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Waterboyy the Series | EP.14  [TEASER]

Nuclear Apocalypse AU

Percival Graves is one of the most respected guards from one of the main town of the devasted lands. He takes his jobs very seriously, but is known for his cold temperament, his drinking problem and his smoking. One day, a young recrut named Credence join the guard. He is good, but wild, and acts like he doesn’t really care, but Graves sense that the boy has a more tragic story, as proved by the many scars on his body.


Previously I had seen the movie Water Boyy and although I had liked I had not generated great emotion thanks to the little time that had the main couple to develop their relationship, plus some doubts that I left the end.

When I first heard about Water Boy, the series recently issued its episode number 9. My first impression was “this is too heterosexual” and obviously I was looking for Boys Love, I decided to give it a try and see the first chapter, although I ended up seeing them all, I noticed That the actor who plays Apo (Thitipoom Techaapaikhun) had appeared in SOTUS and had sympathized with him, as well as with the guy who plays Karn who also performed in Lovesick, so that was a plus point for the series, I can not To deny that I also liked seeing stout boys without shirts almost all the time. (I know, I’m pretty perverted 😅) except for Fah (White), he looked like a child in comparison to the others.

In general I liked how each of the relationships developed, Waii and Apo had a prudent time for the love between them to grow and that was formidable, in addition Apo seemed to me the best “uke” I’ve ever seen, for him Great support that he represented for Waii, besides how nice and positive it was, I was happy just to see it.

The strange love triangle between Pan, Fah and Namkheng, entertained me quite and I liked how it ended.

Min and Wan were not to my liking, I do not think they have chemistry.

Kluay and Chi left me wanting more, I really liked how they looked together.

Coach Thir and Karn look 10,000 times better than those in the movie. 


I began to see the episode with dreams and hopes that arrived at the middle of the episode were destroyed, could only think “How are they going to fix this shit in 20 minutes?” For by this point Fah sent the Frienzone to Pan, Wan and Apo were about to leave and Karn had not returned, but Oh surprise! Everything worked out in the last 20 minutes! Pan forced Fah to love her, Wan stayed with Min and Apo and Karn returned.

CONCLUSION: I like the series more than the movie but the fucking kisses in both are too sexy.


Squeeeee look at these cuties! <3


@smut-smut-in-the-butt asked, among others, 14 (how they react to burning their tongue on food) and 15 (how they react to a brainfreeze) for Tgr’ek

the boring but true answer is “she doesn’t feel pain” SO HOW ABOUT “she reverts into smoke to escape harmful stimuli” instead?

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Stalker’s Notice Board

…oh, woops, I guess I’ve turned my room into the 100 Rads Bar. This collage is quite sizeable, around 70x70cm of pure post apo love hanging above my bed. And I finally have a spot for my gas mask. And a neat source of ambient light^^ Madonna of the Exclusion Zone feels fine in there as well, I guess.

Ok Thai-BL drama rant time...

I have seen some people say that make it right, waterboyy the series or 2moons are “too gay” for having more than one non-hetero couple….especially since all of these are bl dramas produced for basically fujoshis….but from the perspective of someone who has seen nothing but het-couples on tv I don’t give a shit who it is made for??? Like give me all the series with more that one non-het couple per season??????

Make it Right the Series is amazing and has two beautiful main storylines:

TeeFuse: Them having sex while Fuse is drunk and him then slowly realising he likes Tee even though he has a girlfriend. And Tee just simply accepting his feelings for Fuse from the first moment and never presuring Fuse and being friends with him even if it hurts his own feelings. Their storyline is focused on Fuse dealing with his feelings for his girlfriend (who may or may not have cheated on him…) and Tee and it is a genuinely relatable story.

FrameBook: Now these two are basically openly bisexual (it’s just that nobody ever asked….) and they have both already had sex with other partners before meeting. They both have their baggage, especially Book who had a particularly bad experience with his first boyfriend whom he completely instinctively submitted to. But Frame has also had his fair share of bad relationships with partners cheating on him and making him ultimately not believe that relationships work out. Now they fall in love reaaally fast and until the shit with Book’s sex tape (his ex is a real shit like???) everything was cute and lovely buuuut ultimately Tern came back (Book’s ex) so Book falls back into submitting to him and let’s Tern touch him even though he forbids Frame the same thing (touching as in….like holding hands and like hand on shoulder stuff). Frame sees this as another betrayal and seems to now fall back into his old habits of sleeping around.
Now this is a really interesting storyline and idk why so many people don’t understand it??? I guess most people just want cute bl fluff without a message behind it….

Jesus christ that was long…..but tbh Make it right might just be my favorite thai series ever just from the main stories (apart from maybe lovesick and hormones)

Now I saw a lot of criticism on 2 Moons the Series for refusing to cast actual gay men in the roles and I understand that….idk why they did that maybe it was for marketing
But anyway it’s also a very cute series and I honestly just fell in love with P'Kitty…. (Yes I know not much but tbh just watch it it’s cute af)

Now…Waterboyy…….soo…I expected to be confused since the movie was just very confusing…..but well…they changed things up a bit, there is now a bigger storyline focused around the club getting disbanded and the storyline around Waii and his dad is also bigger. Also Apo is just…..I love Apo???? And then there are new characters like Fah and Pan whom I thought would be the hets of the show but guess what??????? PAN IS ACTUALLY LESBIAN HURRAY!!! (a lesbian in a bl drama whuaaaat??? Amazing rare unicorn) she also gets a very cute girlfriend and is very good friends with Fah ^^
The hets of the show are actually also very nice to watch even though it is a stereotypical storyline…but the guy is genuinly nice and the girl likes cats soo….there are a lot of cat scenes (I actually forgot the characters names….great)

Soo yeah from my perspective as a pan-pal I very much enjoy representation even though it is made for thirsty cis-het girls with a bl fetish…..

(Also Thai dramas have good Trans-representation most of the time!! Like the one instructor in 2moons is a really cute trans girl and in mir there is christina)


Package No. 2: St. Patty’s Day!

This is the second care package I’ve sent to my husband. I doubt it’ll get there in time for St. Patrick’s Day (he hasn’t even received the Valentine’s Day box yet!) but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Anyway, in this package I sent a lot of green things and I tied funny little notes around each. Below I’ve listed the items and their notes:

  • Irish Spring Shower Gel & Deodorant - “In case you’re getting stinky”
  • Lucky Charms - “You’re my lucky charm!”
  • Green rubber duck - “I’m one lucky duck to have you”
  • Mini jar of Jif - “Choosy wives choose Jif”
  • Mint M&Ms - “Sweets for my sweet”
  • Turkey Jerky (wasn’t creative enough for a note on these!)
  • Mini boxes of craisins - “Crais-y for you!”
  • Mini scope - “I miss your morning breath”
  • Pistachios - “I’m nuts about you!”
  • Slinky - “I love you oodles!”
  • Advil - “Pills for when someone’s being a pill!”

Around the box, I cut out little shamrocks and wrote funny puns on them like “Leprechaun’t wait to kiss you!” and “You’re my pot o’ gold!” In the bottom of the box, I added a little note that said “I hope this box is Dublin your happiness!" He and I love puns, which is why I used so many!

As always, I put a letter in there, too. But I also had my mom, dad, brother, and grandmother write him little notes to him. I think he’ll like that!

I hope this box inspires you to make a box for a service member you know! I’ll be posting again once the Easter care package is sent out :)

his cybernetics change every time i draw em, but honestly, as long as he looks like his mom was a Macbook, it’s on-brand.

the prevailing story is that he lost his arms and legs in a botched attempt on his dad’s life. good thing dear ol’ pa was CEO of one of the world’s largest tech giants, eh?


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^ (rating: aa, hugs and kisses?)
words: 1104
summary: (modern!au) they go bed shopping. or really, only Erblu is. Apos falls asleep and Arme’s just confused.

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nightraybaskerville  asked:

Y'know some weeks ago I was gallery surfing on your dA and like... I'd completely forgotten that you had already designed Sil having the snake tattoos yeeaars ago to have later on in her life. Just another thing I honestly admire?? You already have set ideas for how your ocs are gonna turn out and that's really cool ;v;

oh yyyyeeaaahhh akfjakghjkl thank u omg!! I try not to set in stone too specifically what’s gonna happen to a character cuz u kno. rps… BUT DRAWING “this oc but older” IS LIKE RLY FUN