apollyna draws

I bought a fat pack of marker pens cos there’s nothing better than hands soggy with rainbows of ink!!

ft @therealjacksepticeye!


early ideas for Tgr’ek from the SciFi/Jailbreak/Space-Pirates AU, AKA BUGgrek, AKA you better stock up on Raid and grab a really big shoe edit: she/her

some vamp Tigs quickies that never got crossposted from twitter! (@apollyna)

ain’t she a doll?


(crossposted from my twitter, @apollyna!)

some very recent doodlins from a tablet malfunction i decided to roll with rather than take twenty seconds to fix. was a lot of fun, actually!

“Imp Luke” is a cracky offshoot of mafia, ‘nuff said on that fer now.


@winslowdraws‘ darlin doughy fella, Fantouche! Plus some alt versions because you know what they say about spice and life.