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It’s a short story titled “Intersection Point”in a novel titled The New Voyages, which is a collection of other such short stories written by Trek fans circa 1976. So Technically, it is published fanfiction haha. 

The extra neat thing about it, though, is that each story in The New Voyages has a forward written by a Trek cast member! Mr James Doohan did the forward to this story. :) If you’re interested in this book you can find it used pretty cheap on Amazon, where I got my copy.  

And to clarify - there is some missing context to this line, but not very much…

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I agree with your post on homophobia in fic 100%. I think it ties into a broader point too, which is the problems w the argument "stop telling sad gay stories", rather than "tell more happy gay stories". Things like anti-sodomy laws and HIV/AIDS and hate crimes can be depressing, but it is our history and often our reality. We need those stories too, along with the happy stories. /apolesen

i couldn’t have put it better, you’re absolutely right.

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Regarding your Patroclus post - which Greek word are you thinking of? I've been racking my brains, but I'm away from my dictionaries and can't check. /apolesen (a curious Classicist)


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do you have any fanfics with disabled Erik? in wheelchair or limping maybe? and also cherik amnesia!fics?

Erik with a disability fics are quite rare but there’s:

In Shadow and Silence by Yahtzee [Cherik, NC-17]

Blind Erik, mute Charles, the love.

Theme and Variations by ninemoons42 [Cherik, NC-17]

Erik Lehnsherr is a musical prodigy and a man destined for great things and great stages. But his life is shattered by a terrible accident that leaves him blind and trying to find his way back to his life, his music, and his place in the world.

Sound of Silence by zimothy [Cherik, PG-17 but with a NSFW gif]

Sometimes it frightens Erik how much he loves Charles, but then he remembers how much Charles loves him, and it scares him a little less each time. [Deaf!Erik]

There are a LOT of amnesia fics though, so this selection doesn’t even pretend to be complete:

This is the First Day of my Life by waketosleep [PG-13, canon-compliant]

Life for Charles has become very confusing, but it continues nevertheless.

The First Enactment by CrayonsurPapier [Cherik, PG-13]

Erik awakes from a intensive surgery that leaves him with only his name and his mother’s face. Through the help of the young Dr. Xavier Erik begins the process of regaining his lost memories. As the days pass perhaps Erik is gaining back more than just his memories?

Snow in July by apolesen [Cherik, PG]

With no recollection of why he has ordered the Brotherhood to go deep into Russia during the winter months, Magneto is considered insane by his followers, but the unexplained presence of Charles Xavier leads Erik to think that there is something more than madness to his amnesia and to the haunting but impossible memory of a kiss in the snow…

Forgive Us Our Transgressions by PoorMedea [Cherik, R]

When Magneto comes down with a terrible illness, the Brotherhood turns to the only mutant they know who can help—Hank McCoy.   Unfortunately, this leaves Magneto at the doorstep of Charles Xavier: former friend, former lover, current adversary. When Charles discovers that the illness has left Erik with no memories of what came before, he is left with a choice:  To return Magneto to the Brotherhood, or to keep Erik for himself.

Lost and Then Found by gerec [Cherik, Charles/Steve Rogers, Mature]

Erik Lehnsherr is a detective in the NYPD, happily married for four years to Charles Xavier, Professor of Genetics at Columbia University. At least that’s what he thinks when he wakes up in a hospital bed, arm broken and head swathed in bandages, his mother Edie holding his hand. A lot of things happened that he doesn’t remember…the most important being the fact that he’s no longer married to Charles.

Another Day to Discard by glanmire [Cherik, NC-17]

Charles is truly and utterly happy. Hank the Scientist - who is perfect in all ways - is his boyfriend, and he has his radio show. It’s all he ever wanted. He’s happy. So very, very happy. Definitely happy.

Mod note: I’m not sure if this exactly fits but it’s a very interesting take on a Welcome To Nightvale crossover/AU and I love the idea.

Take me back to yesterday by Anon [Cherik, PG-13, abandoned WIP]

Erik gets amnesia and Raven brings him back to Charles where they realize for Erik, their divorce never happened.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could rec any prime kirk and spock being reunited in aos universe? Love the blog, keep up the good work! :)

YEEEEEEES WE COULD! I made “primes fix it” tag for these!

Universal Constants by SpirkTrekker42

Kirk Prime is trapped in the Nexus. The ever meddling Q gives him a second chance at love with Spock Prime. The only problem is he’s dropped off in the nuTrek universe. The younger versions of Kirk and Spock must help their older counterparts find each other before Spock Prime dies alone in the throes of pon farr.

The Preserver by bigmamag

Spock is killed on an away mission. The burial is postponed when the Enterprise must respond to an emergency in deep space with a captain who is slowly descending into madness. Meanwhile, Spock Prime improbably reunites with Kirk Prime, but now they must struggle to survive in a dimension where nightmares are real and a powerful being wants them in her collection.

“What a childish, arrogant punk this Spock was. It may have been Kirk’s imagination, but this Spock’s smirk was a touch more sarcastic and threatening, and it made Kirk want to wipe the stupid thing off his face.”

Warnings for torture. THIS IS SO GOOD.

Falling Objects by museaway

The Nexus releases Kirk in the year 2254, but he soon realizes that this isn’t his universe. Too many things are different, so many details are wrong. He prepares to face the future alone—until he’s reunited with an old friend.

The Ties that Bind by Della19

A year and a half into the Enterprise’s five year mission Jim finds himself held hostage on a voilent planet.  Not that there’s anything new about that, but after he is rescued by the most impossible of saviours his entire world, and especially his relationship with his endearingly stubborn first officer will begin to change in ways that he could hardly have ever imagined.

Every Universe by notboldly (notboldly50295)

When Jim found out there was a tear in the universe, he did the only logical thing: attempted to drag that other Captain Kirk through it.

Start Infinity Again by Rynne

Kirk survives Generations and reunites with Spock. He finds adapting to life nearly eighty years in the future is hard enough, but then a star about to go supernova threatens Romulus, and Kirk and Spock have to deal with Captain Nero and the strange new universe they follow him into.

A Conversation With Q by Vulcan Lover

Q rescues Kirk Prime, and reunites him and Spock Prime.

Hearts and Minds by lah_mrh

When the Enterprise encounters a ship caught in the Nexus, their rescue attempt beams aboard someone unexpected; Kirk Prime. Kirk and Spock are forced to confront what their counterparts’ relationship might mean for their own.

A Distant Horizon by The Poultry Alchemist

Four men. Two realities. One love. A sequel to Not Even the Stars.

Discovery by allbutwon

Who knows James T. Kirk better than James T. Kirk? some Jim/Jim!Prime

Maybe Once, Maybe Twice by Regan

While on medical leave after his miraculous recovery, Jim is plagued with dreams — dreams of another James T. Kirk, the one from the same alternate reality that the other Spock hails from. At first, Jim’s dreams are dismissed as a psychological symptom of his latest trauma, but when he starts talking about a place called the Nexus, the answer no longer seems so cut-and-dried. But disturbing dreams aren’t the only thing Jim’s struggling with — there’s Starfleet’s concern over his mental stability, the repairs of his beloved ship and the little matter of the fact that his First Officer seems to be intent on ignoring him.

“If he’s there, I’ve got to figure out a way to get him out.”

WIP.  The Spock Prime makes me cry ;___;

Across the Sand (To Find this Peace) by whislcey (estranqer)

Unknown to the why’s or the how’s, Prime!Jim has survived and is found in the alternate time line. In his disbelief, he readily thinks himself in a heaven of unintended creation. No one can recognize him though. No one can name him. When he finds this Spock and this odd version of Jim avidly reject their affections for each other, he’s believes it is his penance and accepts the debilitating hell he really thinks this is.

Prime!Spock felt the bond flare to life for the first time in decades. It’s only about working a way to physically get to him, but when the bond quavers like a plucked guitar string, it’s a race to get to him in more ways than one.

WIP. New fic yeaaah, the first chapter was posted on April 3rd and it seems so promising!

I just love Primes being united so I will put these up where they get united in generations, not aos. Unfamiliar Familiarity by Medie

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Kind of embarrassingly true where James T. Kirk is concerned.

Currents of Time by apolesen

As time passes, society changes. The world Captain Kirk finds himself in when he emerges from the Nexus is not the one he left.

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Hi, I was wandering if you could recommend me some Cherik that is about them and the rest of the gang starting the school, about the kids they get, and about being parents/teachers to them. It can be fluff, it can be angsty, it can be AU, Mpreg. I've already read "Your Baby is My Supermagnet (My Baby is Your Drug)" by Unforgotten and "Unfinished Business" by pockslash, so something like that(?) Thanks a lot!

Hello Anon! I hope some of these tickle your fancy! Here are the aforementioned fics: Your Baby is My Supermagnet (My Baby is Your Drug) by Unforgotten and Unfinished Business by pocky_slash, both of which are fantastic!

For I Mean to Conquer Troy by twelve_pastels [M, Cherik, Azazel/Raven, Hank/Alex, Set one year post movie, Charles overloads himself in Cerebro, and his mind goes walkabout. Erik temporarily takes over the school in his absence.]  

Mod Note: I adore how it is Erik-centric and there are so many bits that make you laugh and make you cry and everything in between. If you haven’t read this Big Bang, then I highly recommend it!

Synthesis (Scenes from an AU) by starlady [M, Cherik, Synthesis is a dynamic process. Or, scenes from the AU where Charles and Erik have sex, get married, become best friends, and run the school together.]

Mod Note: Why did this happen in the movie again?

Let Freedom Ring by apolesen [NC-17, Cherik, Erik/Raven, Hank/Raven, Raven/Angel, Two arrivals to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters coincide - Jason Stryker, a child branded a freak because of his psychic powers, and Erik Lehnsherr, wanted terrorist and old friend of the professor. Jason is there as his father wants him cured - Erik claims that he has gone rogue from his own renegades. As tensions rise between mutants and humans, as well as between the suddenly reunited friends, who can truly be trusted?]

Mod Note: This one is hauntingly beautiful and deals with transphobia. It is written beautifully with period appropriate homophobia with a punch in the gut ending. But that shouldn’t deter you from reading this amazing work!