apocalypse cakes

I tripped and slipped my balloons and they fell like this
Is it a sign?

  • Add(MasterMind): *is eating cake*
  • Apocalypse: Warning. Too much sugar intake would increase your--
  • Add: *hits Apocalypse* Shut up!
  • Apocalypse: Attention, Incoming message. *opens up a call*
  • Ciel(Royal Guard): Is this thing on? Add, did you took that slice of cake from the fridge... Again? You do know that you're banned from any sweets for a month, right?
Shut Up and Drive! (Part One)

                                        Shut Up and Drive! (Part One)


‘Anything?’ Dean asked as he entered the living room, kissing the top of my head. The boys have been staying at my cabin since the attack at Bobby’s, we were trying to find some way to kill this demon.
‘Define anything?’ I asked, stretching. Looking at the clock it was now 2am.
‘You have something?’ He asked surprised
‘A higher tolerance to caffeine than I would like. And the ability to deal with sleep deprivation better than one should.’ I sighed, he laughed.
‘Coming to bed?’ He asked, I looked over at Sam, feeling bad I was about to abandon him.
‘Go on. I won’t be far off myself.’ He smiled tiredly. I nodded, looking over at Bobby who had already fallen asleep reading a book. One of the few we had managed to salvage from the burnt down ruins of his home. Dean didn’t need to be told a second time, he grabbed my hand pulling me up, kissing me on the lips and dragging me to bed.

Things between us have been good, it is amazing what comes to light when you think you have lost it all. Several weeks ago we had both thought we had lost the other, taken out by this damn demon. Stupidity, guilt and what ifs still consumed me. But we were good. I pulled on my pj’s and climbed into bed, snuggling up to Dean, his arms wrapped around me. I sighed, contented. Which then set him off, his grip around me tightened. He kissed me on my head, forehead then lips.
‘I love you Y/N.’ He said quietly, his lips moving against mine.
‘I love you too Dean.’ His hand ran down my side, pulling me in tighter. I kissed him back, moaning slightly.
‘How tired are you exactly?’ He murmured.
‘Oh I will be a wake for a little bit yet.’ I grinned cheekily,
‘That’s what I like to hear.’ He laughed, pulling me onto him. He kissed me again, deeper and more passionately than before. I responded kissing him back, nibbling on his lip. I heard him groan. It didn’t take long to lose the pyjamas. It was almost a nightly and morning ritual since we got back together. The addiction we were forming to each other probably wasn’t healthy, but after everything it seemed to fix it, help us feel more relaxed and well just coping better in general.

I fell asleep later, my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. I woke up a few hours later with what could only be described as a ‘Duh Me’ moment. I looked over at Dean who was still sleeping. I tried to sneak out of his arm, but in feeling me shift he only pulled me in tighter. Placing a kiss on my shoulder in his sleep, before drifting back into a deep sleep. I waited a few minutes and tried again. This time succeeding, I pulled on some leggings and a baggy sweater. I headed downstairs to the living room.

Sam was asleep where we left him last night, as was Bobby. I made a coffee, grabbed my laptop and a blanket and headed outside. The mist and fog through the woods was beautiful, especially this time of the year, I settled into the swinging seat and got to work.

Years ago I had met a priest who worked for the Catholic Church, Father Gregory dealt with possessions and blessings. But he was also the go to man for the Supernatural within the Church. He had contacts at the Vatican. They had a collection of books older than time itself.

I emailed Father Gregory, asking if he knew anything or could point us in the right direction. Cas was coming up blank, and at the moment this was all we had. Placing my laptop on the table I sat back, curling up in the quiet, enjoying the coziness of it all.

About half an hour later Dean came out 2 coffees in hand.
‘Refill?’ He asked, handing me the cup, climbing under the blanket. I cuddled up to him, his body is like a hot water bottle. Dean kissed my head and enjoyed the morning with me. It was such a normal couple thing do. I sighed, the reality of what was to come setting in.
‘Shits going to hit the fan, you know that right.’ I told him. I felt him stiffen, we had so far avoided the reality that came with this demon. We both knew what was coming, so far she had control over so many demons, each of us having had a close encounter, too close for comfort.
‘I don’t want you around when it does.’ He told me, I could hear the fear and pain in his voice,
‘That’s a non-negotiable factor in this Dean. When it comes to a head, it will be all hands on deck. At this point, the apocalypse was a cake walk compared to her. I mean seriously Lucifer was sane.’ Dean groaned and grumbled something. He knew I was right. Hearing the door open we looked up to find Bobby, Sam and Cas.

‘Hey.’ I said looking at them. Sam sat on the table, Bobby leaning against the pole. Cas just standing there.
‘We can’t keep hiding.’ Bobby admitted
‘I don’t know, the quiet life isn’t half bad.’ I joked. Dean gave me a squeeze.
‘We can’t attack either.’ Sam grumbled.
‘What do we know?’ Dean asked,
‘She has no name, one of the first demons, controls almost all demons, and wants to end life on earth.’
‘The angels are ready for battle.’ Cas commented.
‘Why?’ I asked him surprised, he looked confused.
‘They happily wanted the apocalypse, this is basically the same thing. Just with a chick instead of Lucifer. Oh my God!’ I added, annoyed ‘they are a bunch of sexist douchbags.’ I stated. Dean sniggered, Sam smirked and Cas looked confused, I heard Bobby muttering under his breath.
‘No, Lucifer’s apocalypse was meant to happen. This demon is supposed to be dead, God did not want this. They will help stop it.’

I heard my mobile ringing, weird no-one knew this number. I ducked inside to answer it. I checked the number it was blocked.
‘Solomon will force the hand.’
‘Father?’ I asked, unsure. The voice too young.
‘Gregory cannot help.’ And the line went dead. My blood ran cold, something was wrong. I started dialling, calling anyone and everyone who knew the Father. I flew outside, booting up my laptop, I checked my emails. Nothing,
‘Y/N?’ Sam asked, watching me panic, Dean was already out of the seat.
‘Baby?’ No-one was answering. I swore, trying another number. The place I knew him to be was at the St. Peters Church, South Carolina.
‘Babe!’ Dean said more forcefully, trying to get my attention.
‘Something’s wrong.’ I told them, explaining the call. Cas’ face changed, ‘You know him?’ I asked, Cas nodded.
‘I have worked with him in the past, a man of great faith.’ He remarked.
‘He wouldn’t not answer me.’ I said softly ‘Can you find out if he’s alive at least?’
‘Is there a way of finding out if he is dead?’ Bobby asked.
‘Angel radio.’ I looked at Cas, he nodded. ‘There is no way, if in heaven he could slip through the gaps.’
‘So what does “Solomon will force the hand” mean?’ Sam asked.
‘Solomon was supposedly given a ring, with it he could control demons, talk to animals and other things.’ Bobby told us,
‘But it hasn’t been seen for centuries. And there are so many different images of what it looks like.’ I sighed, trying another number. ‘Why the hell isn’t anyone answering?’ I yelled, frustrated.
‘I’m heading to South Carolina.’ I declared.