Apoema loved serving in Potira tribe. He was as closer to a free man as he could ever be.

Back in the Puris, he was constantly repairing, carrying weights and being nagged by the amazons into their bedrooms. Of course, he loved the attention…but a little romance would not hurt.

He had not expected much when they arrived to the plot of land. Surprisingly, it was a breathtaking view.

They lived in bliss there. Nobody could break into the territory without being seen. The tasks were few and he would have spare time to read, paint and make furniture.

Lately he noticed his body starting to ache. Apoema knew that soon he would be not as useful as he had been. Once the time arrived, he would be passing down his knowledge to the next master slave and retire.


Iaciara did not like when Apoema sat with them at the table.

Ceci worried about her daugthers. She wanted them to be compassionate. Iaciara should not be so averse to sharing the table with their master slave.

“He is such a nice person.” - she thought. “I wonder where we will find a good replacement once he is gone.”- she could not deny that age was approaching for him. As an elder, he would no longer be as fast in his tasks.

Maybe she should start looking around for another slave to help him.