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Talon: Clawing to the Top

Alright, everyone, craziness went down today, but one of the things I’m most HYPED about is the confirmation that Talon is run by a council of leaders.

Most importantly, these leaders disagree with each other.

This is a big deal.  We know so little about Talon’s structure that it’s great to finally get some news on the internal hierarchy of the organization.  Some of the things I’ve pulled together are statements or implications made by Blizzard, some of it is just putting the pieces together, and a lot of it is pure speculation.  I’ll try to keep it clear what’s what.

To start off with, I’m going to be dropping my main hypothesis:

[Main Hypothesis]: the “global conflict” that Doomfist’s faction within Talon has been trying to spread is the Second Omnic Crisis.

[Subset Hypothesis]: the group within Talon that is trying to prevent this is none other than Sombra and Reaper.

As a sort of guide, when I say [Factual Lore] these are things you can double-check in Overwatch dev interviews, Chu’s GDC talk, heroes’ biographies, etc.  When I say [Implications], I’m talking about trying to read in between the lines, to assess what certain things are trying to hint at or indicate.  When I say [Hypothesis] I’m just speculating and constructing a discussion point.

We’re gonna go way, way far back, all the way to the beginning:

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You know Cat would be like "damn I really have a thing for blonde haired blue eyed women who could whoop my ass" while Antiope is like "damn this woman is so sassy for something so small"

And she would be so impressed that Cat has built an empire without battle skills, without war in the sense that Antiope understands it. But one chance meeting and she knows Cat is every bit as fierce, every bit as wise, every bit as goddamned hot as the greatest leaders etc. 

Why is Antiope in that place, wherever Cat meets her (Athens or Rome or the backroom fights in a Boston bar)? Well she faked her death at the hands of those invading soldiers to light a fire under Diana, to get her out there and determined to tackle Ares. It was the only way to unleash the Godkiller after all. But what kind of trainer would Antiope be if she didn’t watch from Diana’s corner, silently cheering her on and absorbing every blow? (It was too much to ask of Hippolyta to lose them both, but these are the burdens of ruling, something Cat can empathize with all too well when she hears the story.)

Cat teaches Antiope how to be forbidding in fabrics other than leather, delights in sharing music and art and wine with her, marvels at how much they have in common despite the centuries and geography that have separated them. Then some drunk idiot gets too close on the sidewalk, maybe angling for a purse or just to disrupt a pleasant evening shared by two beautiful women, but Cat’s knees that go weak at his shout are weak for a very different reason by the time Antiope is done with him. 

( They make it as far as the backseat of the car, that first time. It’s not like Cat to dance around it, but she hasn’t wanted to risk the sheer companionship of it all. To hell with caution when Antiope kisses as deftly as she jabs, when she caresses Cat’s cheek with knuckles that are scraped and already bruising. There’s no leather, no silk, not even a scrap of lace between them by the time they’re three steps inside Cat’s penthouse. There are no secrets between them by the time Antiope is three fingers deep and Cat is panting like she can’t quite believe she’ll stay whole. )

It can’t last, of course. Antiope is a woman out of time, a general in need of a troop to command. Cat has new wars to wage every day, not least the ones where Kara leads the charge, and Antiope knows that quiet sigh of frustration or relief goes deeper than Cat ever intended it to.

They part as friends, mature and disciplined and maybe one last time because the wine is so rich and Cat’s skin is so soft and unscarred by battle. When Diana comes to town, the cavalry Kara so desperately needs, she has a general in support at last. Cat’s tremendously glad to see Antiope, but did it really have to take yet another near apocalypse?

And so it goes. 

A Shirt Dilemma (Sweet Treats Pt.2)

Fandom: Endless Summer
Pairing: Jake x F/MC
Word Count: 1202
Summary: After a not-so-quiet night in, Jake decides to generously do MC a favour and do the small amount of laundry she has.  Little does he know, MC is broke and can’t afford anything else besides that crusty musty red tank top.  can somebody please buy her more clothes aka diamonds

Previously on Sweet Treats, Now Gimme the Deets… Part 1

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“That was…something else.”

“You’re something else.”

The memory of last night, and Jake sweetly mumbling those three words to you, swim in your mind.  Giddiness tingles you all over as you wake, familiarizing yourself with the beating hot sun rays that pour into your hotel room early in the morning.  You can’t help but bite on your bottom lip and curl up into a ball of happiness; overwhelmed by the sea of events which occurred last night, and led you crashing to where you are in this very moment.  

You slept with Jake McKenzie.

You.  Jake. Slept together.  

Holy hell.  You SLEPT with Jacob Lucas McKenzie.  

Quinn and Michelle would DIE if they ever find out.

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echo-eyes  asked:

Hi! I was wondering what podcasts you could recommend to me? I love Wolf 359, Lime Town, D&D is for Nerds, and Alice Isn't Dead. I'm looking for a great story line, full characters and good humor. Creepy is also appreciated :3 thank you so much!!

  • Spines: Wren looks for what happened before her memories vanished, but something is obviously, horribly wrong.
  • The Bridge: Stories from the people working in the Transcontinental Bridge.
  • Sable: Characters (human and non-human alike) at the nearing apocalypse.
  • Within the Wires: A set of super creepy relaxation cassette tapes. 
Hiatus Olicity Fic Rec - Part 1

Since it’s hiatus and there’s not much happening in fandom I wanted to share some of my favorite fics. You can find my older fic recs here.


The Edge of Hope (complete) by @thatmasquedgirl
They say the world is coming to an end. But that’s okay for Oliver because, as far as he’s concerned, his ended two years ago. Or, maybe, it’s just beginning again. Another way Oliver and Felicity could have met, this time involving a potential apocalypse, a few near-death experiences, and a whole lot of monsters.

Into You Like a Train (complete) by @hannasus
Felicity Smoak’s only reservation about taking a job as script supervisor on John Diggle’s latest film is the lead actor: Oliver Queen. He’s a former teen heartthrob with a reputation for bad behavior and a messy drug habit that tanked his once-promising career. Now, five years after he disappeared off the Hollywood radar, Queen’s looking to make a comeback. But has he really cleaned up his act, or will his attitude problem make Felicity’s life a living hell for the nine-week shoot in New Orleans? 

In Another Life (I could be your man) (WIP) by angelicmisskitty 
Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him.He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…

Deceive, Inveigle, and Obfuscate (complete) by @machawicket
When a threat to Felicity’s safety isn’t something that Oliver can put arrows in, the team has to look for different kinds of solutions to assorted legal problems. Diverges from canon during S2 mid-season break. 

Let’s try our very best to fake it (complete) by @mogirl97
ARGUS agents Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are given an undercover assignment to infiltrate a suspected war profiteering organization under the aliases of a married couple. A complicated history between them means that faking it as a Mr. and Mrs. isn’t exactly something they were prepared for during their training. 

She Refused to be a Swooner (complete) by SuchaPrettyPoison 
“I always have a blast in public restrooms.”
Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen banter. There is an engagement with talks of a cowboy themed wedding. Wallets are stolen. A kitten is stuck in a tree. Oliver is protective. Felicity is brilliant. Stress eating happens. Hiding under a table in public is always best when you need a moment to yourself. Oh, and someone’s dad is wanted by the authorities.

The Unbearable Hotness of Being (complete) by @machawicket 
A silly, epistolary tale of a kind-hearted but occasionally clumsy woman who realizes she lives in the same apartment building as the most unbearably handsome man in the world. 

Velocity (complete) by @machawicket 
There’s a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? AKA, the Olicity Speed AU. 

The Victory (complete) by @anextraordinarymuse
Oliver and Felicity meet by chance in one of the most crowded cities in the world. They think that’s the end of it … until they meet again, in another city, a year later. Chance meetings suddenly don’t seem so random. 

Technical Assistance (complete) by @thatmasquedgirl
Felicity Smoak swore she’d provide technical assistance to all who need it. She’s just not prepared for her newest client. 

Someone Else’s Sky (complete) by @punchdrunkdoc
Oliver Queen, the Starling City Vigilante, moves out of his family home into a small apartment. But he has an unexpected roommate.
A ‘Just Like Heaven’ AU 

Can’t escape this now (complete) by @callistawolf
Oliver Queen, scion of a wealthy and powerful family, returns home from his exile to Russia to find that his mother has plans for his future that he wants no part of. Unfortunately, it’s not really up to him and neither is it up to Felicity Smoak, who is about to find out what sort of man her father truly is. MOB AU 

The Offer by @mogirl97
The evidence was stacked against her. The murder of her boyfriend was a crime that she didn’t commit, but the judge and jury didn’t see it that way. Felicity was preparing herself for the guilty verdict and a life in prison. Except that the night before her final trial, a masked stranger offers her another option. The opportunity to disappear, live a life in the shadows. A chance to get justice for others, justice that wasn’t awarded to her. 

Songs Not Made For Love (Our Soundtrack) by Jules_Ink 
Strangely, when his brain had rebooted, the first thought that crossed his mind was that an “Executive Assistant” really would NOT improve this. Not at all. Because there on the screen stood, sprawled out in the lime green letters that were the trademark of the most notorious gossip side ever, “Oliver Queen engaged to secretary.” 

One Shots

After the Storm by @overwatchandarrow​ 
The four months Oliver thought Felicity was dead. And the one month he realized she wasn’t. 

Six Times Felicity Uses Post-It Notes and One Time Oliver Does by

Mind Over Matter by @thatmasquedgirl
It all starts with a coughing fit in an airport, and somehow just snowballs from there. And Felicity isn’t exactly prepared for the result. 

Happy reading! I’ll be back with part 2 soon :)

eggletine  asked:

Psst! Do you have any prompts for families + superheroes/supervillains? Like younger members have superpowers and older ones don't or grandparents are retired supers? :D

OH BOY DO I EVER! (literally my first hero novel is based on this premise!)

- ‘When I was your age I didn’t cause half as many near-apocalypses as you have in the last year’ AU
- ‘Yeah well, not all of us have time-turning powers, Grandma’ AU

- ‘Well it’s like Grandpa always said: you can’t kick a supervillain’s ass until you know what their motives are’ AU
- ‘Hold on…your Grandfather was Reflex? That means your parents were…dear lord, no wonder I can never beat you’ AU

- ‘Mum, I don’t care what you say, I am going out tonight. So you had better drop this forcefield or so help me I will bust it down’ AU
- ‘I brought both you and this forcefield into the world, kiddo, and I know which one is stronger’ AU

- ‘I never wanted you to come into this brutal life’ AU
- ‘Dad, you literally sent me to be babysat by your jailed arch-nemesis when I was four. By the time I was twelve I was going on quests to find magical items. At what point did you try to stop me becoming a superhero?’ AU

- ‘Mother, I appreciate your concern, but this is my evil lair and I would greatly prefer it if you would stop trying to ‘brighten up the place’ for the next time my nemesis comes around’ AU
- ‘But it’s so dreary down here. Are you sure you wouldn’t like some carnations to add a splash of colour? If you’re going to kidnap people you could at least give them something nice to look at’ AU

- ‘Why…why is your sibling your arch-nemesis?’ AU
- ‘What, haven’t you ever heard of sibling rivalry?’ AU

Hope this helped you out! I love coming up with these so feel free to come back for more! 

anonymous asked:

Can I get a scenario of post ultimate despair Nagito, Souda and Fuyuhiko see their past s/o, whom they still love, with a toddler that looks a lot like them, realise that their s/o had been pregnant before they had become despairs

You most certainly can! This actually has fic potential

Btw guys I’ve gone with a fem S/O because of pregnancy and that, I do not write about male pregnancy, sorry

Request: Post-Ultimate Despair Nagito, Soda and Fuyuhiko discovering fem S/O’s child

Nagito Komaeda

He hadn’t remembered his head feeling this clear. The NEO World Program had ended a good few months ago, and he finally felt completely recovered. Every morning when he awoke with a clear head he counted it a blessing. Finally, it seemed, he could get his life back on track.

Yet he knew the population had decreased since The Tragedy. Every day he’d wondered if you were alive, if there was a slim chance that you’d been safe. When was the last time he saw you? He rubbed his temples as he sat up, moving his bedding from his body and clambering out. In the kitchen he soon realised that his cupboards were lacking in anything of substance. The growling in his stomach was enough to encourage him to go food shopping.

The market wasn’t far from his house, so he was there within ten minutes, grabbing the essentials before standing before the cashier leafing through his wallet. If he was lucky he would have the exact change, he thought anyway. While he fished out the change he heard a woman’s voice behind him. The tone was scolding, but he felt a strong nostalgia connected to their voice. Throwing the remaining change onto the counter, he turned, only to see you there.

It was as if time stopped. He felt the undeniable love return, along with all the memories of when he last saw you. The times you’d spent together, your intimacy, the first time he’d kissed you, the first time you’d…

His eyes fell to the child. His throat was dry as he watched the infant slamming its hands against the trolley restraint. The hair that curled across its head was the same colour as his own, while the rest of its face seemed to show few similarities to either you or him. That’s right. You’d been pregnant the last time he saw you, before he…

“Y/N,” He called softly. You seemed to bristle, and it was obvious you’d recognised his voice. Slowly you turned to face him, cheeks somewhat paler than he remembered. Immediately you pulled the toddler from the trolley, backing away from him.

“Get the hell away from us, despair,”

The words drove a knife through his heart. A hand reached toward you before he could stop himself, but the fear in your eyes was enough to cause him to lower it instantaneously.

“I’m not… I’m me… It’s not like that anymore…”

“You think I’m going to let someone who lead to the apocalypse come near our child?”


His eyes were pleading, and you cursed audibly. “Look Nagito, stay away, okay? Until I, we, the world, has seen you prove you’re not like that anymore, you can’t come near us,”

The tears welling in your eyes were becoming dangerously close to spilling over. But he understood. There was no point fighting. Especially after what he’d done. Even if he hadn’t become a despair, he could see your reason for not wanting someone as lowly as him interacting with the beauty of your child.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” He managed, before turning and exiting the store. Heartbreak had replaced his hunger within seconds.

Kazuichi Soda

The NEO World Program felt like a distant memory, even though it had only been four or five months. He was going to rebuild himself, he’d decided. The damage he’d been a part of was where he was going to begin to make amends. If he could help the world recover he would be able to move forward with his life. There was no way he could stay alive without trying to fix what he had broken.

You were on his mind a lot. He’d done what research he could to see if you were alive, but he couldn’t find any connections. Yet he wasn’t about to give up. You mattered too much to him. His feelings for you had not vanished.

His memories of you were clouded. He could remember courting you, trying to win you over with all his might. How you’d laugh off his flirting while blushing, or slap him when he made innuendos. How your smile made him feel warm inside, and how he wanted you to feel the same.

But the points after your first few dates became hazy. He knew you’d done a lot more, but without an obvious prompt he knew he wouldn’t remember.

Which is why he froze when he saw you and a toddler.

Everything hit him at once. He found it difficult to breathe suddenly. The pair of you were both volunteering at a local event to help recover a couple of destroyed buildings. But you had a child with you. A child with undeniable similarities to Soda.

You were pregnant.

When he last saw you you’d been so excited. You’d told him of your pregnancy. Yet his cursed mind had shown little care, and he’d told you it was over.

He regretted it now.


He locked eyes with you, his heart hammering in his chest and echoing in his ears. Overwhelmed by a desire to touch you, he stepped forward. But you stepped backward, putting an arm out to guard the child. That was a gesture enough, but he wasn’t going to give up.

“W-What are you…?” The confusion and apprehension was clear in your voice and expression. Your entire body was tense, and he hated that it was because of him.

“I… Could we… Catch up… I feel I have a lot to explain to you…” He cursed mentally at how pathetic he sounded. “I’ve got a lot to apologise for,” And a lot to ask you, he refrained from adding.

Your expression twisted, the lack of trust visible in your discomfort, but the hope caused by past feelings was also apparent.

“I’ll contact you.” You stated, swallowing and looking away. He watched as you cautiously lifted the child from the floor, and began to turn away. “I need some time to wrap my head around this.”

Those words were all you said to him before turning on your heel and speeding away from him. Every instinct wanted to chase after you and embrace you, but he knew better than to do that. Instead he promised himself to be patient. He would contact you if he didn’t hear from you, because you were far too important for him to let just walk away.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

He hated it. The feeling of knowing something was missing from his memory. Or rather, someone. Each morning he would wake with a dry mouth, following a dream featuring someone he knew he cared deeply for. Instead the memories of being a despair drowned out any hopes of identifying you.

It left him with a headache every morning, similar to that of a hangover. And today was no different. The familiar frustration that accompanied the dream haze woke him, and he forced himself out of bed. Peko was coming over to go help with some recovery efforts.

As he shoved some clothes over his body he heard Peko letting herself in. He slapped himself awake, and then walked to greet her. She met him with a tight smile, and they set off out rapidly.

There was a small crowd there working to rebuild what once was. Peko got to work immediately, avoiding all possibilities of people thinking they were connected. Fuyuhiko busied himself with another small group for most of the day, until everyone broke for lunch.

As he moved aside he bumped into someone, an apology leaving his lips before he could register who it was.


He spoke again before he realised what he said. He’d forgotten about you. Yet he said your name with every recollection of you.

The memories nearly drowned him when they all came back to him. You’d stopped and were staring at him with astonishment. A child was resting on one arm, its small arms reaching to your face. Fuyuhiko remembered in reverse order. You announcing you were pregnant, him breaking it off because of his despair-clouded mind, you two spending the night together, endless makeout sessions, your first kiss, your first date, the first time he saw you.

His voice cracked when he spoke again while you shuffled away, “Y/N… I’m so sorry…”

You were shaking your head and backing away more and more. He followed you, his eyes pleading and trying to reach you. “Let me fix this. Please. Let me fix everything.” His body ached to be close to you. His feelings were re-emerging and he was nearly crippled by the intensity of them. “Don’t… Please… I’m so sorry Y/N…”

You’d stopped retreating but had turned your body to hide the child. But he’d seen it, he knew. “Let me fix this,”

“You should fix the world before trying to fix us, Fuyuhiko.”

The sharpness of your words dug into him, and he felt himself breaking. Your expression softened slightly, and you tried again. “I can’t trust you right now. You’re… You were a dangerous person… You caused…” You gestured single-handedly around you, “…this. I need to know that you’re not that person. For my sake, and for…” You silenced yourself and looked away. “Just stay away from me Fuyuhiko. Fix the global mess you made. Then, maybe, I’ll…”

He was frozen to the spot. Heartbroken, but determined. He was going to make sure to fix this. To fix everything. He may have forgotten until this point but he knew he couldn’t let you go. Not like this, anyway.

Halloween Horror Nights; C.H.

First of all, I’m sorry it took me so long. Secondly, even though Halloween has already passed, who cares?! It should be a week festive instead of one night, so now you can enjoy Halloween one more time! And last but not least.. I’m really not happy with this piece.. 

I never thought that anyone could persuade me to do this. From when I was young, I have maintained that I never, never, and I repeat, never would go to a haunted house. Of course at that moment in time you don’t think you’ll have a complete sappy crush on one of your so-called bosses. And you don’t stop to think then that he might be so charming that when he asks you to please, please tag along it’ll be great, you simply mutter a dreamily ‘yes’ without thinking twice.

And that’s happening right now. For years, my friend had tried to persuade me. For years I have slipped between the meshes of the net. And what happens? Some handsome man with a smile that’ll make your knees weak makes you throw your principles right out of the door. I’m royally screwed.

“What scares you the most?” Calum grins as we line up to enter the Halloween Horror Nights.
“Jump scares? Which is why I didn’t want to come with you, fucking prick.” I roll my eyes as I rub my hands along my upper arms. I hadn’t been this nervous is months, maybe even years.

“Oh, yeah. You’re in the wrong place then. I thought you hated clowns?” He raises an eyebrow and as he finishes his sentence, I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up in complete and utter fright.
“Are you trying to inform me that there might be a clown jump scaring me?”

“Well, there’s always a distinct possibility, Y/n. But don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Calum slings his arm over my shoulder and I scoff loudly, almost wanting to push him away but feeling more at ease with him in such a close vicinity. And maybe, just maybe I’m enjoying this a bit too much.
“Oh please. As soon as Pennywise shows up you’re a goner.” I chuckle at his mock hurt face, but soon my smile is wiped off of my own as I see we’re next in line.

“I’m going to murder you if I survive this.” I hear Michael snigger behind me and I turn around with the harshest glare I can muster. “I hope Freddy Krueger is here to get you.”
“Low blow, Y/N. It’s zombie apocalypse based anyway.” Michael mutters and I smirk triumphantly, winking at Ashton before I turn back around. “You guys, it isn’t real. We’ll forget about it like an hour after we’ve come out of this shit.” Luke tries to comfort me as he smiles down at me, but I’m not buying it.

“Have you ever seen Andy and Amy’s Haunted House? Where Ellen Degeneres decided to fuck some co-workers? That Andy guy, that’s me. And I’m not even scared of the Walking Dead.”
My eyes cast upwards when I hear a shrill shriek resonate through the human scattered area, my eyes glancing over the bold lettering of Universal Studios.

“That was hilarious.” Calum mutters with an amused grin, but as closer as I walk to the entrance my amusement dies down. I feel Luke’s hands rest on my shoulders as he gives me soft squeeze when I stop mid walk. “It sucks when someone makes you stop thinking and you agree to stupid shit, huh?” Luke whispers before he pushes me forward and I groan, regretting ever confiding in Luke.

I trail behind the boys, in hopes of not having to deal with any jump scares. My tactic included letting them squeal like little girls while I laugh, because I would’ve already seen it coming. I could feel my heart rate increasing as the boys walked a bit further, my eyes darting in every direction in search for a crack someone might leap through. Because of this fascination, I didn’t pay attention to the more obvious zombies – and I considered them props anyway – which seemed to be a very, very bad thing for me to do.

It’s not even in my face, but when I see the movement in the corner of my eye I already shriek so loud the boys stop in their tracks and whip around as if I were being murdered. I’m pressed against the wall, my heart visibly beating in my chest as I stare the character down.

There is a zombie, eyes wide and a wicked grin on his face, groaning in my face. I swear that the people that take on these jobs just love seeing people pee their pants – although if it weren’t me I’d probably pee myself laughing as well. But when I’m on the receiving end I’m anything but thankful for his exquisite performance.

I feel warm fingers slip in between mine and I jump in my spot again, eyes wide but heartrate slowing just the slightest bit when I feel the tug and see Calum sympathetically smile in my direction. “Come on.”

“I hate you for this.” I whisper, my eyes darting in every direction as I hide behind Calum’s rather tall frame. Calum humourlessly chuckles, I’m sure he’s thriving on my anxiousness right now. “This is a house?” I mumble when I stick my head from behind Calum, seeing we had passed the hallway and were now entering a bath room.

“Zombies are in homes too, Y/n.” Calum shrugs as he steps beside me, his gaze, just as mine, scanning the perimeter for any jump scares. “Where are the boys?” Before Calum can answer me though, two zombies suddenly jump out of the bath tub, sheet roughly pulled to the side as they make a bee line for me. A loud shriek leaves my lips and I use Calum as a shield. He realises what he has to do and walks to the other side of the room with me behind him, through the door and away from the two characters.

“Fucking hell.” I feel my nails digging into Calum’s waist and he is tense as well, though doesn’t make any sound. We’re in the living room now, a few zombies loitering around. They turn their heads as we make an appearance and start towards us. I’m not scared of those though, as I can see them advancing towards me. Calum circles us around the sofa and I had seen him before Calum has, and I completely throw him off guard when the loudest yell to be produced by me leaves my lips.

There’s one on the ground, his legs seemingly cut off but that doesn’t mean he isn’t damn fast. He crawls towards Calum is record speed and before I realise it, Calum is pressed against the fake fire place behind me, his eyes wide and trained on the zombie. I burst into hysterics, almost bend over double as I try to contain my giggles to a minimum. “Why the fuck are you laughing?” Calum growls as the zombie backs away and Calum almost makes a beeline for the exit door, towards the kitchen.
“That’s called desperate laughter.” I stumble behind him, my hand curling around Calum’s tensed biceps when I press my cheek against his black shirt.

“Remind me to not ask you to join my squad when the apocalypse is near.” Calum grumbles, sticking his head into the kitchen and sighing when he sees the coast is clear – you’d think we’d know better by now.
I see the creak of what I think is a storage room and I know one is going to pop out when we walk past that, and I’m pretty proud of myself for noticing before it has happened. This is the last room of this personal hell and I can’t wait when I see the darkness of the night again.

And of course, being so focused on that exit, I forgot to think about the table. As soon as the hand curls around my ankle, along with the gorgling sound when his face comes into view, I leap into the air so high my arms are tightly around Calum’s neck and my legs are slung over his hips. “No, fucking – no!”
“You don’t do that!” I yell down at the now grinning zombie man and Calum laughs along with him.

Calum carries me out the door and I let out a sigh of relief when I see it’s over. I jump off of his back and dust myself off, keeping my eyes glued to the floor because to be honest, I’m completely and utterly ashamed with myself. Calum starts walking towards the general direction of people – actual people, not props, zombies or characters – and I jump to keep up with him. I curl my hand around his arm again, because somehow I feel like this isn’t over yet.

“I’m sorry I dragged you into this. I’ll treat you on a date.” Calum says in such a nonchalant manner; I don’t even register the words when they’re first spoken. “What?”
“Do you want to go on a date?” Calum seems a lot less confident now that he has to repeat his words. He trails a crack in the concrete beneath our feet with the tip of his rattled old sneaker.

“Well, that depends. Are you dragging me to another one of these haunted houses? Then I’ll thankfully recline.” I grin as I punch his shoulder, walking away from him, but slowly enough to give him time to catch up to me. “I’ll make sure I won’t.” Calum laughs as he throws his arm around my shoulder, both of us walking up to the others who we sort of had lost as soon as the first zombie jumped in my face. “Then, yes, I would like that.” I grin up as we stop right in front of Luke and Ashton, who are laughing at my expense. I didn’t mind the slightest bit.

5 graphic novels out this week we can’t wait to read!


Born in Baltimore in 1915, and dead too early in New York in 1959, Billie Holiday became a legendary jazz singer, even mythical. With her voice even now managing to touch so many people, we follow a reporter on the trail of the artist on behalf of a New York daily. Beyond the public scandals that marred the life of the star (alcohol, drugs, violence…), he seeks to restore the truth, revisiting the memory of Billie. Through this investigation, Muñoz and Sampayo trace, through the undertones of racism, and in the wake of the blues, the slow drift of a singer who expressed the deepest emotions in jazz. By internationally renowned Argentine artists, featuring Munoz’ strikingly raw heavy blacks, this is not just a biography but a spell-binding art book tribute.

BLACK WIDOW Vol. 2: No More Secrets

Now that Natasha knows the Weeping Lion’s secret, she’s in control of his very particular skills. Natasha plans to use him to destroy the Red Room’s reincarnation, the DARK ROOM. But she’ll have to face RECLUSE, daughter of the Red Room’s headmistress, who’s fixated on killing Natasha to prove her worth. Collects Black Widow (2016) #7-12.

SURGEON X Vol. 1: The Path of Most Resistance 

In an antibiotic apocalypse in near-future London, brilliant surgeon Rosa Scott becomes Surgeon X, a vigilante doctor who treats those who’ve been abandoned by the system. Haunted by the murder of her mother and harassed by the mysterious Hippocrates, Rosa risks everything to save lives–but warps her medical oath to do so.

ALL-STAR BATMAN Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy

In this new graphic novel, Batman finds himself trying to help old friend Harvey Dent…now known as the villainous Two-Face! The Dark Knight accompanies his foe on a cross-country trip to fix his scarred face and hopefully end the Two-Face identity forever. But when the former Gotham City D.A. sets his plan into motion to free himself, what deadly secrets from the past will bubble to the surface?

One of the biggest creative teams in DC Comics history share their take on one of the greatest heroes ever in ALL STAR BATMAN VOL. 1! Collects issues #1-5.

SAGA Book 2

At long last, it’s finally time for the second hardcover collection of SAGA, the New York Times best-selling series praised by everyone from Alan Moore to Lin-Manuel Miranda! Created by the multiple Eisner Award-winning team of artist FIONA STAPLES (Mystery Society, North 40, Archie Comics) and writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN (THE PRIVATE EYE, PAPER GIRLS, WE STAND ON GUARD), SAGA BOOK TWO continues the action-packed education of Hazel, a child born to star-crossed parents from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war. Collecting 18 issues of the smash-hit comic, this massive edition features a striking original cover from Fiona Staples, as well as a brand-new gallery of exclusive, never-before-seen SAGA artwork from legendary creators including CLIFF CHIANG, PIA GUERRA, FAITH ERIN HICKS, KARL KERSCHL, JASON LATOUR, SEAN GORDON MURPHY, STEVE SKROCE, and MORE!

Heartbreak Hotel; Dowoon

Take an aspiring song writer, a rebellious high schooler, a sassy English teacher, a passionate painter and an adventurous tour guide. What’s the same in all of them? They’ve all just had their heart broken.

Heartbreak Hotel is a DAY6 angst one-shot collection with 5 members & 5 songs & 5 stories.

Sungjin | Dowoon | Young K | Wonpil | Jae

II. Dowoon + I Smile

A bittersweet love story in 1487 words for our birthday boy, the one and only Yoon Dowoon. He has feelings for his best friend (OC) but does she feel the same? No triggers, no warnings, just the usual angst. ^^

Originally posted by httpsung

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So, this is my second attempt at writing, and this time it’s a high school au, slightly based on Lily/James story from HP. Once again, @destieldrabblesdaily​ saved my life, so go give her a big hug, cause she’s awesome :)

‘Go on a date with me, Cas!
- D.’

Was written on a note that was currently sticking to his locker. Castiel huffed in pretend annoyance and peeled the note off, crumpling it in his hand. Dean Winchester was the most irritating person on planet Earth, Castiel was sure of it.

They’d known each other pretty much their whole lives, what with growing up in the same neighborhood. In second grade they even were, what someone would call, best friends. But as they were growing up, their differences got the best of them. Dean was loud and cocky, and handsome, always acted like he owned the place, which resulted in him becoming one of the most popular guys in school. He changed girlfriends almost every week, played for the school’s football team, and had the company of his obnoxious friends. The whole package of the proud American heterosexual.

Castiel, on the other hand, was none of these things. He was too quiet, too shy, would rather spend his time reading a book than going to some party, and… yes, he was also gay. And if he was harboring a stupid crush on the captain of the football team, then no one needed to know. Except Charlie, of course. She transferred to this school three years ago and quickly became Cas’ best friend. One glance was all it took for her to find out about his feelings for Dean. She promised to keep it quiet, though never missed an opportunity to tease him about it. Overall, Cas was happy. He didn’t get bullied, and had a small group of good friends. What else could he hope for?

Castiel never entertained himself with the idea of Dean returning his feelings. That’s why when Dean asked him out for the first time, almost two years ago, with an overconfident smirk on his face, Cas actually laughed in his face, seriously thinking it was a joke. It hurt to think that Dean could be so cruel, making fun of the shy gay kid, so he chose laughing as his defense mechanism. But when the smirk disappeared from Dean’s face and his eyes filled with hurt and anger, Castiel realized that it was not, in fact, a joke.

‘Oh my god, you’re serious?’ Cas said, too shocked to even comprehend what was happening.

‘Yeah, I am… At least, I was. Never thought you’d turn out to be a homophobic asshole, though.’ Dean answered angrily, starting to leave. But Cas grabbed his forearm, making him stop.

‘I am sorry if I offended you, Dean. That was not my intention, I promise. You just… took me surprise, that’s all.’ Dean Winchester was not straight, is the Apocalypse near? Castiel gave him a small smile, which made Dean’s smile return, now brighter than ever, taking Cas’ breath away.

‘Is that a yes?’ He asked earnestly. Castiel contemplated. Yes, he thought Dean was very attractive, and the thought of going on a date with him, holding his hand made Castiel’s knees wobbly. But… He also knew Dean’s reputation. He didn’t want to be one of those people who dated Dean for a week and then got tossed to the side as the better option came up. He didn’t think he’d be able to handle that. So Castiel took a deep breath and answered.


Little did he know that this would only be the beginning.

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  • Alex: *puts keys in Scott's hand*
  • Scott: what are these for?
  • Alex: you to be cool
  • Scott: I can't drive
  • Alex: so?
  • Scott: who's keys are these?
  • Alex: mine
  • Scott: I don't-
  • Alex: tell them you stole it
  • Scott: what?!
  • Alex: tell Jubilee, Jean and Kurt you. stole. my. car
  • Scott: But that's bad!
  • Alex: come on Scott please, I was in prison at your age pretending you stole a car is not bad
  • Scott: you're a terrible role model
  • Alex: yes.
  • Alex: now take the fucking keys, tell them you stole the car and go watch a movie