apollo ray

Happy Pride Month, featuring a gay hero of each color on the flag! From left to right: 

  • Red - Wiccan
  • Orange: The Ray
  • Yellow - Apollo and Midnighter
  • Green - Anole
  • Blue - Iceman
  • Purple - Bunker!

I hope you enjoy! I’ll be doing a rainbow lesbian illustration soon!


I’m trying to live for my gay superheroes and there happy lives but Y'ALL KEEP FUCKING WITH ME!!! I Just read X-Men Blue #2 and surprise-fucking-surprise, Iceman’s boyfriend, who has appeared in only 4 comics, just ghosted Bobby. I assume we’re never gonna see him again. Y'ALL DO THIS EVERY FUCKING TIME!! America #1, she broke up with her girlfriend. The Ray, the new gay JLA member, had a boyfriend for ONE PAGE! 📢LET📢GAYS📢BE📢HAPPY📢Why is every single happy gay couple pushed to the sidelines? Midnighter and Apollo? Done. Wiccan and Hulkling? Gone. Rictor and Shatterstar? Blocked. Are Harvey and Ivy even still together or did you fuck with them too? And while we’re at it let bi and pan characters like Hellblazer and Deadpool actually have relationships with men. Mild flirting or using a man’s attraction to another man as does not representation make. Just let queer people BE QUEER!!


VERY RARE: Boxing Legend, Sugar Ray Robinson tap dancing with dance legend, Gene Kelly!

In 1952, Robinson ditched his boxing gloves for a chance at entertainment. He toured with the Count Basie Orchestra and performed at the Apollo. In 1955, he traded the tap shoes in for another round of boxing.

Apollo's Tears; a glamour and love spell for the queer witch

Perform this spell at the height of the midsummer, when Apollo’s rays are at their brightest.

In the morning, gather together stones of citrine, carnelian, and rose quartz in a clean glass bowl. Add two whole bay leaves and a Hyacinth blossom. Set the bowl outside in the sun to bask in Apollon’s beauty. Leave the bowl outside all day and all night.

On the next day, early in the morning at sunrise, Collect the dew that formed on the rocks and bay leaves. Rub the tears left from Apollo to his dead lover Hyacinthus, all over your body, hands and face, while thinking of their beauty and love for each other. Do this outside in the morning sun. Dry the blossom and leaves in the sun with the stones and keep on you or near your mirror.

For a love spell, get a yellow candle and carve in yours and your lovers name with a rose thorn. Dress the candle with cinnamon and musk oil and set afire the bay leaves with the candle while thinking of your lover.
~The Black Fox

nerdkisser  asked:

Who's the best clown gimmick wrestler : Doink (portrayed by Ray Apollo), Shaggy 2 Dope, the guy from that tna faction, or Will Osprey (the biggest clown wrestler of them all)

Will Osprey is the worst wrestler I’ve ever seen in my life, so he’s out!

I’m going with my boy DINK