Apocryphos: Slayer or Saviour?

After Leverrier he’s the #1 most hated character in DGM. A strange double standard: it is certain that Neah would erase Allen’s existence, yet people like him. In Apocryhpos’s case we aren’t even sure what he exactly intends to do with Allen, since there are mixed signs.

First he promises that Allen won’t be executed, then that he’d heal Allen, because the Heart is worried about him.

But as one can imagine, being touched by an Innocence when you’re turning into a Noah it hurts like hell. But still, the Cardinal didn’t kill him on spot despite him showing the signs of transforming. (On that thought, it’s pretty suspicious to me, that he starts turning when he thinks about trying to become allies with the 14th). He looks at Allen fondly and even compliments him.

One, as in he forces Allen to synchronize with him - just like Kanda later confirmed. But then arises the problem, that he is the one behind Cross Marian’s doubtful murder. The “healing” itself works,since the gray colour retreats.

And then Allen attacks him. And here comes the contradiction:

In another, maybe more fitting translation for this scenario:

Japanese is a beautiful language, but it’s hard to translate. But it’s most likely the second option:

So maybe that’s the fan’s problem that he wants to trap Neah-pon. Still, I think he really would like to help Allen, it’s just Allen can’t accept the fact that he killed(?) Cross and is most likely concenred that Apo-ko would use his firends to achieve his goal.

Another hint may be the 24th volume’s omake: Hoshino described him as an immature Innocence-stalker who’s obsessed with Allen. Actual canon: “You always do everything together with MY Allen. Meals with Allen. Baths with Allen. Snacks with Allen. Playing with Allen. Every day without exception, that flashy, gaudy golden body polishes itself against Allen. With Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen with Allen…”

I’m not kidding, this was seriously in the 24th volume. He’s jealous of Timcampy for being with Allen.  But the reason he destroyed Tim, was becauseTim isan ally of the 14th. And Apo hates the 14th, because he’s a Noah and wants to erode Allen.  There’s also a picture where Apo is stalking Allen who’s drinking tea.

So, in the end, I think he’s really just trying to help, its just Allen doesn’t want to accept help from someone who “killed”  Cross, Link and then TImcampy.

Ok but what if Apocryphos came after Past!Allen after he took Neah’s memories and tried to erase them using his powers but instead erased everything else because ‘Neah’ hadn’t awakened yet? 

What if he erased an entire bookman-memory and thus caused such a trauma on Allen’s mind that he could no longer be an apprentice ever?

Could this explain why he always manages to get lost?

you: poker pair is toxic

me, an intellectual who cares deeply about the mental and physical safety of both these boys: tyki and allen’s canon interactions deeply revolve around the respect they have for one another. a lot of what we see of tyki’s character growth is directly linked to allen, and tyki’s attitude towards him growing from contempt to respect. respect steeped in ‘antagonism’, true - they are on opposing sides of a war, and an aspect of tyki’s conflict is that he is deeply loyal to his family, regardless of his own thoughts, feelings or opinions - but respect nonetheless. tyki’s contempt–

turned to intrigue–

turned to competitiveness–

turned to something deeper and more genuine. he’s since expressed concern for allen, and conflict (and confusion) regarding his own actions and his part in the war. 

allen, on the other hand, is less beholden to cursory interest. He is suspicious (rightly so) and cautious of tyki - cautious because, though he did beat him once, allen knows he awakened stronger powers in tyki. Powers that he was unable to defeat. Not to mention his pervasive disgust for what he (and the audience, at this point) understands the noah to be.

Allen doesn’t know if, should it come down to it, he could beat tyki. Respect, again, if somewhat less fond or personal than what tyki has for him. 

but tyki has yet to let it come down to that. once since the battle of the ark - once - has he struck allen. Under orders to bring him back to the ark with the noah. beyond supervision of the earl (of everyone but road, for that matter, who we know also has a fondness for allen, and who also knows tyki has a fondness for him) 

tyki’s only inclination to violence towards allen was under the influence of joyd and the panic of being pursued by apocryphos. again, this only happened once. Allen isn’t on the same page as tyki at this point - still deeply considers him an enemy and believes tyki only feels the same towards him. 

He has no idea that tyki’s been burning with conflict and questions since the ark. The complete 180 of tyki’s attitude leaves him confused, and probably just as suspicious. 

And yet, tyki not only lets him go without a scratch (after saving his life about twice), but leaves him with something to actually think about. gives allen words that he might use to better himself, and improve his chances of surviving. 

he’s harsh, but not out of spite. not really. anger, maybe, or frustration. that allen can continue to walk this line of willful ignorance and claim to know better. their situational context doesn’t exactly call for a moment of gentle letdown, either.

He’s not helping neah in this moment, and he’s not telling allen to destroy the innocence. tyki speaks to allen, for allen. because he gets it. he gets it. however long it’s been since tyki awoke as a noah, he’s been keeping his pride and humanity above joyd. more than anyone, he gets it. 

He likes allen - the person he is, the human - and he doesn’t want him to be lost. To neah, to the innocence, to apocryphos, or to the war. 

Allen’s 6th Sense

This has been bothering me for a while. Ever since Allen “died“, he showed signs of possessing this ability, yet I didn’t see anyone pay greater attention to it. It happened first, when he entered his kinda creepy subconscious.

Somehow he sees Lenalee’s nightmare. And then when he’s suffering from the curse, somehow he telepathically hears her calls.

In the Noah’s Ark arc, his voice reaches inside Road’s dream and leads Lavi out of that nightmare world like a beacon.

(Mini Lavi is goddamn adorable.)

Then in the fandom’s least liked arc, that one with the ghost, he sees Krory and the ghost girl.

He then, wakes up when Cross is “murdered“.

And then he sees a flashback of little Kanda, but it kinda eggs me. It can’t be Marie’s memory, since he was already blind that time. And then finally this:

Allen recognises the presence of an Innocence. So counting all these hints, also Apo’s declaration: “There is no being more unevenly and deeply connected to Innocence as you.“

And then he sees into Apocryphos, to find out he was the one who “killed“ Cross.

Allen experienced all these visions/hallucinations from people who are Accommodators (or in Apo’s case himself). So Innocence is a condition. Also, seeing Allen’s, Lenalee’s, Krory’s and Kanda’s Innocence act abnormal (result of pushing past their limits), we can assume that Innocence is fully or partially sentinent, intelligent.

So, I came to the conclusion, that Allen can see into the Innocence and its memories. Maybe this is the reason why the Heart and Apocryphos want Allen so much.