apo doodles


not much to say: i’ve always thought those “turn this shape into a face or whatever” sheets were pretty neat, so I slapped together one of my own on a whim.

i included the empty one so y’all can have fun with it too! feel free to doodle on it and post yours under the tag #53skidoo or something so I can see all the silly things that come out of this.


bird website stuff since it’s been quiet around here… Marcelle, a lady from the vampire AU (for now).

Acts like one cool cucumber but she’s really a huge fucking dork for shitty jokes and anything paranormal. Bassist and backbone of a terrible band called Raising The Steaks.


99 headshots of Tig on my blog 🎵

Can’t decide whether to say that her “disguised” forms are just naturally “imperfect” or if she painstakingly files her teeth / sharpens her nails / etc etc every time she shifts. Though that would be hilariously Extra, she wouldn’t want to stay in this form long enough to bother.

Skin’s the same, hair is a dark brownish wine color.


More tweeter stuff.

Manticore(??) Tigs, her doing some creepy choppy vocal mimicking ❤❤, chimera(??) Luke, Dogg (ft broken foot) reacting to some kid calling him and his Timbs “fresh to death”, some Vamp!Tig hands from before I caved and just gave her talons again. Wiffle waffle.


Stuff from twitter. Too goddamn quiet on that site.

Hypothetical Vamp!Luke look. His hair oughta be fried from all that bleaching which is why I’m going with the undercut look (with occasional I Don’t Care Enough To Bother Trimming This Mullet action) – Vamp!Tigs – “🎵 IM A BADASS!! // TELL ME IM A BADASS??” – SPOOKY EYE SQUAD (can a squad be two people) – there’s a reason this au was originally referred to as “Miami Vamps” – LRYUKE, most cursed image in this set – Buggrek needing a respirator / increased air supply? Also a translator (come to think of it that’s probably too expensive for her to have) – big + mask = Bane


some other misc stuff from twitter I don’t think I’ve crossposted :0 some tigs, some wips, the usual.

been nostalgia bombing myself super hard by looking through childhood drawings. most of it is cute silly stuff but I found some ultra rare first edition scribbles of my BIG EDGY BABY too ~ one of these days I gotta try making a timeline…


Lil’ Nintendo doodles I like but not enough to post separately:

1) toothy raging King Booigi, because what else were you expecting me to do???

2) WU Luigi seeking liquid wakefulness

3) gawkward beardless weeg, still cute, but in more of a locker stuffing way

4) WU Waluigi being delighted and 5) subsequently trying to play off that totally uncool geekout over some rare carnivorous plant. Youre not fooling anybody, kiddo.

6) miffed and pouting

7) embarrassed? “that was a really bad joke but everyone’s laughing so I’ll roll with it”?

8) accurate!wah, sleazing it up

9) accurate!wah bustin a gut. Is that.. is that the phrase? An ugly phrase for an ugly laugh, jfc.