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I know, I stole her shit and pawned it proudly. hahahaha She and him were together in the comic, but in general, I think we know waaaay too little about either her or Von Croy to really make that connection.

Dont worry I did the same haha stole her ring, all medical equipment stuff and HER WINE.

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you can, you’d just have to make a really annoyingly long common event[?] process from the database menu [in r2k3-RMXP] and make it so if player has X equipped, change X sprite. Or write a script that can overlay sprite parts. idk

Ah, that seems pretty tedious, but then again, I’m a sucker for customization in games, so I’d probs do it anyway. ; w ; The overlay script sounds like it might be best for that.

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Why not give her upgrades? You can probably change character sprites (a fair amount of RPGs do), so instead of having it change based on freely available equipment, you can give her story-linked upgrades where her entire sprite changes appearance.

Story-linked sprite upgrades are already planned and there’s at least three for the 5 MCs each, with one triggered by a character learning a certain attack at a certain level.

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That's what I don't seem to understand about the new game. Lara was very resourceful before her origin story in the original canon and in the second canon her origin story involved her surviving in Nepal by herself when she was only a kid. However the second canon removed a lot of her grit and I see this new canon possibly going for that as well.

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It was a gay porn sampler called “RAW LOVE”. hahaha The menu used that one obnoxious 009 Sound System song on youtube and the scenes were pretty much “*bad music* OHH FUCKKKK YEAH”, so not my thing. haha I was gonna send it as a gag gift.

Music is only okay in porn when it’s from the 90’s or older. And god I hate talking. FUCKIN TALKING.

And there’s nothing gag about it to him. . _ .

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It’s best to do what works for you. I wanted Sapherna to work but it just seems like it’s falling apart prematurely. It’s commendable for you to stick around and help, but sometimes you have to jump ship before you go down with it.

I was really hopeful too, it seemed great, but I can’t work for someone like Fawn. I don’t feel my work there is being appreciated at all. I’m gonna finish up what I’ve got now and then resign.