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CS Halloweek » Oct 27th: Myths, Legends, and Fairytales» Cinderella AU

Young deckhand Killian Jones has spent most of his life serving on a ship of a ruthless captain Silver. He had dreams of becoming a lieutenant, and eventually a captain of his own ship. However, his dreams would have to wait, until his debt to Captain Silver was paid.

Luckily, he befriended some of the more seasoned crew members, who wanted a better life for their young friend. The perfect occasion arrived in a form of an open invitation to all bachelors of the kingdom to attend a ball. Killian was not thrilled about it, but the thought of being somewhere else, even for a night seemed appealing enough.

With the help of his fairy godmother, Killian was ready for the ball in no time. He danced the night away with none other than the princess Emma herself. However, the night had to end sometime and for him it was with the clock striking midnight. This meant the spell would be broken and he would return to his raggedy old self. So, he ran as fast as he could, not hearing the princess asking him to wait.

What he did not expect was for the kingdom to go on high alert, looking for a young man who has captured the princess’ heart. He was not the only one who has felt the connection the night of the ball it seems, for he has made an impression on the princess too. Needless to say, they were reunited and were excited to experience the happily ever after together. 

Shatt proposal headcanons…

//This is being done on mobile so I apologize if it’s crappy!!! I’ll edit it later…//

• Shiro and Matt both made plans to propose the same night without knowing

Pidge totally knew and said nothing

• Shiro was the first to ask Matt to dinner

• Matt chose where they went

• The night comes; they’re at a super fancy restaurant, both in fancy attire

• Pidge is at a separate table because Shiro wanted her there to take pictures and celebrate with her brother

• Keith is at a separate table because Matt wanted him there to take pictures and celebrate with his brother

• Dinner is filled with their usual activity

• Matt loves throwing small bits of food at Shiro to embarrass him in public

• Shiro loves playing footsies under the table because it makes Matt’s face turn red

• After dinner, Shiro decides it’s time

• He gets down on one knee and Matt immediately knows what’s about to happen

• He very quickly gets on one knee and shOUTS HIS PROPASAL before Shiro can

• Awkward silence in restaurant

Pidge fucking dies of laughter in the distance

• Shiro stares at Matt, Matt stares at Shiro…

• They both start laughing until they’re crying and hugging and nodding

“I wanted to ask first! I was going to ask after dessert and you ruined my plans it was going to be so romantic you asshole I can’t believe you-”

• And the two nerds got married and lived happily ever after The End


Noah Taylor, the farm hand + horse master, for @goatkibble‘s Farmer’s Wife BC!

Noah was born + bred in Australia, working on his family’s farm from a young age. He’s always had a love of horses, and takes great care of his horse Midnight when he’s back at home. Noah is currently working for the mysterious bachelor of this BC as his horse master and farm hand, and hopes to one day fulfil his dreams of becoming a world-famous jockey.

Noah is a friendly equestrian, who loves the outdoors and has a good sense of humour. Despite all this, he can be quite shy, particularly around all the beautiful women who will be coming to the farm really soon. He is a Libra who loves hot dogs, island life music + the colour red.
He is skilled in athletic (5), riding (7) and charisma (1).

The only bit of CC he uses is his hair which you can get here.
He uses clothes from Pets, Showtime, Movie Stuff, Generations, Island Paradise, Seasons and Late Night (that’s for all outfits, although the everyday is really the only one that matters, which just uses Pets + Showtime).

Hopefully he is great on your farm and will be a welcome addition to the BC!

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The Journal: Part One

Summary: During a night of studying, Donnie stumbles across April’s precious journal. How he handles it will completely change their relationship for better or for worse. Only trust and time will be able to decide

Author’s Note: So I’ve had this idea for a very long time now and had finally started getting around to writing it awhile back. I was planning on posting this as a oneshot for Apritello week, but then Irma had to ruin things. So I’ll be posting this in parts when I can. Anyways, I hope you guys like it. :)

On a cool, New York City night, Donnie and April sat upon her bed, thumbing through pages of textbooks. Around them, April’s school notes laid scattered. Even though midnight was close, Donnie had agreed to stay as long as needed to help her catch up on homework. She had fallen behind in her classes due to all the training and the patrols, and even though Casey hadn’t cared in the least about school, April wanted to pass with high honors.

“Oh Donnie, it’s going to take hours just to finish the math homework…,” April groaned.

He rubbed his chin, quietly nodding in agreement. His focus shifted from the textbook in his lap to the one in hers.

“Well, if we finish with all the math tonight, we can work on your English homework tomorrow. Then within a few days, you should be all caught up.”

“You’re such a great friend. I can’t thank you enough for helping me out with this.”

“It’s no big deal, April. Always happy to help you out.”

She uncurled her legs and stretched.  “Well, I’ll go make us some tea to tide us over.”

“Okay, sounds great.”

Donnie’s gaze followed as she exited the room. As the sound of footsteps faded down the hall, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed, then glanced around the brightly lit room. April didn’t have much in her room. She did, however, have a mirror with photos pinned to it, a dresser, a nightstand, and short bookshelf on the wall adjacent to her bed. He focused in on the bookshelf, scanning over the titles shown. Some of them he remembered seeing her read, but the rest were unfamiliar to him.

But then a thin untitled book caught his eye. It was navy blue and stuck out just a bit more than the other books on the second shelf. He gathered himself to his feet and took two steps forward. Then hesitantly, Donnie slid the book out and examined the back, taking note on the fading. As he flipped it over to the front cover, a hard lump formed in his throat.

Her journal!

Donnie caught her writing in it on several different occasions, but anytime he tried to glimpse at it over her shoulder, April would cover the pages and shoo him off. But here it was, completely within his grasp. His curiosity began to simmer as he chewed at his lower lip.

Did she write about me in here? If she did, I wonder what she wrote. Oh man…

As the urge to know rose, he slid his thumb under the front cover, but stopped short of opening it. He took a deep breath as guilt steeped within his conscience. Is it really okay to go through her journal without her permission? Donnie had debated on this thought, and with a defeated sigh, he lowered the book down to his side.

No, I need to respect her privacy. I’m willing to bet that she’ll be pretty angry at me if I read any of it.

And as soon as the thought had crossed his mind, he could hear patters of her steps echo into the hall. In a great haste, he shoved the book onto the first shelf and grabbed a random reference book instead. A split second later, April appeared at the doorway with a tray in her hand.

Donnie hummed a soft jingle, trying to act casual as he flipped through contents of the book.

“It’s still pretty hot, so let it cool off for a bit,” she warned him, setting the tray of tea onto her nightstand.

“Sure thing,” Don replied, his face still buried within the pages.

April glanced over at him, noticing the stiff vibe that emitted off him. She didn’t need to be psychic to know that something was up. Donnie stood rigid next to her bed, and even though she knew he liked to read, he seemed way too interested in a simple dictionary.

Sure enough, he could feel her gaze. He pretended to read over definitions, staring at the page in front of him, not even absorbing the words. A moment passed in silence, and then Donnie couldn’t take it anymore. April was about to say something when he snapped the book shut and settled back into his original spot on the bed.

“So about that one equation… What part were you stuck on again?” he asked abruptly, scooping up one of the notebooks.

April’s brows raised. If she wasn’t suspicious before, then she definitely was now. However, not wanting to draw any attention to his sudden odd behavior, she sat down on the bed opposite to him. Whatever it was, she was sure he would eventually tell her. So she pointed at the last entry in her notebook and sighed.

“I wasn’t stuck, I just wanted you to check over to see if I calculated correctly. Imaginary numbers can be tricky, you know?”

“Oh right, right. Gotcha’,” he replied with great enthusiasm, then promptly began looking over the material.

A minute passed before Don gave her the thumb’s up. “The solution looks good to me, April.”Their gazes met as Donnie handed her back the notebook.

“Thanks,” she replied in a soft tone.

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “No need to thank me.”

April said nothing in response and began to work on the next problem. Donnie watched as her pencil scribbled numbers onto the page, but then he couldn’t help but turn his attention back towards the shelf. What could possibly be written in that journal that would cause her to shoo him away?

Whenever it boiled down to knowing how she feels, or even what she thinks, Donnie was always clueless. He stopped trying to pressure her, sure, even going with her flow. But the need to know what she thought of him would always come back to poke at his conscious.

Some days, she was touchy-feely. Then on others, she would hold her distance. That journal could possibly hold the answers on April’s sporadic moods. There was even a chance he could learn which behaviors of his would put her off–if she would even document such a thing. He grew uneasy with each thought. Constantly, he shifted his attention to her etching solutions then to the journal in the shelf. After a couple minutes of dealing with this turmoil, Don rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his crossed legs. What was he even thinking? That kind of obsessive tendency was cause of past troubles between them.

Stop thinking about it, Donatello, and just focus on helping her. After all, it’s none of your business.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for even wanting to know…

So Donnie inhaled deeply and grabbed another notebook, pushing away the thoughts. He was there to help her out, so that was what he was going to do.

WKM inspired me to get back into video editing again, and I’ve recently been listening to a lot of Ruelle’s songs.  This one in particular struck me as fitting for WKM.  Unfortunately this is all I have so far.  If I work up the motivation again, I’ll hopefully continue this in the future.

Apologies for the crappy editing.  It’s been awhile since I last worked with WMM and it’s all I have atm.


“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are”

-Benjamin Franklin

I apologize for the crappy edit but I just got Photoshop on my computer and it turns out that while I was making this on my computer, the screen had weird colour adjustments :/ Also, the idea that I had for this edit was completely different but because of my pastel theme I was not able to make it. However, I am planning on remaking it in the future the way I intended it to <3

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the antis are back at it again! remember when they sent (and still send) all the reylos death threats bc someone photoshopped a pic of john boyega and daisy? and the person apologized? well now they made a crappy edit erasing kylo and putting finn on the tlj poster and are spreading it everywhere. i really try to understand, being a multishipper myself, but this is getting ridiculous.

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Even if they try to do some ridiculous nonsense, canon is canon is canon. This is like going back in time and trying to convince yourself that Vader is not Luke’s father- you can yell it to the heavens, scream it into a piece of paper, photoshop it into whatever poster you want to your ass’ content, but the fact is, Luke, Kylo and Rey are on a poster for reasons that have to do with the story and not what some 13-year-old whines about wanting on the internet because  they think they, somehow, have the ability to convince a giant mega-franchise like Star Wars that their opinion is word and law. 

I don’t care what the stupid antis say, or do, or try to do, they are just continuously embarrasing themselves and making their respective ships look bad (unfortunate for the good people of the ships who don’t dabble in such petty squabble because they, to put it bluntly, can’t get their way). That gorgeous poster, the content in the trailer, and the lore behind The Last Jedi has been determined, preset, filmed, shot, edited and approved by KK, JJ, and Rian Johnson, and I am sitting here, with my cabernet sauvignon, my take-home shrimp BBQ (we had a spring/Easter BBQ at work today for the new employees) and enjoying the fact that no matter what anyone says, it is what is is. 

Originally posted by penultimxte

Poe, Finn and Rose will have their own side of marketing and it will be as exposed as Rey, Luke and Kylos. For marketing purposes I feel that it was a smart move to contain each separate plot line for their own atmospheres because as we all learned from the prequels, too many “tones” at the same time are detrimental to keeping a story together. I feel that Finn, Rose and Poe’s plot line (entangled with Leia, Laura Dern’s character, and Benicio’s character) will have their own adventurous, action-packed mood vs Luke, Rey, and Kylo’s darker, more mysterious mood with the Jedi’s history and the Force. 

I trust antis should realize that Luke and Kylo are important characters too? You know, the main hero of the OT? And the son of his beloved twin sister and best friend? Or are they just completely blinded of reason? (I’m guessing the latter, it’s obvious in both image, marketing and advertising and their feelings are just getting in the way). They still think Kylo is unimportant and that Rey is somehow relate to Luke (despite consistent evidence pointing towards a very strong “NO”) but I mean, not everyone has the same capacity for common sense and that’s okay. I just think they look hilarious trying to get their shit together.

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I’m a sucker for old TV shows and pilots that never got picked up. After a certain point, the BBC seems to be keeping everything so British stuff is usually pretty easy to find.

But then there’s Channel 4. And programmes like The Big Battalions (1992). Due to my recent Alexander Siddig phase I went to look for a copy. And yeah… it’s pretty much wiped from existence.

I could only find one photo online, never mind any episode footage or DVD for sale.

As far as I can find all that exists of this show online is a 20 second home VHS recording of a trailer (in between a debate on the Maastricht Treaty of all things!) 

So for the Siddig fans - above is literally every shot of the trailer he’s in. Apologies for the crappy screen caps. 

Edit: in response to people’s questions about exactly what the story is/ what he’s reacting to: I have no idea. These shots are one after another with no wider context.

Seriously, could be anything. Love Interest Death, Dinosaurs, hearing Take That songs for the first time. Make up your own head canon. It’s an appalling trailer even by 1992 standards.