Ok so here’s the thing, when I draw I get discouraged really easily and I usually give up. That’s why I barely draw, because I’m afriad of failure and I often give up whenever I try to create something new.

I tried my best not to give up here… it’s just a crappy doodle but I wanted to redraw it. Maybe someday I will do the picture justice and make an actual full artwork out of this. Maybe….

Left pic is from 2009.

I have an owl papercraft I put together, which came in handy for the drawing on the right. :D

Remake of a pic from 2010. It’s my alien OC sitting under a tree being alone. Probably took like 30 minutes at the most because it’s just a speedpaint doodle. Also I used some leaf brushes and they are the best thing ever.

Composition is so hard ;_;