apocalyptic shame

snarkytoon  asked:

Omg you're so right, sorry that was wayyy too general vague... I didnt realize how much that would actually be whoops, What about Each of the burners/Chuck relationships?

Okay!  Well I am Real Tired so this is going to meander and ramble kinda but I WILL DO MY BEST.  Apologies in advance, you didn’t give a specific question RE: the couples in question so I’m just gonna………talk……

Let’s start with the obvious one.

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Okay…the spoiler sources say that Carol looked a bit ‘disheveled’ and appeared to have had a ‘rough time’ recently…
The pictures show what looks like to be mild bruising and dirt-like scuffs on her neck…
I say it was CARYL SEX INJURIES after a ‘ROUGH’ NIGHT - and this is some bizzaro apocalyptic 'walk of shame’ version the next morning?!

Daryl has dirt on him all the time - he just shared some of his dirt with her when they snuggled…after the ROUGH NIGHT part!

I feel better now 😳❤️