apinchofmagic replied to your post: well fuck of course the show gets cancelled…

Just when I was going to start watching the episodes I got left to catch up (it was just because your shipping skills, you motivated me (I can’t find the right word to replace “motivated”). Do you know where can I see what other shows where canceled?

ugh bb :( now im sorry i got you all wanting to get into it and now bleh, well we still have 6 more episodes to go… so hopefully they will tie up the sl’s in the best possible way considering the circumstances ~and hopefully maybe make my ship “endgame”? lol idek but yeah i got the info from here [x]

apinchofmagic asked:

So, who are you and where were you my whole life? haha Sorry If that sounded weird haha but seriously! I was going through your blog and I loveee it haha TVD? THG? The Game of Thrones? Emma Stone? Ryan Gosling? Jennifer Lawrence? fghjshjsdff

that did not sound weird AT ALL! :’) im so SO glad that you did and i have another awesome ass follower who loves all those things you just mentioned, like me! Xxx