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1.Last beverage: water

2.Last phone call: my grandma asking me if I ate anything and if i needed money (no and yesalwaysthankyougrandma)

3.Last text message: from the baeee alphairishbear

4.Last song you listened to: Know It Ain’t Right by M.I.A.

5.Last time you cried: last week after clinical (I do a lot of crying because the first semester of nursing school in the summer is hell on earth no lie)


6.Dated someone twice: noooope


8.Kissed someone and regretted it: yeeeeeeeeep

9.Lost someone special: as in they died? yeah one of my fish got sucked into the filter. RIP lil neon tetra.

10.Been depressed: i might be showing signs of depression so yes? this year was a real eye opener for me so ive been trying to work through all that bullshit

11.Been drunk and threw up: only twice in my life. 10/10 would not recommend

12.THREE FAVORITE COLORS: yellow, lavender, and teal


15.Made a new friend: yep yep yep

16.Fallen out of love: nope nope nope

17.Laughed until you cried: its been a long time since ive laughed that hard but ive laughed until my belly hurt the last time i hung with my friends

18.Met someone who changed you: In the last year? nah only significant person is my boyfriend but I met him over a year ago

19.Found out who your true friends are: unfortunately yes

20.Found out someone was talking about you: nah im pretty subdued so no one has reason to talk shit or have a problem with me i guess

21.Kissed one of your followers/following: ive kissed alphairishbear probably 1 million times. still not enough


22. How many people do you know in real life that you follow/follows you on tumblr: 5 people. you guys cool

[WHERE IS 23] wat.

24.Do you have any pets: i have two chihuahuas (Coco and Pinto) and a sulcata tortoise (Thor or Thortoise) and two fishtanks full of fish (unnamed)

25.Do you want to change your name: i used to when i was little because my name meaning is hella lame (Lindsey = Lincoln’s wetlands, ew) but i got over it

26.What did you do for your last birthday?: ate creme brulee for the first time and got drunk

27.What time did you wake up today: 7:45 AM. usually its 6 AM for most of the week and also 5 AM on the day i have clinical

28.What were you doing at midnight last night: playing Animal Crossing New Leaf

29.Name something you CANNOT wait for: mines boring but FINISHING NURSING SCHOOL I WANT MY SOUL TO BE AT PEACE

30.Last time you saw your mother: like 20 minutes ago

31.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i just wanna be financially independent. i wanna move out. adopt my army of dogs and start my life. i need lots of money for that.

32.What are you listening to right now: my old chihuahua coughing up her lungs (poor thing)

33.Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: i hung out with Tom Haverford in a dream once, does that count?

35.Most visited website: tumblr because i have no life

36.Blood type: i should know this but i dont haha

37.Nickname: Chachi, Linz.

38.Relationship Status: lvl. 2 relationship with alphairishbear

39.Zodiac Sign(s): Taurus

40.Pronouns: she/her

41.Elementary/primary: i doubt you went there

42.High School: my high school was overrun with feral cats and had raccoons crawling in the ceiling. only the finest schools for Texas’ youth.

43.College: TAMUCC (i have no problem telling you this though? idk. come down here to try and get me and see how much a tiny and hella paranoid person can fuck you up bruh)

44.Hair color: black

45.Long or short: im in the middle, it used to be super long mermaid hair. its too hot in Texas for that anymore

46.Height: 5’1”. im short.

47.Do you have a crush on someone: just do it!Shia LeBouf. motivate the fuck outta me honey

48.What do you like about yourself: i have a birthmark on the sclera (white part) of my left eye. its big and blue. reminds me im special when i feel super shitty

49.Random fact about yourself: i dont chew cheese when i eat it? i just kinda taste it as i swallow it? if i chew it it tastes too strong and disgusting. i know im fucking weird

50.Tattoos: i have the dragon from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my left shoulder blade because im unoriginal, but wanted a decent looking dragon tat. it reminds me to be strong so thats all that really matters 

51.Righty or lefty: righty

52.First Surgery: on my eyelid to remove a stye. wash your hands and dont rub your eyes, kids.

53.First piercing: on my ear lobes when i was an infant (its mandatory in hispanic families to subject your infant girls to this or they disown you [JK]). i got 4 more sets when i turned 19 i think

54.First best friend: Jenny. we drifted apart but we’re still FB friends so thats cool. i literally went right up to her in 5th grade and asked if she wanted to be my friend. and she said yes. *sighs* if only making friends was as easy as that now. everyone is lame in college.

55.First sport you enjoyed: i don’t like sports and sports dont like me

56.First vacation: Austin, Texas i think. my aunts used to live there. all i know is we roadtripped there at least 20 times during my whole time in elementary school.

58.First pair of trainers: ??? Sketchers???



60.Drinking: water. i’d rather have moscato right now though

61.I’m about to: start studying for my exam tomorrow *screams and lights self on fire*

62.Listening to: my dog eating noisily. making me not want this pasta anymore

63.Waiting for: the hell that is the first semester of nursing school to end (TWO MORE WEEKS)

64.Want kids: after ive done my traveling of course

65.Get married: yeah

66.Career: nursing. let me help deliver your babies


67.Lips or eyes: im a sucker for nice eyes

68.Hugs or kisses: i prefer hugs actually. because everyone is so much warmer than me so i savor their body heat and steal it from them (creepy but 100% true)

69.Shorter or taller: taller? because im already super short. i didnt go out with a guy because he was like almost two inches shorter than me. i know, that was pretty shallow. but i just couldnt do it.

70.Older or younger: eeehhh same age. or older? younger? idgaf. as long as its legal and not weird.

71.Romantic or spontaneous: both are good?

72.Nice stomach or nice arms: i like nice arms. 

73.Sensitive or loud: sensitive? idk what this means

74.Hook-up or relationship: relationship since ive never done the hook up thing

75.Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant i guess. im the mother im my group of friends i think. but if theres alcohol involved im a troublemaker hehe


76.Kissed a stranger: yeah in middle school we did that suck and blow game where you moved the playing cards with your lips and breath to someone else in the circle and i dropped the card and kissed some random guy 

77.Drank hard liquor: yeaaah but im a wimp i prefer mixed drinks or moscato. im not that cool chick in the movies who can down nearly a whole bottle of whiskey by itself like its nothing. 

78.Lost glasses/contacts: nope i dont wear glasses or contacts


80.Broke someones heart: yeah i have. whoops.

81.Had your own heart broken: when my mom got rid of my cats. legit only time my heart has ever been broken

82.Been arrested: haha nooo 

83.Turned someone down: yeah several people. you werent the ones

84.Cried when someone died: i shed no tears for the neon tetra when they died but when my cats were taken away i literally cried for 3 days straight. it was horrible. it felt like they died to me.

85.Fallen for a friend: nah


86.Yourself: of course i do

87.Miracles: nope, sorry religious family members.

88.Love at first sight: nope

89.Heaven: i respect those who believe in it, but i prefer the idea of reincarnation and having a next life that reflects the actions of the life you’re living right now. dont be an asshole and your next life wont be so bad basically.

90.Santa claus: i did until i was 9 *flashbacks to when the magic of christmas was ruined for me*

91.Kiss on first date: i didnt kiss on my first date (the only real first date ive had) but i wouldve if my current boyfriend had wanted to

92.Angels: no? sorry? i do believe all dogs go to heaven though. like nah humans you get reincarnated and you dont get a heaven. but dogs? they will always go to heaven. theyre too good to have anything less than that tbh.

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