Taking selfies while I’m home, sick. Look at those sags under my eyes. Look at my sweater and that blanket. I honestly think I look like chazstity’s Joly from Les Mis. You can find her Joly art here:

I finished reading one of the most beautiful fics that exist on AO3. And it’s called “Apollo” (you already know which one). And I just have a lot of e/R feelings now. They’re so perfect. And the fic is so perfect it actually hurts, because the happiness there is unreal. It can’t happen. And it hurts to know that your characters will never be this happy and never were, because they died fighting for a better world. Or because one of them died for the only man he ever loved and believed in. Yes, I’m talking about you, monsieur Grantaire. 

Leave me alone to die (like JEHAN).