“Do Not Draw The Corner Sun”

For some reason i got inspired by something that somebody said me when I was child; Do not draw the sun in the corner.

I tried to capture that basic concept of how kids draw - grass near the bottom, birds in the sky and sun in the corner - and make it more stylish. : D

Do Not Draw The Corner Sun is now available as T-shirts, art prints and many other products!

‘Lost in the Wasteland’
by Anja LivingDreadDoll

This picture is from 2016, forgot to upload it. 
I Made the top from innertubes. Bracelet on the left is made of an old Dutch Car Licenseplate. owww I really miss my long hair..why did I cut it off…

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Picture by: Peter van Veenendaal
Anja LivingDreadDoll
Tribe Riot

Well, that’s my happy face, because I am looking at my boyfriend Erik. Didn’t see him the entire week (we have different shifts when it comes to work). Did see him a couple of hours on a thursday and finaly did see him again that Saturday on Elfia. So I was really happy to be with him again <3