Ten (More) Boys I've Kissed
  1. He said my combat boots were sexy. Too bad his tattoos made him look stupid.
  2. We met at a Rascal Flatts concert and decided that our dark corner was more entertaining than the band.
  3. We were both so terrified and alone and desperate for an anchor that we decided it was better to drown together than figure out how to float on our own. But then he jumped ship and I finally learned how to swim.
  4. He gave me a panic attack.
  5. We were high so somehow it made complete sense for us to kiss even though he likes boys and I was still drowning.
  6. He let me trade a kiss for a beer while his girlfriend watched.
  7. I used him to make someone else jealous (it worked). 
  8. He asked me to leave the bar to go with him to his hotel room but I had a test at 8:15 the next day so instead I finished my drink and went home on the lap of someone I had no business sitting on top of. 
  9. We drank tequila and talked about philosophy while he tried to teach me how to salsa.
  10. He burst into my room at 1am to ask me on a date, climbed into bed with me, and made me laugh so much that I didn’t care that he had woken me up. I wonder if we’ll ever go on that date.