Through a rainy window (the rain is why you see no bees), here it is so far… THE TARDIS BEEHIVE!!! I think it is looking awesome so far, but obviously not done. Still toying with the lantern, sign, ambulance seal, and some cosplaying bees all over it in various places, but it’s coming along (,Pond.). Alons-y, bees!

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Feel free to follow the adventures of the TARDIS beehive at my Doctor Who & Beekeeping blog (like that’s a thing), HERE: tardizzzz

Sun Hives, a new hive design gathering world-wide interest, are part of the movement towards “apicentric” beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritizes honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal. The Sun Hive is modeled on the traditional European skep hive and is aimed at creating a hive that maximizes colony health.


The USDA’s gorgeous pamphlet on bees “Bee Basics (PDF). It’s an educational piece on pollination, bee identification, and things you can do to help save bees. Btw, I’m head over heals for bees. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Michelle Obama’s bee hive on the lawn of the White House last weekend. Plenty to read about bees and climate change, HERE.

Source: USDA via Bug Girl