apocalypse punk

im so happy for the new in-game lore the entire time I’ve been writing Post-Apocalypse Punk I’ve been struggling to convince myself that Ana would be okay hanging around a bunch of violent criminals. now I find out she’s been going and committing violent crimes all on her own in canon

RAIN is a 23 minute independent fan film about Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm of the X-Men.
Created by and starring Maya Glick;
Directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand;
Produced by Matt Joyce….
Watch it now on YouTube or Vimeo!

The Steamed Revolution AU

When someone declares themself the “Emperor on High” after the Rebuilding (what the people call the period wherein they created a new society after the Apocalypse), a group of renegades – “The Aerostats” – call their people to arms in an attempt to overthrow a government they don’t need or want. [Note: this is meant to be a steampunk post-apocalypse au, but it can honestly work in many contexts!]

Being a creep in cool alley ways in the pouring rain.

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