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Compound bows acceptable in Zombie apocalypse?

Nope. Get a proper crossbow like Daryl, or get a proper longbow or recurve and git gud, scrub. 

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Duddette... It's TERMINATOR SHIT. "YOU" IS DEAN FROM THE FUTURE!!! I'm a mess too, but you are More coherent to write about it. OH MY CHUCK *heavy breathing* I spend the last hour analyzing all the frames of the promo in my tablet because I'm at work, on a training stuff that gives me more time and freedom. Anyways, this is Enverse!Dean I can bet my honor as a wich. But this is THE FUTURE.

2. who the hell was that ?!?! at the end of the promo when cas says “you?”, do you have any speculations? benny? adam maybe? jk XD, no but for reals, who do you think it is ??

3. What’s your thoughts on the last second of the trailer (the bit with Cas on the floor, looking up and “you”) ?

Hi, 3 anons about the promo vid and Cas - here is my half baked totally wild random ass off the top of my head theory!

Time travel? I was like naaaaaaw…. then I was like SHIT he does look a little bowlegged! But… not entiiiiirely convinced I’ll be honest. I’m also spitballing… Chuck?

source: @shixpe

I mean we know Angels can time travel so the nephilim could do it from the future if it saw Lucifer had created another apocalypse and was like NOPE NOT FOR ME!

Also, even if THIS isn’t him, I also though this looked like Dean from all the promo PICS etc? And the way Cas just lies there? Like he’s not that worried? 

source: @spicywatson

IDK if this is the same guy or the same scene…. but I also head canon that this is Dean, but brainwashed Dean, so Cas is like “are you… YOU?” which is why we hear the “you?” maybe in the video?

As @super-sootica just reminded me - ENDVERSE CAS KNEW THAT DEAN WASN’T FUTURE DEAN!!!!

And why is Dean brainwashed? Well, we know there is a flashback scene so for me this is Dean’s ultimate DECONSTRUCTION OF PERFORMING DEAN MOMENT - Dean has to finally address his past to allow himself to move fiorwards, its his childhood and his view of his parents especially John but his idolatry of Mary that meant that he kept the facade up for so long. I have written like thousands of words on how Amara was the exposition of Dean’s inner feelings and Mary is the extension of this this season, so going back in time to flashbacks of his childhood and facing it with Mary the ULTIMATE way for Dean to look at his inner selfand move towards accepting himself as he is….

Then there are the electrodes and we know that MARY has been brainwashed and again, in 12x21 there was the clear allusion to the 8x17 crypt scene, where this time Dean cannot break Mary out of it, but what if now we get a REAL REVERSE CRYPT SCENE? I DONT KNOW WHAT I WILL DO IF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THIS FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE YEARS!!! WHERE DEAN IS THE ONE WHO IS BRAINWASHED?!

And ok, we are terrible for riling each other up and screaming at each other, but @amwritingmeta said in this post :

“What if Dean is willingly brainwashing himself here? Sitting there, looking so fucking DETERMINED.What if he makes the choice (after possibly first refusing) because he realises IT’S THE ONLY WAY HE CAN ACTUALLY FACE CAS AND KILL HIM IF HE HAS TO?” 

But Cas manages to Crypt Scene him out of it because - well CAS IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS AND ITS CAS MAN!


Then we have this image? 

source: @throughfireandice

Given that I am all about the fact that the nephilim will not be born INATELY either good or evil, because that is the whole point of the show, I love the idea that it could have brought Dean from the future to get him to help Cas and convince himself and Sam (or tell Cas how to convince him - reverse crypt scene please and thank you) to raise the Nephilim right.

Because as it stands right now? With Sam and Dean potentially brainwashed by the mol? Even if they aren’t still going against Cas? While I believe that Cas is actually the one who is right here? If they continue to go against him THIS is how it ends up as another apocalypse.

So what needs to happen? TFW need to be TOGETHER, on the same track, raising the nephilim together and leading him on the righteous path because in the end it is all about the nephilim’s FREE WILL and his/her CHOICE whether to be good or bad.

I mean, this might be total rubbish. But my theory about this and the fact that Cas is actually the hero here and will earn his endgame arc this way just kinda ties into all and every theory I have running around in my head.

Regardless of the intimate details of the promo, of the pics etc. I really feel like this is overall the way it’s leading: that they need to allow the child to make a CHOICE and hopefully, if my faith in the show is well placed, it will lead to the child choosing the RIGHTEOUS PATH and GOOD, to raise the world to it’s feet and as @amwritingmeta says, to BRING BALANCE TO THE UNIVERSE.

In the summer, the Midwest and Southern states are used to what we call “popcorn storms.” They’re single-cell thunderstorms that pop up out of the blue, and are gone within minutes. Sometimes, they develop so fast, it will rain without a single cloud in the sky.

What’s even weirder is when they develop into super cells and blot out the sun so badly, it looks like the middle of the night, even though it’s actually noon. Even weirder than that, sometimes the clouds will be juuuuust thin enough to allow some sunlight to poke through. When that happens, the clouds filter out everything except the green and yellow end of the spectrum, and what you get looks like HOLY SHIT, WE’RE ALL GONNA FUCKIN’ DIE!

The thing is, video and pictures don’t really do it justice. You really have to be standing there under a perfectly clear sky, and then see that rapidly approaching demon storm to totally understand the level of pants-shitting horror that washes over you. This photo by Kaelie Mense comes about as close as I’ve seen to capturing how ominous it looks.

7 Scenes In Nature That’d Make You Think The World Is Ending

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Cauldron? Zombie?

🎃Cauldron: What kind of potion would you make if you had the opportunity? 

a potion to cure all my illnesses and chronic pain.

👻Zombie: Do you think that you could survive a zombie apocalypse?

Nope, I rely on like twenty meds a day and use a wheelchair going anywhere but houses or doctor appointments so I’d die asap. Sorry, I’m pretty boring there 

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☠ - Do you think you’d survive a zombie apocalypse?


Nope. I’d die so quickly. The only thing I MIGHT have is that I might know before some due to extensive research and being on the news loop. Give me a chance to prep. But that’s not enough to survive. Just to be prepared.

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I wana hug the Akechi. You make me want to hug Akechi more. Let Ryuji hug Akechi. Akechi needs a hug, a hug that won't stop till Akechi realizes he won't be alown anymore. Let Ryuji give him this hug.

Ryuji stays beside an inconsolable Akechi after Akira confronts him, and everyone else goes home, but no such hug happens. The atmosphere between them is nothing short of torturous. Fast forward a couple of hours, and things go from bad to WTF we’re all screwed. Ryuji gets sprinkles of magic preceding the emotional apocalypse, but his time to really shine doesn’t come until Shido’s Palace. And this verse continues to differ from canon, so what you’re expecting isn’t going to happen. Nope, this apocalypse is completely different.

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Character Tropes: Carl Grimes Edition
In The Stars \\\ Calum Hood Imagine.

description: you are Cal’s best friend, and you two have a conversation about relationships.

requested: nope, this was rewritten out of an old one.

word count:  2,1k.

“Oh, written in the stars, millions of miles away, message to the main. 
Oh, seasons come and go, but I’ll never change, I’m on my way. 


My best friend sits across from me on his own bed, his dark eyes trained on mine as he visibly struggles to keep his own secrets and worries inside himself. We’ve been friends for so long now that I’m already used to his hesitation when it comes to sharing, but the frustration I see inside his beautiful brown eyes tonight somehow seems new and scarier.

I stay silent as wait for him to brace himself, open up and tell me his concerns, and I pass the time counting the plastic stars that, for some reason, he never took off the ceiling. We put them up when we were nine, and finding them still glued up there every time I came to Calum’s house always made me feel strangely close to him. Like we had never grown up.

“I don’t think she’ll want to see me again”.

He blurts out after some while. I sigh, tired. Of all the things, of course he would be worried about his twisted on and off relationship with her.

“Don’t be such a loser. She likes you enough, or you guys wouldn’t make out every time you meet each other”.

“I’m not being a loser”, he answers quickly, ignoring my reprimand. “It’s just a fact. I don’t have much more to give, and she wants something I don’t have. It’s tiring and it won’t lead us nowhere”.

“So, actually, you’re the one who doesn’t want to go out with her anymore”.

“That’s not what I said. We’re a nice pair, really. I like her just fine”.

“And she’s super hot”, I add, making sure I don’t sound bitter. The girl may not be my kind of crowd, but she’s fun and dead gorgeous, just the kind of crazy party person I have always imagined to be with Calum.

“I’m not talking about that”, he says, but he’s smiling a ton now. “I just think she realized I don’t have what she’s looking for. And I don’t think it’s going to be good to either of us to go on like that”.

“Do you or do you not want to break things up with her?”

I ask confusedly, brows raised. I still haven’t taken my eyes out of the ceiling constellation, and I somehow found my name written up there, near the closet door. I can’t remember how many years it has been there, lazily spelled with plastic stars, but it seems to be ages. I’ve been around Calum’s life for so long now, even with his constant comes and goes with the band, that time seemed to mean so little to us. It was always the same when it came to the both of us, anyway.

“Honestly? I don’t know. But that’s not relevant, anyway. She’s going to dump me when I get back to the US. That is, if we even have something that she can break up, she will”.

“Well, in this case, she’s just plain stupid. You’re a lovely guy and if she can’t see that, she’s a crazy bitch”.

“Ah… thanks?”, he vacillates and I laugh, finally turning myself so we’re facing each other. “I think you’re the only one who thinks like that, though. No one seems to want to go further than this pretty face. Between those stupid pics and my going out with her, I seem to have turned into party boy only good for the booty”.

He says, cheeky smile coloring his face. His eyes are sad, though, and I can’t believe he still thinks like the shy and awkward skinny kid he once was. I can’t believe he still thinks he isn’t good enough to go and try to gain the heart of any girl his own heart could fall for.

“You’re an idiot, you know?”

“Jeez, thanks, Y/N”.

“It’s my job as your best friend to tell you that. You’re plain stupid and you like to give yourself way less credit than you deserve”.

“You more like my only friend”.

“You’re being dramatic again. You have tons of friends”.

“I do, but none like you”.

“I wouldn’t expect any other to be like me, for sure. But you have girl friends and boy friends and lots of colleagues and amazing co-workers and a shitload of fans, so stop complaining about people not appreciating you. I’m pretty sure you’re the only person I know who can actually say millions of people like them and want them to be happy. That says something”

“Luke and the boys can also say that”.

“And that makes them equally fortunate”.

“It’s still not the same”

“Well, then I’m happy you have me to love you this much”, I interrupt, finally losing my temper. He pulls me an annoyed face then and my eyes drink him in, taking note of every detail of his face as if they were made exclusively for it. He always went through those odd insecurity crises while we grow up, and I developed the habit of making sure he was ok by staring at him a little too long, a little too much.

“And you love me, right?”

“Sure? I mean, there’s nothing not to love. Anyone that gets to know you ends up there. You’re boyfriend material, don’t worry”.

“You’re awfully positive, Y/N. Things don’t really work like that”. I shrug, not denying the obvious. “Sometimes I caught myself wishing you saw me as something else too”.

“Not happening. I’m your best friend. Sorta”.

“Yeah, ok, but what if you weren’t?”

“What kind of question is that? Am I not your best friend? My name is on your ceiling, you know”.

“Stop stalling”, he presses, voice deep and demanding on my ears. I roll my eyes at him, and he holds my stare, looking abnormally serious. “If we weren’t friends, do you think you’d be into me?”

“Oh, c’mon, Cal, don’t do that. I don’t know. I mean, how could I possibly get to know you this well if we weren’t friends? You gotta know the person you love”.

He doesn’t say a thing but his eyes are still on me, waiting for a proper answer. His stare seems to tickle everywhere, and I hate the intensity of it. My mood quickly becomes cranky.

“Maybe. Probably. I try not to think about it. I don’t like wrapping my mind around scenarios that won’t happen, and you know that”.

“So you thought about it before”, he says simply, his face completely lighten up in a smile. I can sense the victory dance coming, and I punch his chest, which doesn’t really help because he’s terribly fit now, and feeling the toned torso under his shirt gets my mind all fuzzy.

“Oh, please, Cal. We’ve known each other for ages and, somehow, we always end up in your room, in bed, all tangled in each other and way too close for one’s sanity to approve. So, yeah, the thought of making out and turning this into something more happened once or twice through the years. It’s no big deal”.

“We do end up in bed often”, he agrees, the victory smile still plastered on his lips. I want to beat it off him, but I hold myself back. I’m not sure what will happen if I actually get to touch him by now, not when he has this cute smirk going on.

“So… if I kissed you right here and right now… Wouldn’t be the end of the world or anything, right?”

“Wouldn’t be a zombie apocalypse, nope. But I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t be a good idea”.


“Don’t make this difficult, please. It’s been easy for the past eleven years”.

“Maybe it’s time to make it a little complicated. And it’s only logic, to be honest. I love you. You love me. No downsides”.

“Best friend, Calum! I’m your best friend”.

“Stop wearing that title like a shield. That just means we know each other very well. Which is kind of the ideal if you want to get into a relationship with someone”

“This conversation is way over the line, Cal, really. Relationship?”, I huff.

I take my eyes off him angrily and turn my gaze outside, trying to calm myself down. I slip my hand through the open window and lazily stare at my nails, letting the cool summer breeze brush past my skin like a caress. But Calum reaches for me, his warm hands grazing my skin in a way that feels like home. He locks our fingers together and stays silent for a minute, and we let the oddness of his intentions wear off. I can’t lie and say it isn’t comfortable and familiar (but I’m not telling him that).

“You’re seeing someone, Cal. Stop that”.

“You just said she was a crazy bitch”.

“The fact she’s silly and blind doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want behind her back. Be a nice guy”.

“I am a nice guy”, he says, and he’s leaning in and getting closer and we’re way past the phase of getting flushed because of the proximity. We’ve slept over and under each other more times than I could count, and even though we never got to make out or anything even close to it, we were just as intimate around each other as any of the boys could be. So I don’t move away an inch.

“We were never dating. We just meet whenever I’m in town and go from there”.

“Because that sounds so much better”.

“I can’t really get into a long distance relationship with my schedule. And she was down for the informal thing, so why not?”

“That doesn’t make this any more right”.

“But it means this is not wrong”.

His nose is brushing on mine, his hot breath causing a small revolution to pop on my brain. I can hear him whispering a “I’ve been waiting so long” before he clashes his lips on mine, and I already know this will never work. But the kiss still last eons and our intertwined fingers leave the window shell and find home between my messy locks, his tanned hands pushing me closer to him, my body melting completely and merging with his when I let myself be dragged in.

Eventually we part for air, but we’re still so close that my words are spoken against his soft lips, and every letter I get to say makes him open his own lips. Just as if he’s waiting for me to give myself in again. I’m afraid I might, so I close my eyes and block the thoughts off.

“That was probably the stupidest idea you ever had”.

“I know”. He admits, the boyish smile stamped all over his face. “But so what? You’ll always be here, just as I have always been here for you. We care so much about each other that it’s just worth the try. Also, that kiss was awesome”.

“You’re terribly confident on me for a guy who doesn’t think he’s appreciated by anyone else”.

“Your name is literally written on the stars of my sky, Y/N. You’re not going anywhere”

“You’re such a cliché, Calum Hood”.

He nods in agreement, and the laughter explodes between us so loud that I cannot be sure about who started. We breathe slowly and shakily until only silence remains, our foreheads still smacked together, our lips half open expectantly and our eyes so intently into each other that I can’t help but feel secure. We had always been right there, after all. And suddenly I feel silly for thinking this would never happen. Calum is home, after all.

 “This is just way better than I thought it’d be, you know? Feels so fucking right”.

He says, and I laugh against his lips, and he takes my open lips and kiss me in again, his tongue getting familiar with a new side of me.

“You know what, I’m breaking up with her, with whatever we have. Right after this”.

“You do whatever you want, Hood”.

And he does just that. He kisses me again, laying us both in the bed, making me forget this wasn’t such a good idea to begin with. I love him, after all, and I know him like the back of my hand. We both know that when he sets his mind and his heart on something, he just won’t let go. Just like me. So I breathe into his lips, letting myself go, my mind relaxed. If we really want it, I know we’ll make it work. 

EXO Gif Reaction: Zombie Apocalypse

Hey anon, I love this request! Thank you for requesting, I had fun with this one!

-B xx

Lay: “W-what’s going on?”

Y/N: “Zombie apocalypse!”



Expectation: “I’ll protect you Y/N”

Reality: “Zombie apocalypse?! Nope. Luhan out! AAAAAH”

Kris: “Zombies…not my style.”

Xiumin: “Just wait till I get my hands on those bastards!”


Expectation: “I’ll kick their asses”

Reality: “wHAT WAS THAT?!”

Chen: “Headshot!”

Kai: *Kai mode activated* “I’m not going down without a fight”

Baekhyun: “That thing is so ugly”

Chanyeol: *when you fall over after running away from the zombies*

Sehun: *He’s terrified but tries not to show it*

Suho: *cheers on the rest of the guys as he stands on the sidelines with first aid kits*

D.O: “My dark lord will protect me”

I had too much fun with this one