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We’re inspired by the gracefully integrated activism of Apolis’ line of work, including their Market Bag, made in partnership with a small artisan co-op in Bangladesh. Rudy’s Barbershop has collaborated with Apolis to garner even more visibility for the product and the partnership, and to support the co-op (the Rudy’s Saves bag is pictured here in action with CEO Vy Le at the Pike Place Market in Ace’s hometown of Seattle, WA). Demand for the bag has grown so much that the infrastructure of the co-op needs to expand considerably. In response, Apolis has created the Bangladesh Sewing Academy – a project to buy 20 new sewing machines for 20 women in the co-op. They’re taking donations now, and as a stakeholder, you’ll be a part of the collective investment of $8,500 in the building of a new facility, the purchase of 20 new sewing machines & the wages of two trainers who will provide 20 women with employment training every 6 months. They’ve raised over $3,000 – show your love and get 20% off at the Apolis online shop.

Photo of Vy by Alex Berry

Raan, Shea, and Stenn Parton are three brothers who run Apolis Activism, a men’s clothing line out of LA that works to instill social responsibility and global activism in its projects. Recently, they worked with Rapha, a line of cycling clothing and accoutrement, to create the Transit Elite Sweater, their answer to après-ski attire. In December, they went to Kathmandu, Nepal together to meet the people manufacturing the limited run of 225 handmade Apolis Activism x Rapha sweaters. They made a video about their cycling trip, the friends they made, and the craftspeople creating their products.

We like their style. You can follow their blog to stay abreast of their projects and excursions.

Photos by Apolis Activism

Independence Holiday Gift Options

Apolis Wool Camp Hat

Ashland Leather Fat Herbie Wallet

Jacob Bromwell Great American Copper Flask

Fine Light Trading Chief Ring

Howlin Spooky Socks

Makr Zip Wallet

Scout Knife

American Optical Sunglasses

Apolis Indigo Wool Bow Tie

Dear Brigette,

I’ve been going to the farmers market every Saturday morning.  Get my chai tea, egg and cheese biscuit, bakery goods, italian kales, rainbow carrots, local free ranged eggs, and homemade pear cider.  Yum!!!  I’m hungry just writing about it.  When are you going to come up north and visit? 

This is what I wore last weekend and possibly again this weekend.  When I was in LA I got the Apolis Activism x Patagonia rain jacket.  Its so thin and shiny blue.  I love it.  I also love my organic pink peruvian cotton long sleeve from Olasul.  I know, pink, what?  It was either that or another cyan shirt.  Portland is all filled with cherry blossom, and this pink shirt is perfect for the season.  It still rains here and there.  So I keep wearing my Outlier The Climber trouser.  Expensive but it is the best buy I’ve ever made.  I recently got a pair of blue Generic Surplus suede oxford.  I just had it weather treated and gotten extra heel protection.  Ready to take them on a bike ride! 

Lastly, I haven’t make this purchase yet… sunglasses.  I’ve been staring at this pair of Han Kjøbenhavn sunglasses.  I love the golden rim and teal blue shade.  Should I get it?  Kind of pricy.  Either that or the Steven Alan People retro green sunglasses.  Both about the same price after shipping.

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“We have two rulebooks, one for charity and one for the rest of the economic world…You just put the whole non-profit sector at this extreme disadvantage to the for-profit sector on every level and you call the whole system charity, like there is something really sweet about it.”  - Dan Pallotta on his book and being a global citizen