Gamzee: Comedy and Tragedy

I’ve had a few requests to make a Gamzee RP guide, and while my Gamzee is hardly perfect or the best, I decided to bite the bullet and do it. There will be a lot of Sober Gamzee focus, though most of this guide is about Gamzee in general, including personality and the more universal concepts. Also please keep in mind that Gamzee is actually a rather multifaceted character that can be interpreted a rather astounding number of ways, so this is not the be all and end all compendium for roleplaying him, merely the way I like to do it. There is a lot of headcanon and conjecture coming up, so take it all with a grain of salt! I will be adding as much evidence as I can to support my theories.

Please note that this is written before Lil Cal’s influence became more clear in his behaviour and actions (if it ever becomes more clear), and also written under the personal belief that he was more nudged in the appropriate directions rather than directly controlled. I think most of his actions were a result of Gamzee and his psyche, with only encouragement from outside forces. I will be writing based on that belief.

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[highres] My first (and hopefully not last!) design for the We Love Fine t-shirt contest!
You can view the submission here: https://contest.welovefine.com/vote.php?id_contest=67&m=gallery&id_submit=25418

i kept the main image simple since shading/texturing made it too busy for a t-shirt, but overall i’m pretty happy with it! inking was hell. i got the idea from creator-kami who sent me an ask saying i should use the jokerkind art for a t-shirt, but i wasn’t happy with the quality of those drawings so chose to redesign it with a shirt in mind instead. thank you for the idea!

any support once rating opens is appreciated!

nina’s human tavros and my human gamzee would have a sphynx (hairless cat) so it doesn’t bother tav’s allergies, and it would be absolutely infatuated with gamzee and he would sneak it food so it would be tremendously fat and live to cock block tavros at every turn and be a creepy little shit.

tavros is currently onto the cat and it’s cock blocking ways.

oh yeah and they would put sweaters on it.