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@huxloween day 22: watching scary movies

I spend my night on this but it was worth it ! Hux, you little f*ck….. Those two are jerks, I love them.

‘Your mother was a kind and brave woman. A ruler who would sacrifice herself for the sake of protecting her people…and she loved you very, very much.’

Jonerys Week day 03: Dragon Queen & White Wolf or Angst or Smut

Requested by @xnotadamselindistress (thank you for the request!) and a continuation of this post

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great tv recommendations: you, me and the apocalypse 
↳ "Yep, it’s judgement day. The actual apocalypse. And where am I? In Slough. Or rather, under Slough. I mean, what the hell are we all gonna do down here? No internet, no radio. God, I hope there’s Boggle.” 

Impress Me

Absolute Spoilers for X-Men: Apocalypse.

Imagine being a student at Xavier’s school when the Professor is taken and being outside when Peter saves everyone from the blast.


You feel the rumble of the explosion before it happens. You’re outside, near the gates, waiting for Scott and the others to get back before they get in trouble with the Professor who’d just returned. A quake and a breeze passed you by, forcing you to turn to the school just in time to watch it blow up, your classmates appearing out of no where around you. That’s when you catch sight of Him.

He had silver grey hair, but it didn’t make him look old per se. He was actually quite handsome. That blast must have knocked something into your brain because clearly you aren’t thinking straight.

When Scott arrives and realizes his brother had died, you followed behind them to the ruins aimlessly in an attempt to be supportive. You were close enough with Scott and Jean, but not enough to be the one to hold Scott as he cried over his loss. It was a lucky thing. Because, if you hadn’t been his friend, you would be part of the now passed out mass of students on the lawn.

The boy, you think. You were already raring to use your mutation when Jean pulls you down. “I can take them.”

“They’ll blast us too.”

In the end, you let the Kurt teleport you into the helicopter.

Much later, you get off the helicopter unseen thanks to Jean. And, when she sets free the man - beast, as Scott likes to say - from the cage you hold you hand out to decrease gravity. Your mutation causes the soldiers to float and flail in the air. And when you put your hand down their bodies drop unconscious to the floor. But, the man was gone. You lag behind as Jean goes to confront the man and find where Mystique, Beast, Hank, Moira, and the quick silver haired boy were being held.

“Guys!” You shout into the intercom, Hank smiling at you. “Get back.” You signal to Kurt to tell Scott to open the door. “We’ve got you.”

“(y/n)!” Hank greets, big blue and furry but still undeniably Hank. “Get us out of here.”

“Get away from the door!” You shout.

They jumped away just as Scott blew the door open. You felt a familiar gust of wind as you suddenly appeared in the arms of the silver haired boy, standing with everyone else right next to the jet.

“Uh, hello?” You greet with a shy laugh.

The boy nods and sets you down. “Peter Maximoff, great to meet you.” He says with a grin that sets your face alight with redness. “Peter, obviously.”

“(Y/N), well (Y/N) (L/N). People sometimes call me Zero.” You introduce yourself.

“Why Zero?” He raises a brow at you but takes notice of the fact that he was floating in the air a bit. You’d reduced gravity by a fraction. He seemed ecstatic about this. “That’s awesome.”

You blush again. “Thanks”

“Guys, we should get going.” Scott interrupted, hitting the button for the flight suits and starting to toss it around.


Once the jet landed, Peter was out like a shot. You stare after him, hoping that he makes it to his dad.

You’re too busy helping Hank try to beat Psylocke after that. She moves fast, but without the advantage of gravity she’s the slightest bit easier to beat. Until she turns her energy weapon into a whip. Then, she’s got Hank. You turn the gravity lower and jump in, grabbing her from behind and tossing her up before letting the gravity start back up. Her body hits the ground hard but she manages to land in a roll.

The jet starts up again behind you and Scott disappears. You know it’s almost over. They managed to get Professor Xavier back. You are relieved to be back on the jet, Kurt teleporting you and Hank back onto it.

Of course, they weren’t going to make it easy for you. Psylocke and the male Angel bust into the jet, you let your mutation take effect to give Kurt time to use his. The jet stops falling for a moment, the Angel hurtling towards you as you and the rest blink out of existence.


You stare at Professor Xavier, he’s losing his battle. It’s clear when the wall of the room disintegrates and HE is standing there. The so called God approaches, everyone is motionless and so are you.

A breeze, familiar now, passes by you in a brief whisper of a kiss and suddenly Peter is there. “Be right back” he says and too quick for the eye to see he’s suddenly on the ground, the earth clutching his leg as he tried and tried to break free. He’s hit the so called God but a couple of well placed punches weren’t enough.

You gasp.

Peter is screaming, his leg broken - undeniably broken - and you feel like your heart breaks with it.

And when he has Mystique, you decide that enough is enough.

You gather your courage and taking a running leap, you eliminate gravity.

For a brief moment, everything stops with you floating in the air, floating until you’re right above him. Right above the God. You let yourself drift higher and will the gravity back. You fall straight into him, shoving the God to the ground with your momentum. But before you can land a punch to his face, his arms are up and he’s got both of his meaty hands clutching your neck.

You try your mutation one last time, but he’s learned. He cases his feet into the dirt. Your mutation has no effect anymore.

“Save them, Charles!” He mocks and he mocks as you lose your air and your consciousness with it. Your last thought is of Peter crying your name, and his father, and the metal beams in front of you crossed to look like the letter X.


You wake at the same time as Nightcrawler to find out that you’d won.

“It was ugly for a second there but-” Peter sits awkwardly next to you, his leg severely broken. You feel bad and hope it heals fast, as quick as he is. He’d hate being stuck in one place, you think.

“What are you going to do?” You ask, sad that you might never see this hurricane of a boy ever again.

His eyes meet yours and you already know you’re falling for him. “Think you could show me the ropes around campus?” He asks with a grin that matches yours.

“You’d stay? At the school?” You say, wanting to hear it from him. Confirmation that it wasn’t the end.

“Well, after all-” he ran a hand through his mess of silver hair. “I have a girl to impress.”

You reach out to entwine your fingers with the ones in his hair. The press of his lips against yours sends a shiver up your spine and you smile against him. “Consider me impressed, Quicksilver.”