apollo is adorable


The amount of gay in ToA is surprisingly satisfying and I found out that I don’t have bookmark to y’know

match the gayness

So I thought that maybe a Apollo/Lester proudly standing in front of a rainbow would be enough

and I was right

Bonus solangelo because those two are killing me

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lgbt pride month moodboards (4/30)

will solace, son of apollo - percy jackson and the olympians // the heroes of olympus

‘Nico smiled thinly. “I have a note from my doctor.”
Will raised his hand. “I’m his doctor.”‘

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An idea: shiro finding a super earth dog-like alien stray and nearly crying cause maybe it looks like a dog he used to own??? But he slowly earns its trust and brings it with him on the castle and it's happy and pure and it sleeps with him which helps with his nightmares and no im not crying what

They found him in a demolished city, one days after the initial attacks.

The mission was simple: Recover anything they could from the ruined government building to bring to the evacuated population.

In the end, there wasn’t much left of the building.  They had Yellow lift up the top and dug through the rubble.  Aside from a few drawers with of papers, and a couple of sturdier metal decorations, the place was pretty much demolished.  

But something had moved in.

The sound of rustling initially made Shiro turn, arm let and aggressive.  But then he saw the reflected purple spots on two dark eyes, and he paused.  Oh.  An animal. To be cautious, he turned off his arm but lit the built in flashlight, and put it closer to see the shape of the animal without shining directly on it.


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What I want for “ToA the dark prophecy”

- Parental Apollo. It’s just so sweet

- More Solangelo


- Apollo finally starting to feel comfortable enough with his mortal body that he’s starting to flirt with literally everybody again, not just blushing the whole time

- Percy’s baby sister

- Annabeth being like “Oh yeah, even if we succeed in saving the world there’s a big chance it’s going to be destroyed anyways bc of norse stuff”


- Apollo being the adorable dork he is

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Okay so yesterday i got really bad sunburned and my niece who is like seven knows i worship Apollo (i dont think she fully understands yet) but shes the only one who knows, she saw my burn and asked if it hurt and she said if it made me feel better i only got burned because Apollo was trying to hug me and i swear it was the cutest thing ever i just had to share im officially the happiest Apollo devotee alive

That is adorable!

Paolo offered me a green-and-gold scarf– a bandana version of the Brazilian flag. He said something that, of course, I could not understand.
 Nico smirked. “That’s Paolo’s good-luck bandana. I think he wants you to wear it. He believes it will make you invincible.”
I found this dubious, since Paolo was prone to serious injury, but as a god, I had learned never to turn down offerings. “Thank you.”
Paolo gripped my shoulders and kissed my cheeks. I may have blushed. He was quite handsome when he wasn’t bleeding out from dismemberment.
—  Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle, Trials of Apollo

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Nesting habits, the big 3, Ace Attorney

Thanks for the prompt! I hope you like this, even though I didn’t know where it was going at times! I really need to flesh out my Omega!Athena headcanons…


It’s Apollo’s first heat since they moved in together, and Klavier is trying to make his Omega feel comfortable.  He and Apollo chose this house for the variety of room types, and had designed the nesting rooms to suit Apollo’s tastes. Yet, Klavier understood that Apollo would need to act on instinct until he became settled in their new home.

He didn’t mind at all that their plush duvet was the first casualty sacrificed to Apollo’s nest; he could use the scratchy wool blanket with the satin trim for a few nights- Klavier certainly didn’t need the blanket when his Apollo did.  

He found the sight of his $1500 Dolce & Golbanna silk shirt rumpled and rucked up against Apollo’s heat-stained skin adorable (and the panting, whimpering, needy Apollo, enticing).  Didn’t raise a fuss when Apollo drooled all over Klavier’s real leather jacket (from Spain!) when using it as a pillow.

Klavier did however, draw the line when he saw Apollo attempting to unstring one of his guitars, in hopes of using the strings to hang a makeshift curtain (made from from, of all things, Klavier’s law school regalia) over his nest.  



Sometimes, Miles hates being an Omega.  He hates the fact that once a quarter his body puts himself through utter ridiculousness in order to quell the heat that is burning through him.

He especially hates the fact that Wright’s scent is the only thing keeping him grounded, and that in order to do so he’s debased himself to  point of rolling around in the man’s shirts.

Wright’s scratchy, poor-quality, cheap shirts, that smells like the man he loves.   The ties aren’t any better quality either, and despite how much Miles hates how it’s the blue suit the smells the *best* of his mate’s clothes, even Miles Edgeworth can’t bring himself to steal Wright’s court room attire.

Wright takes it all in stride, smiling that goofy shy grin, as  he nuzzles Miles  before he goes to work.  Miles rolls his eyes, kissing Phoenix, and hopes that Wright didn’t see him rustling around in the latest victims of his raid on Wright’s closet.

The fabric is rough against Miles’ cheek and the plastic button has chipped that it nicks against Miles’ face.  Miles sighs and decides it’s high time he does something about this, before his and Wright’s relationship becomes more serious.

“You threw out all of my shirts?! Miles, what the hell?!” Phoenix exclaims looking in the empty closet again in hope that his shirts would magically re-appear, “all of them?!!”

Miles shrugs and hands Phoenix the shopping bags full of better quality garments; tomorrow he’s taking Wright out for custom made dress shirts.

“You’re my fiance,” Miles shrugs, “dress like it.” 

And then, “You have three months until my next heat-scent them well.”


Heats are always rough for Athena, no matter what precautions she takes, the suppressants she ingests- the season is always miserable and on top of it all, Athena’s sensitive hearing becomes even more sensitive that she even thinks possible.

She’s barricaded in her room, under the soft blankets and plumped pillows.  Sunlight diffuses through the sheer curtains around her bed, as she breathes through her heat.  Her earbuds are playing soothing music, and on the floor, her white noise machine is on max.

Simon’s gifted her a body pillow that he’d scented for her, and she clings around it as she tries to quell the growing need within her.  Inhaling his scent and being momentarily calmed before her heart squeezes and she lets out a frustrated groan.

The couple above her apartment have been going at it all morning, and it’s bad enough that Athena can hear their emotions and vaguely smell them- worst of all it fuels her frustration.

Simon better get home as soon as possible; he promised to take care of her this evening.

In the meantime she wills herself to sleep through it all.

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Can we just talk about how the prince of FriCkiN DeAth is super adorable and actually lights up around his bubbly dork of a boyfriend, and how precious it is when Will turns on his ‘doctor mode’ and gets super serious and protective of Nico like “yew want tu go out n ply? Nu you sty hure wth meh bby, i kep yu safe” and Nico just goes along with it! Like he knows there is no point in arguing because he didnt even want to leave Will anyway, and probably got hurt on purpose because he likes when Will 'scans’ his body for injuries (i c u Nico) and AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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Hades is the most precious of them all

He doesn’t exactly have much competition.

On a completely different note, I would like to start the hashtag #hestiaexists2k17.