sometimes i just wabt to msg cairo and say that she ruined any chance i had at recovery but i dont because shell hold what i did over my head even thouvh i apoligized from the bottom of my heart
ive tried so hard for solong to be beyter and to not be a bad lerson anymore and considering jow happy me and carrie are id say im winning
but ill never reallh be Recovered again i think. i will never be able to just tell her things spontaneously. how can i when ny trauma is annoying…. and when i call her out on it im a liar and she doesnt remember…. how convienent lmao


Q: Now that you’re famous, how are you going to use your fame to inspire other people?

New Year, New Moon (Open RP)

A new year has finally come to the people of Ylisse. During the night, not only did the villagers celebrate for a new age, but the Shepherds did as well. After many hours of fun, one particular tactician decided to rest for the night.

This has been such a fun time," Jasmine thought. "I can’t believe this is my first new year that I can actually remember. It’s getting late. I should probably head back to my tent to sleep.

She looked up at the night sky and noticed something different. “I guess tonight starts a new moon. I hope this brings us good luck…

The next morning, she woke a bit different. She looked at her hands and smirked. “Yes! The spell worked! I’m still able to help her!” Suddenly, she gasped as she noticed her surroundings. “Where am I? Was she captured? No, she would have been in shackles." She looked outside the tent in fear. She was surrounded by complete strangers. She hurried back into the tent and tried to pack her belongings. "I have to get her out of here! She’s not safe with so many people around!" Before she could finish packing, someone walked into the tent…

  • imma bang luke hemmo
  • Isabelle McLeod Daphnis
  • 5sos is sex lol

Okay… So I wrote this really accurate song. It is called “I’m gonna bang Luke Hemmings.”

You’re welcome.

Also, if you don’t wanna listen to my AWFUL singing, here are the lyrics. 

There are lots of things in this world

That I appreciate

And there’s this one dumb band

I think ya know

I really rate…


Well, Ashton’s hands make me wanna jump off a cliff

Michael’s hair making me wanna jump him in a lift

Calum’s jawline makes me think that I might just die

And when I see Luke’s shoulders I just start to cry


But when the night is cold and I feel bored

There’s one thing to do

It’s not crying alone or trying to sleep or drowning in food…


I’m gonna bang Luke Hemmings


I’m gonna bang Luke Hemmings


The other band members are pretty fine

But when Luke shows up on my dash

There’s only one thing on my mind…


I’m gonna bang Luke Hemmings


I’m gonna bang Luke Hemmings