apollo chocolates

Me, nervously placing an offering of dark chocolate on Apollo’s altar: “so… Uhm I know this isn’t a traditional offering and all… And that chocolate didn’t exist in ancient Greece… But I kinda need help with a thing… So will you-”
Apollo, already chewing on a piece of chocolate: “sweetheart, we have a deal”

I wanna tell you guys about the kickass new Ace Attorney prosecutor my cousin and I made up a mere few hours ago.

His name is Glockenspiel Gavin, and he is literally just Klavier wearing those Groucho Marx glasses-nose-moustache combinations and his hair-twist thing is on the other side. Also he talks in a bad Australian accent (saying “Crikey” whenever he would otherwise say “Achtung”, etc.)

Literally everyone seems completely fooled by this idiotic disguise of Klavier’s– the Judge, Athena, the detective on the case, all the witnesses– everyone except Apollo, who is merely getting increasingly annoyed at how it’s sO OBVIOUSLY JUST KLAVIER GUYS COME ON??? But keeps getting penalized every time he tries to speak out about it.

Phoenix probably realizes too, but he pretends to be taken in by it just because it annoys Apollo. And of course proceeds to rub salt in the wound at every opportunity. “I have no idea what you’re talking about Apollo, that’s so obviously Glockenspiel Gavin. You can tell because the hair is on the other side. Clearly he and Klavier are two totally different people.”


Apollo and his supportive dad Titus aka Titus’s good child

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Jasipercy Headcanons (PT 2)

(i’m so excited for this oneeeeeeee)


  • Piper loves planning the future children.  She wants two and picked out names and everything.
  • Jason, Piper, and Percy end up having four kids, two from Percy, one from Jason, and one adopted.
  • The first one Jasiper’s.  Her name was Dakota.  She had light skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair.
  • The second is Pipercy’s.  His name was Evan and he had dark skin, green eyes, and dark hair.  He was practically a photo copy of his dad.
  • The third was adopted and her name was Kell, a daughter of Apollo.  She has dark chocolate skin, dark eyes, and gorgeous cinnamon hair.
  • The fourth and last child is Mare, who is Percy and Piper’s.  She has light copper skin splattered with freckles, Piper’s kaleidoscope eyes, and dark brown hair, looking like Piper.
  • The favourite Parent is Percy because of how kid-like he is.
  • Jason is the ‘authoritative parent’ but, he can still be loads of fun.
  • Dakota and Evan do lots of sports and all the parents show up to watch, with totally gets weird looks.
  • Kell and Mare are artists.  Kell plays the flute in band and Mare is in Honors AP Art.
  • The age gaps aren’t bad.  Dakota is 10, Evan is 8, Kell is 7, and baby Mare is 3.
  • Jason is an expert at changing diapers.
  • Percy and Piper take care of the midnight feeding and baby runs because they’re both insomniacs anyway.
  • Percy packs the kids lunches in the morning.
  • Piper gives all the kids the ‘Talk’
  • Piper also gives the kids SOs the ‘Shovel Talk’
  • She means businesss.
  • All the kids learn their swears from Piper because even as a mother, she can’t help shouting out profanities when she drops her brownie batter on Jason’s birthday.


I was looking @thatsnotmysammich‘s blog and found moofah girl there seems just about to cry in many arts. So I tried to make her smile without being too nervous. Sorry if I colored wrongly. Couldn’t find a reference. Hope original artist won’t mind. Apollo chocolate and milk tea

勝手にファンアート。ムーファの擬人化っ子らしい? 色設定が分からなかったので適当に塗りました。違ったらごめんなさい。


“A bookshelf is a biography written by others.”
Kat Lehmann

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Me! Me! Me! My name name is Meggi and thank you!!

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☆ silver thread, yellow crayons
☆ Meiji apollo strawberry chocolate
☆ momonga (jap dwarf flying squirrel)
☆ The excitement of hearing the familiar voice of a friend call your name in a place you didn’t expect to see them
☆ walking down an empty hallway, with beautiful marbled floors and beautiful lights

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