apocalyptic cinema


‘We should acknowledge the fact that the whole history of mankind is a history of a slow suicide of a living matter that by sheer accident acquired an ability to think but that did not know what to do with this fateful ability. It could not find any better use for this ability than invention of the most effective ways of global suicide. Full stop.’

speakingparts’ RECAP

Pisma Myortvogo Cheloveka
1986 Konstantin Lopushansky


Mad Max: Fury Road

B&W - Part 2

I heard they were releasing a black and white version on the bluray as a special feature. I was curious as to what that would look like so I removed the color from these stills. Note, I did not touch the brightness and contrast levels, which I imagine they would do for the final b&w version. This is just to give an idea of what it might look like.