All the items in my store I donate 10% of the profits to the http://apneaap.org/ which helps girls and women get an education, keep them safe from sex trafficking, as well as other fundamental necessities; medical, food, shelter, school supplies, provide protection.

I just got an email from them letting me know how much they appreciate my efforts, although it’s not a lot it’s something I can do to help girls and women get closer to the life I’m privileged to have. So if you’re reading this please check out their page the more people understand the hardships of girls and women in poverty struck areas and how easy it is to help them the better the lives of these girls and women will be. Give them the opportunity you were given.

This is Kaya, she has been forced to work as a prostitute in #Sonagachi which is Asias largest #redlight district. In the heart of #Kolkata. There are believed to be close to 11 thousand sex workers there. Many of which have been sold into it. Kaya’s life started out pretty normal she went to school and got married between her husband and her they made enough money to do alright. Then her husband lost his job. He started drinking and abusing Kaya. Eventually she took the two small kids and left. A woman she knew promised her work in kolkota but before she really knew what happened that woman sold her to a pimp. She was beaten and forced into prostitution. Her debt to the pimp is close to 1K US dollars. She has been working to pay it off. In the meantime she has been getting support and help from #apneaap she teaches children and talks to university students about her life. She is smart, beautiful and funny. Her husband has her little girl and she knows she may never see her again. She has her boy and is doing everything she can to make sure he has a better life. #endslavery #inourlifetime #davidgoldmanphoto #portrait #photojournalist @canonusa @xpphotogear @manfrottoimaginemore @jobyinc @fredatfotocare @fotocarenyc

This is Jannati she is the daughter of a prostituted woman and was born into a #denotified tribe in #Bihar she was at risk of getting caught in a cycle of abuse, prostitution and poverty but thanks the #apneaap she is attending a private school called #kgbv. #saved #empowered #endslavery #inourlifetime #davidgoldmanphoto @xpphotogear @canonusa #portrait @fredatfotocare @fotocarenyc (at simaraha, bihar)

This is Kalum he lives in #forbesganj in the state of #bihar just about 16 km from the Nepal border with #india. He was born into a #denotified tribe to a prostituted mother. He has been abused, stabbed and arrested. Now he is an advocate for the community and works for #apneaap oh and he is a lawyer now. (at Forbesganj Junction)