apollo mchale

Apollo's a ladies man @ Kristen

With the little man wide awake, she felt that it would be a great time to have Kristen come over and visit the two of them. Kevin was out doing various things which was good. They had been texting and he asked if he could touch her butt in return for her touching Taylors abs. They could be such fankids sometimes. Though the nerdy side of her had to be put away when the little man started to cry. She looked at her watch seeing that she had some time so she fed him quickly. She was just in the process of burping him when she heard a knock at the door and she smiled getting up. With him over her shoulder she reached out and unlocked the hotel door before opening it. 

She smiled that infamous Dianna smile as she saw the other and Apollo showed his admiration by letting out a series of little burps and then a few sounds. Which made her laugh but she moved letting the other in before giving her a hello hug. “Oh it’s so awesome of you to come out to see us” she said and then carefully turned the little guy to look at her “Say hi lil nugget” she said and his big blue eyes looked up and he smiled kicking his feet, she just laughed and moved more into the hotel laying him down in the center of the bed. He was quite content to kick about and grab anything that was close to him.