an0n-1o1  asked:

Whirl ?

Local crazy neighbour 

no one knows which apartment she lives in

she just appears

her motto is ‘you better back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up’

likes Kermit the frog

has a kermit the frog beanie

your (un)friendly neighborhood amputee 

has an eye patch

wears her hair in apig tails and will whip you with them

will also throw her prosthetic arm at you

never ask her for a hand

*crazed laughter in the distance*

steals Rungs houseplants

Don’t leave your door unlocked she will steal your tooth brush and soaps 

just to annoy you

blue hair dye has stained her entire bathroom

drops water balloons full of off milk on people walking by 

don’t ever touch her collection of watch

also don’t ask why some are broken

kicks down doors instead of knocking or just opening them

never pays bills on time

Do You Want That? (Suga x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

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You and Suga met during rehearsals. You were a dancer and he was complaining about the dancing. You were very tomboy-ish, you liked baggy shirts and pants, you weren’t really into make up and all that stuff, you would switch to jordans instead of heels- they were your nightmare- yes you wore nice clothes, but nothing to extra, you just didn’t identify with them. You lived for practising and sweating like apig making sure you were perfect, that’s what you loved to do, and you would never change it.

You were the quiet one out of the girls, you kind of kept to yourself and just sat at the corner with your earplugs in, you knew that when this tour is done the dancers will never see you again, so you didn’t see a reason for getting attached. That was the reason he noticed you, you looked like a machine, you never complained, you did your part perfectly and he never saw you struggle or seemed faced from anything, you stood tall with a serious expression on your face.

At first he didn’t know how to approach you. You seemed like if he talked to you, you would just slap him across the face. But when he finally came over and said a simple


You gave him one of the brightest smile he had ever seen. He couldn’t remember when he saw you smile before that, but that smile you gave him that time made up for all the lost time. It was like a sponge went over his mind and took everything with it, including what he wanted to say. He quickly shook his head and focused on not being stupid

“Why are you all by yourself?”

“Cause after this is done, no one would stay together, so why should I try?”

“I would like to see you after this is done”


During the tour you and Suga had a bit of a flirt. Well that’s what others thought, that’s how you two started and after a couple of dates you decided to commit to a relationship and just try to keep it between you two. So when you were at rehearsals or during a show nothing was happening between you two, it was like you were strangers.

Both of you got attached to each other, you agreed to a lot of stuff and you were comfortable with opening up and letting the other see your vunerable side, it felt almost natural. Although, your trust issues didn’t let you get 100% into this, you still had your doubts and you didn’t let yourself fall for him completely.


You were freaking out, it was like a train went through you. Could it really be? This was a disaster, you couldn’t do this! you were with Yoongi only 6 months, you were nowhere near the idea of having a child with him.

Here you were, pacing around the bathroom and waiting for the timer to go off.

~what will he say?~

~he won’t accept it~

~should I even tell him?~

Different thoughts made your mind, making you go bad shit crazy. That was when the timer went off and you runned to the counter to get the stick. Two pink lines staring right at you, screaming “your life is about to go down”

You couldn’t help it, you just brusted in tears. The stick fell down to the floor and you just sat on the floor, letting your body shake from the sobs.

~What am I going to do?~


Yoongi was going crazy. It was like you died, you didn’t pick up his calls, you didn’t reply to his messages, you didn’t open your door and that was for days, you just… dissapeared.

But he was having none of it. Since you didn’t open your door, he played the goody-goody to the neighbors and he climbed over to your balcony and opened the window. You were fast asleep and covered all the way up to your ears. He saw your bathroom light was open, as he walked to turn it off, he noticed something on the floor. He went to pick it up and realised what it was.


He could feel his hands shaking. Was it someone else’s? Is that why you avoided him? Who was he? How dare he? How could someone destroy what you two had?

He waited all night for you to wake up. Waiting to hear your explanations, waiting for the truth.

You slowly opened your eyes and adjusted to the light. You stretched and that was when you heard his voice

“Is it mine?”

You almost jumped off your bed when you heard him. You stared at him dumbfounded

“How did you get in?”

“Told the neighbors we got locked out and they let me jump in. You didn’t want me distracting your new family? Where’s the lucky bastard?”

Your eyes focused on his hands. He was twirlling around the pregnancy stick. His face was completely cold, no sign of emotion what so ever, which is exactly how he was when he was hurt, he held it in for as long as he could.

“Look in the mirror, then you’ll see him”

You replied. You had a staring contest before he rose off his chair and approached you, gently taking a seat next to you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cause you’re not only Yoongi, you are Suga. An idol, I know damn well how the industry works, as soon as your fans learn that their "oppa” is not only in a relationship, but is also having a child your career will be shattered. You are still on your prime, you just had a mixtape, you had a comeback with your group, hell you won a mama award! Who I am to stop it?“

"The mother of my child. I will talk to our manager, we will try to find a way around it and keep a secret as long as possible. I am scared, I never thought it would happen now, but it happened. I am a man enough to know that this is the right thing to do… only if you want it to happen. Do you want this (y/n)?”