After the Fall kit update. Little bits of junk slowly coming together. So much weathering to do. I’ve got a bunch of stuff/belts/junk in my car I can’t be bothered getting right now. Why did I take this project on only three weeks out from the event while I’m in the middle of my busiest time at Uni? Because larp lyf I guess. And because I love it. 

 Side note: Rivett guns are fun.

So pre-war people would have been a lot taller then the present day post-apoc folk right? I’m not taking the characters models as gospel since Bethesda wasn’t exactly branching out with body types. But it makes sense, lack of good nutrition plus radiation isn’t going to do wonders for the next generation. Animals tend to become smaller when resources are fewer, (the whole dinosaurs becoming birds over time thing)

  • I actually really love this headcanon because it means-
  • The enclave are basically the racist elves of Fallout.
  • power armour would be designed for much taller body types, explaining why the player character always seems to be better at using them then enemy types, and why there are exo-skeletons stripped and abandoned everywhere. (The BoS make their own and modify existing armour to fit them)
  • Active Vaults are the hidden elf villages of post-apoc America. Full of these freakishly tall clear skinned assholes.
  • Pre-war Ghouls become a lot more intimidating when most of them look like giants standing next to you.
  • No seriously the reason Edward Deegan can get into Diamond City is probably because he looks like he could clothes-line every city guard without slowing down.
  • Holy shit the feral Ghouls just got pants-shittingly more terrifying!
  • Supports the Tiny Hancock headcanon. Forever support the Tiny Hancock headcanon.
  • Nick is probably the pre-war average 6′0 like other gen 2s. He just seems really tall next to your average jane and joe commonwealth.

A commission I just finished ^__^

It’s radiation themed gauntlets for someone playing a “Darwinist” character in Dystopia Rising.
They are basically a crazy variation of my bruiser gauntlets with extensive lighting, instead of the punchy bits.

The blue light at the wrist is for in-game supernatural skills like healing hands. Originally it was supposed to be green as well, but with EIGHTEEN green lights, one more green LED really wouldn’t have stuck out enough.

I’m surprised how anyone could stand next to these in-game and not melt into a puddle of radioactive sludge x3


8C No seriously Arlen Glass just, he’s too good for this world. Why do all the sweet loving characters have such horrible backstories? Why are these character always Ghouls?! Well okay the answer is they’re all survivors of the nuclear holocaust so it comes with the territory, BUT STILL. I was gonna make his little work shop all pretty for him, but when I went back to the Slog he was gone. Probably out there being the Post-apoc Santa of the wasteland. ;-;

an example of intersectional acephobia if ever there was one...

“…seriously??” i thought to myself upon getting this notification via the YouTube app, in my email inbox and then on the YouTube homepage. i was just going to ignore it and move on, but after seeing the same notification for a third time i decided to look further…

…i was prepared for things to get worse, but not this worse. the above is only a sample of the bullshit that can be found on this guy’s YouTube channel. dare i even subject myself to watching any of the videos, let alone the video in question?

as always, curiosity killed the cat…

……..so this guy was pointed in my direction by someone who has obviously watched several of my videos (ie. by someone who cannot not know that i am non-binary) but who is still misgendering me and who for some reason felt the need to disclose personal information about me, my mental health and my family to this acephobic misogynoiristic piece of shit asshat of all people??? as a means of combatting this asshat’s bullshit??? not to mention all of the other problematic things that were said.

i just… i can’t even. i can’t touch this right now. i will explode. it will be messy. it will be ugly.

seriously, do not touch this guy’s YouTube channel. i’m not linking it here for a reason. spare yourself the pain. i just need to vent somewhere. ugh.