apologies for the crappy edit!

Apologies if these are crappy photos, but I took and edited these when I was 13:

Yes, this is my header. This was my favorite and I was proud of how it turned out with the effects. The art teacher said we could go anywhere, so my friends and I, being the band geeks we are, went down to the band room.

So my art teach had this huge golden picture frame, and for some reason, I wanted to get a picture of me being “trapped” inside the frame, because I’m a weirdo and an idiot. I made this my icon because I figured I should have a picture of myself and this is the only one I had that I looked okay in.

Here is a picture of this pond in the grass behind the back of my junior high school. It’s owned by waste management for some reason, but we got to go out there during science sometimes, so that was nice

Apparently I can’t put any more photos on here, so the rest will come later.

@ender-kun here you go!

So I finally hit 500 followers last week! I know I’m not the funniest person on here and I don’t always post football related things so thank you all so much for still sticking with me! Also this is my first follow forever and I’m not entirely sure what to do so I just listed all my mutuals and I apologize for the crappy edit, I still haven’t gotten the hang of using text.

@papapique @bittoosharma @christmessi My Desi Family I love you girls lots and I love talking to y’all so much <333

@debuchies @hollyviergiroud @jackwilshes @oezily                                       @sandr-ho@twasoffside you guys are my ultimate favs, you all have been so nice to me and I love you and your blogs so much <3

@douglasnowsta I know we’re not mutuals but thank you for writing the nicest things on my edits, your comments always make me happy :)


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Hi ~ 

I very recently hit a bit of a follower milestone, so I thought why not celebrate it with my very first Follow Forever. I apologize for the crappiness of the graphic/edit. 

I really really suck with all this sentimental talk, but long story short, I generally just want to show my gratitude to all you precious people out there. You guys does such a wonderful job, making me feel significant and supporting me throughout everything. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Bolded - Senpai

Italics - Mutuals. 

♥ - People I feel close to and/or consider my friend. 

A - I

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If I messed up or forgot to add you on there then please let me know ;;; But serioiusly, thank you guys!!! ♥ I appreciate everything and hopefully I’ll meet more wonderful people like you uwu

1999.15.09 - five legends were born as one.

dear favorite people,

i remember when i first joined the fandom, it was at the cusp of the end of your 9th year, and i grabbed onto you tightly, keeping you five in a firm grip, never letting go. that was almost five years ago; you and i, all of us, have known each other for that long.

i would like to thank you for so many things– i know that if i listed everything i had to thank you for, i’d probably finish at the end of the world. even now, there is still so much i do not know about you, still so much to discover to be thankful (and maybe not so much) for. but for now, i’ll try to be short and straight; i’d like to thank you for the smiles, the laughs, the tears, the anger and worry…
most of all, i’d like to thank you for being there for me.

being arashi, being the five of you, being a group of (not-so) celebrities who have put themselves in a spotlight to show the world, i always can remember that if i ever feel lost or apart, i have you to look for, to look to, because you will always be there. thank you for making me feel better when my tears overwhelm me, thank you for your kindness and for being organic; it’s what sets you apart from everyone else, its what makes me love you ten times more than i think i’ll ever love any group. (just don’t tell them that though– it’ll be a secret between us!)

i haven’t been a very good fan lately, but i swear to make that up to you. always remember that i love you, that i respect you, and always look to you for support…
it’s only natural for you to do the same to me!
let me be your support, let me be your happiness.

dear ohno satoshi, sakurai sho, aiba masaki, ninomiya kazunari, and matsumoto jun. i love you very, very much. 

here’s to 14 years! lets do this again next year.

Today is my blog 1 year anniversary and to be honest I never thought that it will last so long. I know that for most of you 1 year is not such a long time, but considering that the longest I’ve run a blog before was almost 4 months, 1 year is something to me.

I want to say a big thank you for keeping my dash full of niall, harry and narry and without all the “drama” in this fandom. I’ve made a lot of mutuals over this year, mutuals I don’t really talk to but I’d like to, yet I never had the courage to actually do it. Anyway, thank you again for making this a happy place where I can escape from the real world.

*bolded are mutuals*


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Hello my lovely lovely followers!!! As the year ends i want to say thank u from the bottom of my heart for u being the bestest ever. it was a really weird year for me and you guys made me feel better so thank u so much.

I follow quite a few ppl so i am v sorry if i dont include u i still love u i swear

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ily and i apologize if i was too lazy to put u on the list 


Hello friends~ ❤  First of all I would like to apologize for the crappy edit bc you guys deserve so much better than this but i’m rlly bad at editing so yeah ;;
I recently hit a milestone and I actually can’t believe I have as many followers as I do ;3;  I wish I could do a giveaway or smth but im vvv poor so I’ve decided to do a follow forever instead!  
I’m usually really silent on here so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers~ I appreciate every single one of you! Especially the wonderful people that I’ve met on here! You guys make my day whenever you come into my inbox~
I also wish I had the guts to talk to more of my mutuals bc you all seem like such nice and cute ppl and you run such wonderful blogs! Sometimes i’m like how??? Bc all of you are senpais honestly let me love you ;; 


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Wow this took so long omg! I hope I didn’t miss anyone ;;
Thank you all so much & I hope that all of you cuties are having a wonderful day! I love you alll  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤