Be More Chill Demigod AU

-Michael and Jeremy were saved by a flock of Striges back when they were twelve years old by Charles Beckendorf who took the two to Camp Half-Blood
-as soon as Michael stepped through the entrance a grape vine appeared above his head causing Beckendorf to groan
-“Well kid you get to meet your dad today.”
-Michael is surprised when a man with a five o'clock shadow, wearing an ugly leopard print t-shirt comes up and hugs him
-the two are then told that they are demi-gods, meaning that one of their parents are a god and Michael’s just happens to be Mr.D or Dionysus
-the two are separated with Jeremy escorted over to the crowded Hermes cabin where all the unclaimed children are bunking
-Jeremy is confused, he thought that both his parents were well…his parents
-the two meet up again later at dinner where Michael excitedly tells him about his twin half brothers Castor and Pollux and that yeah his dad is kind of a disappointment but now he has two older brothers
-Jeremy tries to be excited but he can’t because he’s just been told that there’s a good chance he could never find out who his godly parent is
-when shown the weapon shed the two get really excited
-Jeremy can’t wield a sword for shit and most of the other weapons are too heavy for him so he ends up being trained on the bow and arrow
-Michael gets a shield that can also be tossed like a discus
-“Look at me, I’m Captain America!” He tosses the shield, narrowly missing a camper’s head
-the two are shown around camp when Jeremy see’s her, Christine
-Christine Canigula is a daughter of Apollo and really likes plays
-Jeremy can barely get a word out and finds himself a stuttering mess whenever he tries to approach her
-another person they run into that day is the ass-midget known as Rich Goranski who thought it was funny to mess Jeremy up every time he went to take a shot
-he’s unclaimed as well but likes to tell everyone he’s probably the son of Ares or someone awesome like that
-his best friends is Jake Dillinger, son of Hebe who is forced to stay in the Hermes cabin since there’s not enough of her children to warrant their own cabin(he believes that is a load of bullshit since the Dionysus kids have their own cabin but whatever)
-It’s a few weeks in when the two are playing capture the flag when they’re cornered by the opposite team when with Michael’s help but only does Jeremy escape but they also manage to capture the flag while everyone is distracted
-as Jeremy’s holding the flag in front of everyone an owl appears over his head

Persephone: Roses are red, violets are blue…sunflowers are yellow…tulips come in all kinds of colors…daffodils are also yellow.
Apollo: Was that supposed to be a poem?
Persephone: No, I just like flowers.

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