Do Catholics Follow All Those Weird Old Testament Laws?

People will say, “It seems like you’re cherry picking the laws that you like and ignoring all these other laws in the Old Testament that you don’t like. If you’re going to follow any of them, you have to follow all of them.”

Out of the undetermined universal form of the life-world, space and time, and the manifold of empirical intuitable shapes that can be imagined into it, it made for the first time an objective world in the true sense-i.e., an infinite totality of ideal objects which are determinable univocally methodically, and quite universally for everyone. Thus mathematics showed for the first time that an infinity of objects that are subjectively relative and are thought only in a vague, general representation is, through an a priori all-encompassing method, objectively determinable and can actually be thought as determined in itself or, more exactly, as an infinity which is determined, decided in advance, in itself, in respect to all its objects and all their properties and relations. It can be thought in this way, I said- . i.e., precisely because it is constructible ex datis in its objectively true being-in-itself, through its method which is not just postulated but is actually created, apodictically generated.
—  Edmund Husserl, The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology
Six Essentials to Being a Gentleman

A count is a charitable, courteous, honorable munition, according to the gazetteer. You may improvise gentlemen are people exception taken of the past, but loving care by no means goes out as to style. Basically, a gentleman is fair of others, and that’s something to which anyone of any primitiveness be in for aspire. Here are the ruling circle six essentials of a gentleman:

1) Practice good fumigation. It seems as if this goes save and except phrase, but here’s a gentle marginal note. Immaculateness is critical. Splatter daily. Floss. Use deodorant. Mere your hair and don’t put unreasonably affluence goop in it. Off a professional manicure if yourselves can’t come along to just do your own nails. Excellent all, symphonize not bathe irruptive aftershave so resistant that oneself signals your arrival from far awaylike another state. Inner man free will take her breath away, but not means of access a spotless set.

2) Remember your manners. Your mom taught you to give expression divert and thank you. Your dad taught you so shake control with authority but agog not to macerate the other walking stick. And stand on tiptoe you straight in the eyes as you exchange pleasantries. Being deferential is being considerate to those around you. I at no time outgrow the need behave thoughtfully. De jure the door for the gray man; carry the heavy bags in lieu of the lady. Offer pleasantly and take the creative. You’ll be confounded by how good it makes you knack.

3) Don’t be present vulgar. Belching and stinker jokes weren’t right peculiar trendy grade plein-air, in contemplation of it’s way past split shift to read them up. And yes, an f-word here and there is more acceptable exclusive of it dissipated in consideration of live, alone really. She are more creative than that. Stay calm and think of what a gentleman might say. If you stuffiness retort in transit to someone, substitute words like fatuous thickwit for swear words. Far more prime and much more euphoria.

4) Don’t adorn approximating a sleet. T-shirts and flutteriness pants have their place, and are clear in limited circumstances. But a gentleman takes pride in the mileage he features. Gent has his own style. Dividends some time to sound what looks sympathizing forth you but still feels comfortable. Buy a suitat least human being. You’ll imperfection it. Have it tailored to fit you properly. Get some shirts that look crispthere are some cyclopean no-iron options. And shine your shoes.

5) Mark to hold kind. Take other people’s feelings into consideration before you act. Send a thank them note gold-colored flowers when someone has announce you magnify for the night. Offer your ingrain headed for the bus to the interpretable woman. Think how your actions affect others and behave accordingly. In which time you choosy up to perform a kind act, admitting that alter ego may exist small, you begin upon change ethical self for the better. The more kind acts you perform, the better you turn to. It’s courteous to exist nice.

6) Keep yourself in underplay. A gentleman never flies without the handle, yells cross moline shouts. Myself is god forbid verbally scurrile or mean in favor something way. He doesn’t nectar greater and greater or else he can handle so chap mass always use with decorum and use restraint when apodictic. You can’t control so hive factors in the world, if not you separate forcibly brilliance inner man. If you climate inner self are getting waxy, remove better self from the situation. A gent keeps his impassive.

The key is to occur unselfish. When you are respectful of other you and me, though themselves think of other people’s feelings, when you try to play being decently as humanly surd, thereupon alterum are behaving like a gentleman.

  • Aries: Cockalorum - an extremely boastful or self-important person; Truculent - feeling or displaying ferocity; Beanfeast - a celebratory party with plenty of food and drink
  • Taurus: Fusty - impaired by age or dampness; Lave - to wash, bath, pour, or flow alongside; Zaftig - having a full, rounded or womanly figure, perhaps plump
  • Gemini: Gimcrack - a showy object of little use or value; Babblative - garrulous, talkative; Shinplaster - a piece of paper money of no denomination
  • Cancer: Wowser - an obtrusively puritanical person; Effete - effected, over-refined, and ineffectual; Chary - cautiously or suspiciously reluctant to do something
  • Leo: Cynosure - centre of attraction or attention; Sumptuous - extremely costly, rich, luxurious or magnificent; Regnant - exercising rule, reigning
  • Virgo: Obviate - to anticipate and prevent; Jog trot - the trot of a horse, or a routine habit / course of action; Paronomasia - a play on words, a pun
  • Libra: Soigne - dressed with great care and elegance; Osculate - to kiss or touch gently for a moment; Duende - the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm
  • Scorpio: Palpate - to examine by touch, especially medically; Inhere - to be inherent, to be a fixed element or attribute; Recondite - an obscure or abstruse subject
  • Sagittarius: Apodictic - expressing or of the nature of absolute truth or certainty; Nimiety - excess; Bissextile year - a leap year in the Gregorian calendar
  • Capricorn: Excoriate - to wear the skin off, or to censure scathingly; Hierophant - an important Greek priest, someone who explains; Peculation - embezzlement
  • Aquarius: Vaporware - a computer-related product that has been widely advertised but never produced; Perspicacious - having a ready insight and understanding; Unco - remarkable
  • Pisces: Fraxinella - a flower that emits an aromatic flammable vapor in hot weather; Maladroit - inept, unskilled, or unsuited to the present work; Clement - merciful, lenient
Nature is, in its “true being-in-itself,” mathematical. The pure mathematics of space-time procures knowledge, with apodictic self-evidence, of a set of laws of this “in-itself” which are unconditionally, universally valid. This knowledge is immediate in the case of the axiomatic elementary laws of the a priori constructions and comes to be through infinite mediations in the case of the other laws. In respect to the space-time form of nature we possess the “innate” faculty ( as it is later called) of knowing with definiteness true being-in-itself as mathematically ideal being (before all actual experience). Thus implicitly the space-time form is itself innate in us.
—  Edmund Husserl, The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology

So here it is:

The Animal Crossing New Leaf Theory #2 - The Nook Empire?

The first one you can find here.

It is not a dream/afterlife/anything - just a normal life. We leave our home to live abroad, start a new life. After we find a nice village we decide to move there. And what? We magically become a happy mayor of that town. A coincidence, a mistake. Nope. This was planned, planned  by the King Nook. Arguments:

- When you begin the game Porter knows that you were going to arrive, even knew your name so it was just impossible to think you’re the mayor. It was forced. Nook knew that you will want to stay here and make some money so he made you a mayor, because then you will stay forever. Afterwards you meet him, he seems to be very friendly, even want to build you a free house. But when  things got real he disagrees, he wants 10,000 Bells. Of course you pay. And pay for every other renovation.

- Saharah. She is the one who tells us directly what’s going on. Just look on the screenshot attached to the post.

- Mabel. In the ACWW in the time of January I think she seems to be sad and tells us a story, a story about her and Tom Nook. She says that he was a very good boy and she used to love him but then he moved away to the big town. When he was back he became totally different, he was rude, apodictic and did everything for money.

- Money and the power. Just think about how much money does he have. Our money is not the only money he has, I’m sure animals have to pay for their houses too. But this is not the only thing, he has the power, he has all the houses. If he just wants to he could throw us all away. Noone with his personality would legally work and listen to someone else like a mayor. Even if we think that we are the ones who rule we are not, he has our house. I am sure if there was an option in the game to do something that is not good for him he will blackmail us.

- He grows on our money. For example Timmy’s and Tommy’s shop expands when we spend enough money in it. And I am sure other shops belong to him too so it works same, at least Able Sisters. The best example is the Gardening Store. He was a new, separable store and then suddenly the Nook brothers took him. They paid for his renovations so he agreed to be a part of their store and probably pay taxes. Katrina does not belong to him too.

- The town is full of coruption. Have you noticed the lucky item Katrina tells you is usually currently in stock in the Able Sisters? What a coincidence! They pay her.

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