apologies for the crappy coloring


yunho’s… rap…? (・□・;) // trans cr // refer to: yunho's 인생의 진리 rap.


Friendly reminder that the only thing about Tessa Virtue that annoys Scott Moir is, “How much of a perfectionist she is. Her hair has to be perfect for an interview or something…” and, even then, only because, “but she already looks perfect! I wish that she would look a little less perfect. I look so goofy next to her, and she’s not helping me out at all, yaknow! If she were a little less perfect, we’d look good together, don’t you think?


Psychology/Sociology Notes, Lecture 1, MCAT Prep (6/4/15)

Throwback to when I thought I had to write EVERYTHING DOWN. Hence a lot of the notes are typed. I quickly realized how stupid that was, but at least the brain is colorful. Apologies for the crappy handwriting here, as I said–for some reason I thought it was important to write everything. 

Day 4 of the 30 day challenge: draw an uplifting picture of someone who inspires you. I chose the flower prince @floredoodler because he inspires me to try new things and to be better as a person and an artist : ) sorry I made your hair so floofy.. I just can’t stop imagining you with super floofy hair (-w- “’) hehe

Shipped with: Nash Grier (it was your eyes, ok haha)

Being with Nash was a typical relationship. Dates every weekend, ice cream every Sunday, family outings every few months, and late night phone calls. All the boys made fun of you for your oh-so cheesy relationship, and teased the both of you frequently. It didn’t matter though, because you two were insanely in love.

Apologies for the crappy Nash gif. It looked better in color, but if it was in color, it wouldn’t have looked so good!

-doing ships ☺️-
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