apollo 11 anniversary


I’m a little late for the Apollo 11 anniversary, but it’s still the Apollo 15 anniversary, so enjoy this classic Disney Adventures article about the moon landings from the November 1993 issue! The weird coloring is because this issue was intended to be read with 3-D glasses. (I was nine months old at the time and didn’t start reading DA until 2001, but I bought this issue at a used bookstore.)

Most of the facts are still true, but the reference to “a mysterious Soviet ship” on the final page probably refers to Luna 15 and illustrates how little was known in the West about the Soviet space effort before space historians were able to examine the declassified archives later in the 1990s.


46 years ago, the world watched in wonder as Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon. Now, the Smithsonian is launching an initiative to conserve and digitize the spacesuit that protected Armstrong on that historic mission – moon dust and all – so that it can go on display in time for the Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary. Help share this iconic treasure with explorers everywhere!

You can read more about the Reboot the Suit project on the blog of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.