apollo sharp

You can’t love me, Apollo says with a sharp grin and peaked teeth.

I won’t, Icarus answers and kisses Apollo’s knuckles one by one.

You have to promise, Apollo says and runs his hands over Icarus’ bare shoulders.

I do, Icarus promises and throws his head back when long fingers coil around his throat.

You have to swear, Apollo whispers and bites down on the sensible flesh of Icarus’ cheekbones.

Whatever you want, Icarus swears and closes his eyes against the blazing fire of flesh on flesh.

You get greedy, Apollo snarls after a while and pushes the boy away.

Please don’t go, Icarus thinks when the waves kiss his back and break his bones.

it was his last thought before he fell | r.m

Where I find the Gods

I find Apollo in the sharp glare of sunlight against the road after a rainstorm. I find him in the warmth against my face. He’s the feeling you get before you pull the final card in a tarot reading. He’s in my tears as I listen to a song that stirs emotions in me that I’ve forgotten how to feel.

I find Aphrodite in the sun setting into the ocean. She’s the lust filled laugh of a lover, their soft and rough touches. She’s in the cry of ecstasy as my pleasure mounts and releases. I find her in rose petals wet with morning dew. She is the warm wind in my hair as i drive with the window down.

I find Freyja in the fallen snow after a winter storm. I see her in the way a lover looks at me after we’ve made love. She is the drive to succeed, the war cry that echoes into the night. She is the sun rising over the mountain and the falcon screeching it’s glory to the world. I find her in books on magic, her hand slowly guiding me through the pages.

I find Hera in the blue sky after the storm clouds have departed. She is the white clouds glowing imperiously in the sun - tall, demanding, omniscient. I feel her the way my mother talks to me, the pride on her face when I succeed. She’s the excitement I feel when I think of my future. I feel her in the rain, am touched by presence in a cold wind. She’s the feeling of my destiny, weighing heavily upon me like a golden crown.

I find Hades in the shadows of a cold winter night. He’s the baying of dogs when I cannot see them. I feel him in my cup of coffee in the morning before work. He’s the soft smile I give to those I truly care about. I feel him when I talk about my ancestors - he’s standing there with their ghosts. He’s in the shadows of a room, watching, protecting. He’s the desire to protect what is mine.

I find Zeus in the sudden summer thunderstorms. He is the crash of lightning in a dark sky. I feel him in the long talks sigh my father. I hear his words of duty and honor, triumph and glory. He’s the fear that keeps me going, keeps me pushing, yet he’s in the feeling that I know I’ll be safe. I’ll succeed no matter what.

Greek God Aesthetics
  • zeus: pastel yellow bike rides along the dreary empty highway. clouds crushed under the wind. uneasily swaying powerlines overhead.
  • poseiden: seagulls fighting over bread, university sweatshirts and the winter ocean. shoes thrown to the wind and exhausting games of beach volleyball with not enough players
  • hera: cold lemonade on the front porch, long taffeta skirts blowing in the wind. hydrangea bushes blooming in rows, red ants crawling in the blue bushels
  • hestia: clean sheets, straw hats with ribbons. framed embroidery and fraying pillows. hanging bushels of herbs, thick and full as a bouquet. bits of dried leaves on the floor
  • hermes: old shoes thrown over a phone line, sitting on the curb and feeling the heat absorbed by the pavement. 90 degree weather and sweatshirts. snippets of other people's conversations
  • athena: a single droplet destroying the calm of a lake. misty mornings. soft goose calls. stinging cold morning air, cheeks burning with exhaustion on the morning jog
  • artemis: smoking by the window so your parents don't smell it. hiding things in the lining of your shoes. bugs crawling out from under a book, triumph of catching them with a shoe
  • aries: old diners and motorcycles, driving around town in the middle of the night. other cars fly by in a sea of headlights. a radio playing the old hits.
  • apollo: the sharp glint of sunlight when driving home. being stuck in traffic, flipping through radio stations and finding nothing but commercials. someone in the fast lane drives by with the most beautiful music playing
  • aphrodite: a mouthful of rose petals, over-sized sweaters and thick thighs with cellulite stripes. an hour preparing for a selfie and the one of the false eyelashes keeps coming off.
  • hephaestus: gum wrappers twisted into shapes. tearing up strips of paper to make paper stars. mechanical pencils that no longer work, but you still push lead sticks in
  • demeter: farmer's market stands closed down for the year, but weeds and grasses throng through the fences. little blue flowers bloom through the cracks in the sidewalk
  • persephone: picnics in unexpected places, old bridges and train tracks. evergreen forests dripping with water, moss covered boulders touched by hands with pink painted nails
  • hades: early shifts. the quiet highways before the sun has risen, the world darkness and neon glowing signs. driving with the windows down, cool air soothing nausea

apollo has always been active in activities. from sports to newspaper. while not being actively a nerd, he’s quite smart, one of the only things him and his twin have in common. he’s also an ace snoop and likes to spy on people. he’s kind of an asshole at first look. he tries not to get attached, but he’s the kind that doesn’t take shit from anybody. he’s willing to kick ass for anyone who’s obviously not in a fair fight. just don’t expect him to admit it.

apollo/pythia valentine's day drabble

 asked you:

apollo/pythia movie date

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather see Safe Haven?”

Pythia laughed and shook her head, tugging on Apollo’s arm. She wanted him to have a good time, too—which meant no Nicholas Sparks.

“This movie has something for both of us.”

“A cute romance for you," Apollo grinned, tightening his grip on her hand, "and blood-thirsty zombies for me?”

She grinned up at him, “Exactly.”