Asgore and @roskiiuniverse‘s undertale oc, Nari! I think they’re cute together ~

I love Glunkus to little shredded pieces - thanks for the request, anon. In case you can’t see the text:

He’s either covered or composed of a substance like Vantablack - so in low light he’s more like a void, a shape cut out of reality. Don’t worry, he’s shaped like a friend!

He doesn’t have fur, so much as a covering of macro- and microscopic fleshy cilia that constantly funnel dust and crumbs of matter into his mouth. From far away, this could be mistaken for the effect of a gentle breeze.

The outermost teeth can wiggle independently, but it’s the deeper rings that contract like sphincters to tear and crush matter he eats. This process is facilitated by thick, highly acidic drool. And yes, it’s teeth all the way down.

His meow is more of a yowling bubbly gurgle, with intermittent clacking. His purr resonates with a few very specific materials - no petting the Glunkus if you want to keep your laquered pine deck or favorite angora sweater.

He experiences occasional polydactyly. Poor thing, he’s all thumbs.

The tip of his tail is much like a stinger. If he dips it in his mouth, he can store his potent drool like ink in a quill pen.

Hobo is his best friend, leading him to and fro in search of their favorite treats since Glunkus’ senses are barely compatible with our plane.