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trials of apollo went from 0 to gay in 0.0000005 seconds and i think that’s beautiful

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kuuchai  asked:

Your blog is very interesting! I was wondering what your thoughts are about the moon. Is the Rabbits' moon inside the Gensokyo "dimension", or is it a separate thing? It seems like it can be reached from outside too (considering the Apollo incident). The capital is supposedly on the far side yet in the game, it looks like it's actually on the near side and there is an ocean or something nearby which must be visible from earth right? Anyway, I'm curious to know what you think about it! ( ´ ▽ ` )

I’ve been putting off answering this one because, for my money,  the moon is easily the most incomprehensible thing in Touhou.

But I’m up until like 3 AM for work anyway, and I’ve kinda been meaning to sort through all this stuff anyway. So sure, let’s do this.

MOON FACTS (pretty much all from SSiB or CiLR):

  • The lunarians tidally locked the moon themselves so that they’d always be on the far side.
  • … and also hid it in a pocket dimension kinda setup, similar to Gensokyo..
  • The only reason that Remilia’s rocket seems to be able to get to it is that apparently the Lunar capital’s pocket plane is somehow similar enough to Gensokyo’s that if you actually travel there from Gensokyo, you can waltz right in.
  • Having a lunar veil is sufficient for getting to the moon, but apparently not necessary. Also, has some nasty side effects if you wear one yourself..
  • This one page really addresses most of the basics:
  • The Sea of Tranquility is the closest spot to Earth, and it seems to be pretty easily accessible with Toyohime’s incredibly vague powers.
  • For reasons I can’t find a clear explanation on anywhere, Yukari can open gaps to the moon, but only during the full moon.
  • And the reason a lunar month isn’t exactly 28 days is so that it will seem like the capital is accessible for an entire day, but since the actual full moon is a bit shorter than that, the window closes earlier than expected. This apparently was a key bit of Yukari’s defeat during the first Gensokyo/Lunar war.
  • (Except this was done specifically to trap Yukari, and wouldn’t super-duper math whiz Yukari notice the difference between 28 and ‘a bit less than 28′?)
  • The Apollo thing sounds like it’s mostly just the moon blowing stuff out of proportion, judging by Eirin’s recounting of it in CiLR. Less ‘Earth attacked the Lunar capital’ and more ‘the lunarians don’t want any impure humans anywhere up there and kept driving astronauts off the moon.’
  • In summary: