Difficult Choices || Ariella and Mirelly

Once my feet touched the hard cement ground, I gripped my bow in my hands again. I may have gotten away from the bloodbath but it only gets harder from here on out.The building must have been tall, the gusts of wind were enough to blow my hair out of my face and sting my eyes a bit. Before I could make it to the edge of the building to find a way down I saw someone in my way.

With my bow pointed at her heart I simply asked, “Who are you.” I wasn’t ready to kill anyone… not yet.

Change Of Plans || Dia & Anton || Arena Day 3

The fire had died down, and I was snuggled up in a sheet with Anton.  I woke before him, but I did not get up.  I just laid there next to him, and let him sleep.  All of a sudden, I smelt smoke, and a lot of it.  I sat up.  Smoke was pouring in through the windows.  The fire Anton had started was spreading, and so was the smoke.  I started to gather our things into Anton’s pack.  I grabbed my whip and shook Anton awake, handing him his axe.

“Wake up!  We have to go.”  I said, coughing.  I was sore, and my abdomen still hurt, but I tried not to think about it.  

Just One Drop || Chiven

I ran. I grabbed. I killed. My mother,brother,friend,Ames,and now Keira. Though the only person I have fully killed was Keira. It was the Capitol who basically killed my mom. My reaping that killed my brother. Me distracting my brother which killed our friend. Ames’ stupidity and me prying his hands off of me killed him. Now I slit a girls throat. The only blood that has actually been on my hands was my own,that trainers,and now Keiras. The Capitol did not turn me into a killer. I was always one at heart.

As I ran away from the bloodbath I felt a rush of relief. Chirre was at my side. I guess it wasn’t our time to part yet. We kept running until we reached the fountain. I looked Chirre over. Okay. He’s okay. He’s fine. He’s here.

“Chirre…oh thank god.”

My Chirre…I pretty much tackled him. I couldn’t explain how happy I was to see him alive.

Little Talks || Andi || Arena Day 4

We walked hand in hand, thankful to be above ground once again.  Anton kicked open a door to a building, clearly marked with the number 5.  We went inside to make shelter for the night.  Anton took off his pack, and I took out what food we had left.  I opened our second can of stew, and took a gulp of water.  I had never been so thirsty in my life, and I was so thankful for a sip.  I passed the canteen to Anton.  Suddenly, I heard music, and I looked out a broken window to see the Fallen being played in the sky.  

“There are only six of us left.”  I said, coming back over to our camp and sitting down.


The Final Fallen

4th: Kineos Yager - by Fox Delarue

3rd: Sutter Galbraith - by Delilah Lalonde

2nd: Delilah Lalonde -by Fox Delarue

With that we say goodbye to three tributes who put up an amazing fight for the finale. We thank each and every one of you for putting all of your hard work into making three tributes that we loved to read. We hope to see you in APOG19 and perhaps as a victor?