apollo is adorable


The amount of gay in ToA is surprisingly satisfying and I found out that I don’t have bookmark to y’know

match the gayness

So I thought that maybe a Apollo/Lester proudly standing in front of a rainbow would be enough

and I was right

Bonus solangelo because those two are killing me

Feel free to print them and use if you want! (you can also post a pic and tag me *wink wink) but do NOT repost anywhere else


lgbt pride month moodboards (4/30)

will solace, son of apollo - percy jackson and the olympians // the heroes of olympus

‘Nico smiled thinly. “I have a note from my doctor.”
Will raised his hand. “I’m his doctor.”‘

What I want for “ToA the dark prophecy”

- Parental Apollo. It’s just so sweet

- More Solangelo


- Apollo finally starting to feel comfortable enough with his mortal body that he’s starting to flirt with literally everybody again, not just blushing the whole time

- Percy’s baby sister

- Annabeth being like “Oh yeah, even if we succeed in saving the world there’s a big chance it’s going to be destroyed anyways bc of norse stuff”


- Apollo being the adorable dork he is

Paolo offered me a green-and-gold scarf– a bandana version of the Brazilian flag. He said something that, of course, I could not understand.
 Nico smirked. “That’s Paolo’s good-luck bandana. I think he wants you to wear it. He believes it will make you invincible.”
I found this dubious, since Paolo was prone to serious injury, but as a god, I had learned never to turn down offerings. “Thank you.”
Paolo gripped my shoulders and kissed my cheeks. I may have blushed. He was quite handsome when he wasn’t bleeding out from dismemberment.
—  Rick Riordan, The Hidden Oracle, Trials of Apollo

*not my art*

Can we just talk about how the prince of FriCkiN DeAth is super adorable and actually lights up around his bubbly dork of a boyfriend, and how precious it is when Will turns on his ‘doctor mode’ and gets super serious and protective of Nico like “yew want tu go out n ply? Nu you sty hure wth meh bby, i kep yu safe” and Nico just goes along with it! Like he knows there is no point in arguing because he didnt even want to leave Will anyway, and probably got hurt on purpose because he likes when Will 'scans’ his body for injuries (i c u Nico) and AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

I don’t normally read a comic and go “man, I wonder what that panel description said,” but in this case… I really want to know how Steve Orlando asked ACO to draw Apollo here. In The Authority books, there are one or two panels of Apollo through Midnighter’s perspective, but none of them are like “YOU PERFECT STATUESQUE GOD OF THE SUN LEAVES ARE SO STUNNED BY YOUR PRESENCE THEY GENTLY FALL AROUND YOU O LIGHT OF MY LIFE MY SWEET ANGEL IT HAS BEEN SO LONG (plz fuck me).”

You know what, I don’t need to see that panel description after all. I probably got it about right.

from Midnighter #11 (the new one)