Apollo and Lunar Module separate from the third stage of the Saturn rocket “. prototype vision in 1963 by Dan Beaumont Space Museum
NASA PICTURE: S-63-00048. REMASTERED by Dan Beaumont. Apollo / Lunar Module (LEM) developement ( 1963 ) INFO: AND Wernher von Braun presents: Apollo / Saturn 5 rocket ” Now in development “ (1963) VIDEO:

We haven’t done a #wcw in a while, so let’s take a moment to recognize Margaret H. Hamilton. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President Barack Obama, yesterday. Hamilton led the team that created the on-board flight software for #NASA’s #Apollo command modules and lunar modules. A mathematician and computer #scientist who started her own software company, Hamilton contributed to concepts of asynchronous software, priority scheduling and priority displays, and human-in-the-loop decision capability, which set the foundation for modern, ultra-reliable software design and engineering.

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  • Apollo: Listen, Percy, I really need your help with this whole fallen god thing--
  • Percy: Absolutely not.
  • Annabeth: Listen, Percy, I really need your help with this whole Norse cousin sea voyage thing--
  • Percy: Yes. What do you need? When do we leave? I'm calling my dad right now. I think I can convince some other sea deities to help. Are you okay? I love you--
i. be prepared to burn. there is no way this will not spell tragedy, and you know this singsong melody of warning bells: your father’s gentle words, the restless-reckless humming beneath your skin. if you want to love a god, learn to ignore it.
ii. throw yourself off cliffs to teach yourself how to fly. throw yourself off cliffs to teach yourself how to fall.
iii. hollow out your body, divest yourself of these useless mortal organs. fill yourself with longing instead.
iv. know that there are only a handful of gods but a world of mortals. you will not be the first glint of metal to catch the light of the sun, and no matter what you weave into your heart at night, you will not be the last.
v. never forget that you will burn.
—  ICARUS’ GUIDE TO LOVING APOLLO | mythology reimagined #5 | paperharbors
Information I learned from the Rick Riordan Hammer of Thor book tour

• The Trials of Apollo series will be at least 5 books

• The Magnus Chase series will be at least 3 books

• We will get to meet Percy’s little sister at one point in the Trials of Apollo series

• He had no control over the Percy Jackson movies whatsoever

• There will be a PJO coloring book released in August 2017

• There will be a book called Camp Half Blood Confidential released in May 2017. This book will be about life at camp

• He said he encourages fan art and fan videos

• He said if you write fanfiction to go for it but he does not read it

• He said probably his two favorite characters to write from are Sadie Kane and Apollo

• Someone asked if liked Anubis or Walt better with Sadie and he said both

• He said that by the end of The Hammer of Thor half of us are going to want the next book and half of us are going to want to kill him

• There will be new characters in The Hammer of Thor

• He will always write for the middle grade age group but he loves it when older people keep reading the books as well