologize for the size and format difference)

Canada Pusheen

Italy Pusheen

Sweden and Finland Pusheen

Norway Pusheen

Greece Pusheen

Sealand Pusheen (I’m sorry it says free rent, I just wanted the box)

Germany Pusheen

Romano Pusheen

America Pusheen

England Pusheen

Austria Pusheen

Poland Pusheen

Japan Pusheen

Prussia Pusheen

France Pusheen

Spain Pusheen???? (we couldn’t actually find a good one for Spain except the heart one which I couldn’t find floating around, but I found this on the interbutts)

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And here it is! A collage of adlock shippers who gave me selfies, requested by anon and made by yours truly (derp face blue haired one). Thanks for all your gorgeous selfies, my little rose petals! Everyone is listed left to right below <3

ardenly taco-overlord francesca-wayland sherlockscheekbonesus caged-nightingale dreamyadler samus54 bitchlettearyamaryne killlbill letzplaymurder smellslikeoldspirit curledmess gloriousdasher kilimiria lpulverized lyrangalia  the-aksiz-inator adler-holmes forest-ache emmalamp themissadventurer twolittlehummingbirds athanrg -insertcleverusername-

(If you gave me a selfie and it’s not here, or there are problems please tell me asap. Also, I apologize for my clumsy cropping in advance. All different sized images made things tricky at times)

6.08 Tidbit: Burt’s Words of Wisdom

Burt’s speech to Kurt and Blaine before the wedding about not using ‘too young’ and ‘not ready’ as an excuse…This was cut down slightly in the episode (the scripted version focuses on making a choice to be vulnerable) - Apologies for weird size differences in screen shots IDEK:

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