apocalyptic procession


Apocalyptic Procession from The Divine Comedy &  Orlando Furioso by   Matteo Maria Boiardo illustrated by Gustave Doré 1879

Apocalyptic Procession by Gustave Doré 

The passages of the Bible are represented as figures, twenty-four old men represent the Old Testament; followed by an empty chariot, which represents the church, drawn by a griffin, traditionally taken as a representation of Christ. 

The empty chariot is symbolised by the empty juggernaut, the griffin represented by Shaw who has her ID tag discovered in the juggernaught/ in the book they discover her Cross and journal.

The chariot surrounded by seven female figures representing four cardinal virtues and the three theological virtues, as well as by four figures who represent the four evangelists. 

In the city you can see 4 statues situated around the open hangar containing the other juggernauts.

Following behind are the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles of Paul, and the minor Epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude. Trailing behind is:

“a lone old man, his features keen, advanced, as if in sleep” (Purg. 29.143-44). 

This is the author of the Apocalypse,  John. He is in a visionary trance, “asleep”, yet keenly sighted.

I believe John is paralleled to Captain Jacob Branson who ironically says he is “Burning Up” before he dies in his hypersleep chamber.

Orlando Furioso by Gustave Doré 1879

The poem is a continuation of Matteo Maria Boiardo’s Orlando Innamorato. Describing the journey of Charlemagne,  the Franks and Orlando as they battle  the Saracens.  Ariosto composed the poem introducing narrative commentary and coining the term “humanism.” Focusing on the strengths and potential of humanity, rather than only upon its role as subordinate to God. Leading to Renaissance humanism.

I believe this strongly represents the underlying themes of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Focus on humanity and strength of the characters in the face of God(Faith) and Satan(Everything that goes wrong) and Nothingness(Atheism) in the future.

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Checking my work with concentric circles.  I nailed it on the MacMurray wheel, but the rest have required some minor warping to get them to fit.  In all likelihood, these won’t be the final textures, but I wanted to make sure everything was centered and circular so they can provide a good starting point.  

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New speed painting up on my YouTube  of a custom adopt I’ve been working on for sirwendigo ( check out his art it’s amazing <3)


Working on the Beverly Holes virtual set.  This is the back half of the “skeleton in a chair” shot.  We go through the door and out into the streets of what was once Beverly Hills.  The final shot will be about a minute long, and includes a third piece I can’t shoot until I get the cockroach puppet.

As a general rule, I’m not a fan of flying cameras.  But since this shot is bringing you into the world and introducing you to one of our main characters, I wanted to do something special.  And maddeningly complex.  Because I’m dumb like dat.  

I couldn’t figure out a good way to get the shot I wanted with practical effects.  The camera has to cover too much distance, and in my driveway, I couldn’t get low enough to the ground to be eye-level with the hands coming up (seen here as a placeholder).  So I filmed the background buildings in my living room so I could lock down the scale, and planned to use camera tracking to weld the other elements into the scene. 

Unfortunately, the camera tracking kept slipping midway through the shot, and it looked really not okay.  I decided to scrap the live action footage but keep the live action camera move data.  So now I have a 1/32 scale hand-held “drone” camera move through a 100% virtual set.  The third picture shows a side view of the  set.  The universal axis is tilted slightly for some reason, which makes snapping pieces together less fun than it should be

The set itself is the equivalent of a Photoshop matte painting, but in 3D.  Not CG-3D, but sort of like a house made of paper cutouts.  This is a fat, fat shot with lots of pieces and lots more to come.  Fortunately for me, it’s probably the most complex effects shot in the film.  I’m sure I’ll regret saying that at some point.

It’s got a ways to go.  I’m just finishing blocking out the big shapes, and then it’s on to detail, blending everything together, and a whole bunch of hands.  


Here’s the video process of “Red Bridge”

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We are fresh-faced and sunkissed from a short little excursion. Let us start the weekend with the works of Gustave Doré. Doré, (1832-1883) was known for his expertise in printmaking; however he was equally skilled in sculpting, painting and illustrating. Here is his piece, Apocalyptic Procession from his Divine Comedy series.

Have a good weekend, everyone!