apoken word

The one track mind

You never hear what i am saying!

My words spread across your sound proof glass

Wiped away by narrow minded window blades

Leaving smears of my soul to pass

But retreat, i shall not give you this glory

Regrouping while your nouns and verbs attack

Skimming my pre-planned sentences

As if you knew they would resume

In the struggle to fight back. Pause

Some time has passed now

Time that delivers acceptance of the struggle for one’s self

My words fall not on deaf ears, but fall to the way-side of your predetermined plans

It’s a sour taste in my mouth when words of such meaning to me

Mean such irritation to you.

But I accept, you choose

And accept now that I choose to save my souls treasure map

For those who seek a better breath around my smile

And I will listen now, always

Though your breathing is choppy like the Haleiwa waves with on shore winds

I will surf none the less,

This is just another variable

And in realization I am blessed