Seriously though, this is one of my oldest movie requests, and I think I know now why I’ve put it away for such a long time.

If what Princess Luna told me is correct, this movie is plagued with factual errors about the Moon Landings that occurred in your universe. Least of all, how in the hay did they recover the tapes if the mission never returned from the Moon? Or how is there a working Russian Lunar module in the Moon? Or how in the name of everything is there sound in a vacuum?

Also, rock crabs? Really? With all the possible alien designs and you go with Moon rock crabs? Those things are super cute, I wasn’t scared of them, I was amused at how adorable they were. This movie could’ve worked, if it wasn’t because it keeps sabotaging itself in every step of the way with bad decisions, bad writing, bad pacing, and insulting ideas. I’d say you should skip this one, it’s not worth your time.

And now, if you excuse me, I need to treat Princess Luna to a much better space movie. It’s the least I can do.