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Griffon Ramsey — Redemption Hunter [ Extra! ] .

Where exactly is Griffon Ramsey? Having been separated from her husband and broken from all communication due to the destruction of all systems during the war, the only clue the Hunters have would be where she had resided immediately beforehand. All assume, as a strong and willful woman, she will be able to care for herself, for her daughter who believes to remain with her. Not much information is available of her whereabouts, of her current condition in the wild of the plains up north, but Geoff and the others force themselves to remain hopeful that she is surviving.

The question remains of if the crew will ever be able to reunite with Griffon, but again, they all remain hopeful as they trek on in her direction.

Hey, fellow Survivors. It’s been a while.

I’ve been working hard on the first chapter of Redemption Hunter; it’s still iffy regarding if I will be able to release it before the end of the summer, so I appreciate your patience, as I am working on this alone. In the mean time, I hope to hold you all off with a concept teaser for within the next few acts. Can you guess what’s going on..?


Redemption Hunter Livestream Announcement!

Hey there, dudes!

Unfortunately, due to being sick and having an overwhelming amount of work to finish, I won’t be able to host a livestream tonight. I feel really bad that this keeps happening, and I know you all understand, but I still want to apologize for it!

I really hope that I’ll be able to hold another livestream before I have to deal with midterm exams, so hopefully next week? Again, I’m sorry to those that look forward to these every week! I’m going to miss you all!

Wish me luck with battling off my cold, and with battling off my schoolwork as well, haha!

See you next time,