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so i've been following your blog for quite some time now,i consider you to be a Mars expert,so i wanted to ask you,what does Find the Argus Apocraphex mean?i've seen it on videos and also the booklets of their albums...

Lol, thank you! :P And thanks for following me, as well! :)

Well, firstly i’m not sure if i have watched or heard it myself, but i have seen people saying something like this around the web:
“Jared and Shannon said that the Argus Apocraphex is an old book, a manuscript, and that if you read it, you feel your connection to the nature of things and the nature itself. They added that they heard about it while reading a thesis online from a professor of Harvard. And that it was something very clear and simple.”

Now let me say what “Argus” and “Apocraphex” may literally mean:
- “Argus” = It’s the Latinized form of the ancient Greek word/name ‘Argos’. Now in Greek mythology there were a couple of people with this name but the one that may could be kinda related to all of these would probably be Argus Panoptes (or Argos), a 100-eyed giant that was a watchful guardian. He had so many eyes that only a few of them would sleep at a time. So there were always eyes still awake to see, watch, observe.
- “Apocraphex” = It comes from the Greek ‘apokryphos’, which means hidden, secret, mystic.

If we now put these two together, we’ll come up with something like this: “the hidden guardian with 100 eyes”/ “the hidden alert”/ “the hidden watcher” etc.

So, if we take all these metaphorically now, the phrase “Find the Argus Apocraphex” made by Jared, will probably mean something like:
Find the hidden watcher in you, your inner eye, and never stop searching, observing, understanding, protecting, imagining, creating, feeling alive. Find your true self and you will, also, be able to understand the nature of things and then the universe at large.

So, hope i helped you! :) xo

Find the Argus Apocraphex

I’ve spent the last couple of hours really thinking about this, I do it from time to time, look some stuff up and see what people are saying about it. Alot say it means ‘Find the Hidden Giant’. A lot of others say that Apocraphex can also be translated to 'Away from Light’… Then a question mark appears over their heads and they get stumped.

So I thought about these words that come up over and over again. Giant. Hidden. Away from light. Giant. Hidden. Away from light. Giant. Hidden. Away from light.

Now I could be wrong here but this is what I think. MARS are always telling us to push ourselves. Touch the sky, live our dreams, believe in ourselves. Would it really be that 'out there’ for them to be telling us to 'Find our Inner Giants’?

Find that strong and powerful being that is hidden inside of us all. That thing they’re always telling us to be.

You might not agree. But that’s answer enough for me :)

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