Comic Ideas

So here’s some ideas for you guys to choose from. I’m only gonna do one, and the deadline for votes is August 10th, which is my first day back to school since I’ll be working on characters and what not during school hours.

1) Radioactive Apocalypse
10 people stuck in a bunker during a nuclear World War 3. Some of them will die from radiation poisoning, but some people will live and find out what’s really happening to their world..

2) Splatoon: Octarian Invasion
Follow 4 inklings as they are hired by an old inkling that goes by Captain Cuttlefish to save the Great Zapfish and save Inkopolis from losing it’s power! Along the way they try their best to become the freshest squids on the block and win their very first splatfest!

3) Fiction Galore!
This is just a very random goofy thing. In some odd fictional world, you get to read about theultimateebil and my personas exploring and meeting other fictional characters… and things may or may not get alittle smutty B)

What Love Is All About

Request: I’d like a Dean x Reader fanfic, where Dean gets injured in a fight during the apocalypse and the reader is protecting as best as they can (Sam and Castiel can maybe arrive in the end and help out). :) (sirikenobi167)

A/N: siri and I are good friends (at least I’d like to think so ;0), so I tried to write this one shot a little more tailored to her… meaning, that since I know that she is asexual and aromantic, I made the reader this way. I apologize to anyone in advance if anything is off here… I’m heterosexual and there’s only so much that research can tell me.

Words: 2212

Writer: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x asexual!Reader

Your name: submit What is this?

Dean was swearing under his breath - probably not loud enough to draw the attention of the demons you were hiding from, but annoying all the same.

“Dean,” you hissed under your breath. “Language!”

Dean gave you a disgusted look. “I really don’t think that’s what I’m going to be worrying about when one of those dirty sons-of-bitches ganks me instead of the other way around, Y/N.”

The two of you had been taking on some demons just across the border into southern Alberta. Yeah, that’s right… work had taken you all the way up until Canada. Sam and Castiel were in the next town over and were supposed to meet you as soon as they finished up their demon-infested space. However, there had been more demons in Waterton than the hunter who had called in for backup had mentioned. It was supposed to be a two-man job (one man and one /woman/ job, you had pointed out to Dean.. which made Dean chuckle), as far as Eddie had said. But the demons had obviously called in for backup… or whatever demons did. So you and Dean, heavily outnumbered, just managing to get out of the fray, were hiding in an old tool shed.

“What happens if they find us?” you hissed back even though you knew it was a stupid question.

Dean rolled his eyes, not even bothering to answer that one. You both knew. You’d either be a demon’s chew toy or its new meat suit.

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